A Little Nail Party

Happy Friday!  Yesterday was our first day back to school after holiday break… and today, we had a snow day!  Gotta love a little blizzard to kick off the New Year :)

Besides staying warm under the covers, I've been busy working on something new.  This time it's not a TpT product or something for the classroom… this time, it's something for my nails!

I'm throwing a Jamberry party!  If you haven't heard of Jamberry, here's a quick overview:

*Jamberry wraps are nontoxic, vinyl wraps that stick to your nail
with a little heat {blow dryer} and pressure. 
*Once applied, they last two weeks on your fingers and six on your toes!
*Jamberry wraps come in 300 designs, including solids, sparkles, chevron, etc.
*Each sheet should give you two manicures and one pedicure.
*Sheets are $15 each… Buy 3, Get 1 Free!

Here's a look at some of my favorite Jamberry manicures:

Super cute, right?!  Jamberry is a fun and easy way to give yourself a trendy, DIY manicure!  If you're interested in checking out what Jamberry has to offer,  you can shop {or just browse} my party!

Have a great weekend! :)


Linda said...

How fun!! I have never heard of these, I'm going to have to check it out!

Mandy Lopez said...

I've been thinking about buying these, because with a two year old I rarely have (or make) time for manicures. BUT-I am challenged when it comes to areas such as these! Are these easy to put on?? I can totally see myself putting them on my left hand with no problems, but then my right hand is another story. Can you do it yourself? Thanks!

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4321Teach said...

I love jam berry. I just bought my first ones for Christmas this year. So cute!!


Elegant Elementary said...

So cute!!! What color is the top pink one?


Sarah Goehringer said...

These are so neat, but I'm a nail biter :( and they would probably look awful within a few hours -- I wonder if you can put the CND gel top coat on them?

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and follow me Teaching Pawsitively

Susan Cahalane said...

I went back on Thursday & then had a snow storm on Friday too - woohoo!! (I'm in NJ) I have never heard of Jamberry- so pretty! I'm ordering 4 now!!
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Mary Church said...

I'm starting to become addicted to looking at Jamberry nails. I'm in love with the designs. I'm thinking of treating myself to some.


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