Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#Colorize with Astrobrights! Rainbow to 10!

One of my favorite quotes declares, "Be the most brilliant color in the box!" ...But if you're talking about a box of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers, it would be SO hard to choose which one! 

{Okay, twist my arm... just call me Fireball Fuchsia!}
When I opened up this box of vibrant, colorful goodness {courtesy of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers}, I almost literally drooled.  Come on, I know you teachers feel me!!  There's just something about crisp, never touched, straight out of the package paper that gives me chills.  And add to that the BRIGHTNESS.  Oh, the possibilities!!!

Aside from the sheer beauty of it, COLOR in the classroom actually accelerates learning and facilitates retention.  I would not enjoy spending six hours a day in a classroom void of color.  Would you??!  And that's why I'm joining ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers to show how I use color as a learning tool.
The ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers are not only bright and cheerful, but they are great quality too; the weight is not as thin as regular paper, but not as thick as card stock... making projects durable yet easy to cut!  I ran them through my printer with ease, and was able to trim my pieces to perfection without straining my cutting hand. :)

For my project, I decided to play off an idea you might have seen on my blog before: Rainbow to 10.  It's a tool I use in math to help my kiddos remember all the ways to get to ten!  I whipped up a little craftivity to go with the concept.  Then, I picked out the perfect colors to make my rainbow:  Re-Entry Red, Cosmic Orange, Solar Yellow, Martian Green, Lunar Blue, and Venus Violet {pictured above}.
Voila!  A seriously vibrant Rainbow to 10!  Kiddos just have to follow the rainbow to make ten.  For example, if they follow the yellow, they'll see that 2 and 8 makes ten {and vice versa}.  The craft is also compact enough to keep in a desk or take-home folder, so kiddos can grab it when they need a little help!

Rainbow to 10 {a Craftivity} is now up in my TpT shop!

To further help reinforce the concept, I created a FREEBIE mini poster and practice sheet:

I also made an anchor chart to keep displayed in the classroom.  Forgive the old picture... it's so 2013:

I can't wait to work on this with my firsties!  We are currently practicing addition and subtraction to 40, and it's becoming quite apparent that we need a making 10 refresher course.  This will be perfect!  I hope you'll find one, or ALL, of these ideas useful in your classroom, too!  The rainbows are sure to be a hit with your students... I know my kiddos will LOVE them!

Now I'm off to find other fun uses for my new stock of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers!!  Tell me, how would you use it?!  For some fun inspiration and ideas to COLORIZE your life, head to COLORIZE.tumblr.com!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing Process {Posters & Graphic Organizers}!

I am always looking for new ways to improve writing time in my first grade class.  As we were working on our latest writing assignment, I realized that I didn't have any anchor charts for the writing process!  I knew I wanted to create something that could keep my kiddos on track, as well as teach them about the steps.  And so, Writing Process {Posters & Graphic Organizers} was born!

The posters come in two different colors for decorating ease: a bright blue chevron, and a black chevron with a pop of color.  Each poster has a big title {prewrite, draft, revise, edit, peer edit, & publish} with a tiny "definition" beneath it {think, write, improve, correct, conference, & share, respectively}.  The posters also include things that students might want to do as they reach each step.  Here's a closer look at one in each color:

This set also includes 10 graphic organizers for ANY writing prompt, as well as an editing checklist and a peer editing checklist!

I can't wait to get all of this printed and in my classroom!! I just tried to print a set of posters and realized I'm out of blue & pink ink :/  So that'll have to wait until tomorrow, womp.  Hopefully your printers are ink ready! ;)

If you're interested in adding Writing Process {Posters & Graphic Organizer} to your writing resources, you can find it in my TpT shop for 20% off until 12am EST!  I hope you love it!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sprint Prints! April {Printables & Craftivity}

Last year I shared a picture on my Instagram of some cute chicks that we made in class:

Aren't they just adorable?!  As we were making them again this year, I realized they would be the perfect addition to my Sprint Prints! April pack!

As you know, these themed printables are great to grab in a pinch!  Fast finishers, morning work, time-fillers... however you use them, your kiddos are sure to love these activities!  Included are 15 fun printables to keep your students engaged during the month of April.

Skills covered include: addition & subtraction to 20, even/odd, ordering numbers, compound words, R-blends, punctuation, and more!

If you're interested in adding Sprint Prints! April to your monthly resources, you can find it in my TpT shop!

You can also find Sprint Prints! April in the Sprint Prints! Growing Bundle for a discount!  It currently includes November through April, and will eventually include printables and craftivities for ALL 12 months :)  If you already own the Growing Bundle, just head to your "My Purchases" tab on TpT and download the revised copy for free!

