Centers and a Freebie

So, you might want to sit down for this one:  I don't use centers in my classroom....... I know, I know, what am I thinking?!  The good news is that I'm trying to incorporate them in my classroom now.  I am going to spend A LOT of time over holiday break putting them together.  But I'm a perfectionist and I want to do it right, so I need your help!

How do you store your centers?  I'm looking for an easy way for groups to grab their center work.  I want everything to be organized and pretty... and inexpensive.

What cheapie supplies can I buy, make, or reuse for my centers?  I'm currently in the process of collecting water bottle caps to use as easy letters:
{I found this cute idea at Kinderpond}

Do you have a cutesy display to show kids which center they should go to on a certain day?  Do you use centers everyday?  How often do you rotate activities (and what are the activities)?  Where do you find the time....?

I guess that's it for my questions.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  And pictures/links would be awesome if you have them handy.  Comment, or you can always email me at :)

Speaking of centers, I created some letter tiles of my own to print and use in my word work centers: 

You can grab yourself a copy here.  Just print as many copies as you need, cut, and laminate if you want!

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Unknown said...

Have you tried Daily 5. We started a few years ago instead of centers and love it!
Best Wishes. .

Mary said...

I LOVE center time! I use colored baskets on my color coded tables. I have a center chart with colored clips to monitor who goes where. Once the work center is done, a fun center goes up.

We do a LOT more than just that, but that is the basics.

I am a new blogger and would love for you to follow me. I promise to post some center organization ideas soon! (I already took the pictures, but haven't posted yet.)

Unknown said...

Great center idea! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Mary said...

I just added a quick post with two pictures on centers... I hope it helps come and makes since. I can take more detailed pictures of whatever you need in the room tomorrow. Just wanted to give you some organization ideas. THAT really is the KEY to center success.

Mrs. M said...

I love centers....just wish I had more time as well! I try to do them daily for an hour. I store all my centers in laminated manila envelopes (large size). I make a cute title page, glue it on the front of envelope, laminate, then insert the pieces for the center.
In the past I've tried ziploc bags but they ended up tearing quickly with my little ones.

I sort them envelopes by theme in a container and pull them out as needed. Hope that helps :)

♥ Kathy ♥ said...

Have you looked at Beth Newingham's stuff? Google her, she is amazing! Organized! Shares tons!

Cupcake said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to work on centers this week during the break!

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