3rd Annual Grinch Day!

Another Grinch Day is in the books!  A few Insta fans asked me to explain, so in a nutshell...  The Grinch visits our classroom one day each December and leaves a lot of GREEN in his path.  It's a really fun day for the kids, especially the ones who believe in the magic of it all ;)  Read on for some of the ideas I used in my classroom this year! 
From top left {clockwise}:

The kiddos were greeted by a green streamer curtain on our door. They said it was "SO FUN!" to walk through the curtain each time we left the room today.  It's the little things.

Just outside the door, the Grinch altered my welcome sign and labeled me as "Mrs. Grinch."  I'm sure both my students and family would agree that sometimes I can be a little Grinchy. ;)

The Grinch loves himself so much, that he framed a photo {er... an old craft} of himself and renamed Christmas, "Grinchmas" on our little countdown calendar.

Our elf visitor Max brought us red candy canes the other day {not pictured} and of course, the greedy Grinch had to lick them and turn them all green!  One of my kiddos was truly appalled-- until I told him I had a sneaking suspicion that they tasted like apples.

The Grinch made himself a Super Student with loads of jewels... and he clipped all my little ones down to RED!  They were very concerned about how they would color their behavior calendars at the end of the day!

Our classroom rules were also tampered with.  Grinch Rules included talking over others, not following directions, and making a mess!  Silly Grinch.  We took this opportunity to discuss what our classroom rules REALLY are.
From top left {clockwise}:

The green guy had to make an appearance, of course!  He made his way from Barnes and Noble a few years ago, but I just saw him somewhere else this year... hmmm.  Anyway, the Grinch also renamed our classroom elf to Grinch {anchor chart inspired by Cara}.

Our elf, whose real name is Max Sparkle, was tied up in green streamers and had to hang out upside down with our lanterns for the day.  The kids wanted me to rescue him but there's that whole "no touching the elf" rule and all!

The Grinch put our reading buddies {shower puffs from Pier 1... cheap and efficient} into Grinch Jail!

Our class enjoyed green frosted cookies and lime green sherbet, courtesy of the Grinch!

Last but not least, a Grinch ornament!  My class didn't actually make these-- I had a leftover canvas from our parent gifts-- but I think next year they might be part of our Grinch celebration!  Super easy:  Paint a 3x3" canvas in green.  Paint on a red heart or do as I did and add a foam sticker.  Add red glitter if you like, and hot glue on some ribbon.  Voila!  A Grinchy decoration for your tree :)

**More ideas not pictured!!**

There was green Grinch glitter all over our desks when we got to school... and later it was all over our faces and clothes, of course.  The Grinch took away all our sparklers and classroom compliments {I put them back at the end of the day}.  He sent us an email midday saying that his heart was growing and we could clip back to green.  We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and watched the cartoon.  Another teacher used green balloons, and there was talk of green silly string, too!

I hope you can use some of these great Grinchy ideas for your celebration next year!!  Do you have any other ideas that you use on Grinch Day?  I'd LOVE to hear them!!


Joei C said...

I absolutely love, love, love this! The Grinch is one of my favorite characters and I will definitely be doing this next year. Thank you for all your great ideas and Merry "Grinchmas" to you! :) - Joei Crow

Courtney B said...

So fun! Love your ideas!

Tonya said...

LOVE this! I did a Grinch day too, but I am always looking to add more things! I made a trivia game for after the book and movie! It was SO fun!

Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

Heidi Martinez said...

What fun! I love the Grinch and will definately do this next year. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!!!

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