Monday, April 6, 2015

New Blog Look / Giveaway!

Happy April... 6th!  Today I am on day two of a three day Spring Break, and I am enjoying every.single.second with my gorgeous Summer girl!  She is 9 months and crawling, standing, and saying mama/dada on repeat.  I love it!!
Those little teeth!!!!

If you can tear your eyes away from my cutie {it's hard, I know!!} then you'll notice that Cupcake has a new look... and I'm so happy to share it with you!  Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs did an amazing job. She hit the nail on the head from the start, and throughout the process she was so patient with me and made all of my tiny changes without complaint.  If you're in the market for a new design, I highly recommend ABIH!


To celebrate, let's have a quick giveaway!  You can win a product of your choice from my store... up to $10.00 in value!

All you have to do is visit my little TpT shop and find the product you'd like for free.  Leave the link in the comments {along with your email!} and I'll come back tomorrow to choose the lucky winner.  You MUST leave the actual clickable link to the product and not just the name of it in your comment.  Click my pretty new button below to shop my store and get your link!

CONGRATS to #28, Jen F.!  Check your email for the Writing Center Starter Kit!! :)  BIG THANKS to everyone who entered and left such sweet comments!! :) :)

Good luck!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

St. Pat's Treasure Hunt! {Freebie}

It's Friday Eve!  Holla!  :)

I'm popping in tonight with a little freebie for St. Patrick's Day.  It's actually an oldie {but a goodie!} that I updated with new fonts and clip art.  It's a treasure hunt!

I usually tell my kiddos that a leprechaun is loose at school, and has left behind these clues to find his gold.  The clues take the kiddos around the classroom, and eventually lead to a pot of goodies!  The kids LOVE it!!

If you want to have a little St. Pat's fun with your kiddos, head on over to my TpT shop and grab your free copy!!  I hope your kiddos enjoy it!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Bulletin Board {Tutorial} and Sprint Prints!

Today I'd like to share my completed March bulletin board with you!  I shared "part one" on my Instagram a few days ago:
I received a few questions about how I made the rainbow, so here's a quick tutorial!  All you'll need is some Scotch masking tape and rainbow streamers.

First, put a long strip of masking tape down on your work space, sticky side up.  To hold it in place, just fold the stick part down on both ends and secure it to the table:
You'll work with one streamer color at a time.  Take the streamer and stick it to the masking tape starting at one end.  Then start scrunching and sticking, scrunching and sticking-- that's the best way I can describe it!  Here's a little visual:
When you're done covering the whole strip of tape, simply cut the folded ends off... you'll be left with a flexible yet sturdy streamer.  Now it's easy to maneuver and staple it into a rainbow shape on your bulletin board!
Here's a view of the whole, completed bulletin board:
We make these little shamrocks every year.  I finally decided to make them into a little writing craftivity with a fancy font {as opposed to my bubble letters above} to share with you!  It's included in the latest edition of Sprint Prints!
There are four different prompts to choose from... Lucky Me, I Am Lucky, I Feel Lucky, and Lucky Charm.  You can choose one for your class, or an assortment!  Also included in Sprint Prints! March are various math and literacy printables:

These themed printables are great to grab in a pinch! Fast finishers, morning work, time-fillers... however you use them, your kiddos are sure to love these activities! Included are 15 fun printables to keep your students engaged during the month of March.

Skills covered include:  ten frames, plus ten, fact families, skip counting, CVCe words, digraphs, syllables, and more!

If you're interested in adding Sprint Prints! March to your monthly resources, you can find it in my TpT shop!

You can also find Sprint Prints! March in the Sprint Prints! Growing Bundle for a discount!

The Growing Bundle currently includes the months of November, December, January, February, and March... but will eventually include printables and craftivities for ALL 12 months!  It's priced to SAVE, too!  If you already own the Growing Bundle, just go into "My Purchases" on TpT and download the revised copy for free!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Silly McGilly Giveaway!!

Meet Silly McGilly, the newest way to bring fun, excitement and learning to your classroom during the month of March!  

Silly McGilly is a friendly leprechaun who loves visiting classrooms to play fun little tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick's Day season.  Isn't he too cute?!

Here’s how Silly McGilly’s magic works:  read his story, then place his doll in the window on the night your classroom is ready for a trick to be played.   This is the invitation for the “real” Silly McGilly to come and visit you.  The next morning, your students will delight in seeing what shenanigans Silly McGilly has been up to while they were home!

The magic of Silly McGilly is as limitless as your imagination!!  And just in case your imagination runs into a roadblock, the website offers tons of fun tricks to play at home or in the classroom!

You can purchase your own copy of Silly McGilly HERE... or you can enter to WIN a copy using the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!!