Color Coded Organization

In my classroom, I like to keep students organized by color.  My kiddos sit in groups of four, and each group is referred to as a color.  For example, I will call the "red table" to line up, or get snack, and they know who they are.  I currently have red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue tables.  I have exactly 20 students this year, which is *awesome* and pretty much *unheard of* in my district... so we all fit into five groups.  I designate tables by using these caddies from Lakeshore:
The caddy sits in the middle of the four desks, and houses the group's crayons, scissors {also color coded... the red table has red handled scissors, etc.} and glue.  Crayons are the only "personal" supplies in my classroom.... everything else is "community," to eliminate the "she's using MY glue" arguments.  Sorry for this bad quality photo:
I use slider pencil cases {that I snatch up for $0.25 each in the summer time at Staples} for my students' crayons.  I hate the cardboard Crayola boxes that always fall apart within DAYS. So my kids keep their crayons in the sliders instead.  I don't color code these because I have to change seats every so often.

My closet is also color coded.  I don't have cubbies or anything, so students hang their backpacks and coats on hangers that match their table caddy:
I have five hangers in each color {hmm, where's the 5th purple hanger in this pic?} so everyone has a hanger, plus there's an extra, and there are no arguments.

I found some other great color coding ideas at Lakeshore, and thought I'd share:
I have a few ideas about how I'd use these cute bins.  My kiddos could store their library book bags in them {red table in the red bin, etc.}, or their journals & computer notebooks, or... there are so many uses!
These magnetic display clips would be great for displaying student work, if you have unused blackboard space, or a magnetic area somewhere.  I always cover a portion of my board with posters and charts, so if I find another place for those, I could make a "brag board" with these.

Luckily, I have a green caddy and green hangers handy, because neither of those products include purple!  I'd have to swap out my purple table for a green table, which kind of makes me sad, haha.

Does anyone else color code?  If not, how do you keep things organized?


Elisabeth said...

I also use the caddies and call them by their group color. I positively love the idea of the group having the same color of scissors, etc. and those little pencil holders for crayons is a great idea too! I am definitely gonna have to try that next year! Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas. :)


Erika said...

Love the idea for storing crayons. I am doing that for next year! Thanks for all the organization ideas.

2B Honey Bunch
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Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

Oh, wow! This post makes my heart go pitter-patter. No really, color-coding is my thing! I'm glad to know that there are others who share in my obsession. I also color-code with chairs at each table that match. EEK!

By chance, do you own a label maker? My OCD self really loves my label maker almost as much as my color-coding system! :o)

Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

Kristen said...

Sigh...I just love color-coordinating organization! Though you are way better at it than I am! I do have some color-coding in my classroom for the community supplies and it has worked out nicely this year. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous organization!

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I love your classroom :) I do a lot of color coded organization also and was able to find a ton of color coded stuff at IKEA over the summer :) Have a happy rest of your weekend!

Lisa :)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Unknown said...

I use the caddies with my groups. I am in LOVE with your idea for the crayons.

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Miss Kindergarten said...

So cute!

Mrs. M said...

I color code too! My Reading groups are green, orange, and red. I have colored bins as well. It just makes the room flow much better doesn't it? Not to mention helps the kids by constantly reinforcing colors :)

Color Me Kinder

Sandy said...

I use the same color table caddies from Lakeshore and I love them! What I love more is your idea to color code their supplies (like scissors!!!) too! Why didn't I think of that before! Thank you!!! :)

christi marie clare said...

I SO need to get more organized. I'm a first year teacher, and tryin' my hardest to survive! Blogs such as your's are a lifesaver!

I tried to subscribe via email, and a window came up that you haven't activated email subscriptions? Email me if you change this!

Anyways, thanks so much!

Jodi said...

I love the color coordinating!

Fun In First

Kelley Cirrito said...

These are great ideas and finds. My kids are colored organized too at their tables. We are fortunate enough to have cubbies, but I like your hanger idea!!

Sara said...

I LOVE the color coding!! The coat hangers are probably my newest fave and I so am wishing I had a coat rack instead of hooks. :)

Kindergarten Is A Hoot

Ms. Natalie said...

I love this idea! I like it much more than the typical "Table 1, table 2," etc. Great post!

Kat said...

YES I just recently color coded my classroom and I'm. in. love.

I use purple instead of yellow because some things I just write the kids' names on in their color and yellow doesn't show up so well.

I love that my kids can narrow down "their" supplies/work area/storage spot by just looking at their color.

I blogged about my technique here:

Love your cupcake theme! : )


Randi said...

I'm your newest follower!!!

Color coding and organization make me so happy! It really does and I love seeing other who share their ideas. My favorite color coding is by chair pockets that I made myself!

chibiaion said...

Seems like spring is really much awaited, I totally love this colorful ideas of organizing. Clips are too cute.
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Run Teacher Run! said...

Wow! I can't imagine not having cubbies. Thanks for sharing all of your organizational tidbits!

Mary Beth
Run Teacher, Run

Kate said...

You are basically my organizational idol! This is one of my favorite posts I have read!
To The Square Inch

Kathy said...

I colour code for Reading and Maths - ability groups. My groups are red, orange, green, yellow/purple and blue. My top 3 are always the same cause they are traffic lights so I can remember which group is top.

Erawcliffe said...

I love all your awesome ideas! Can you tell me where you found your colored hangers?

Cupcake said...

I found the hangers at The Container Store. You can buy them individually, they have lots of color choices, and they're made well!! Oh and they are inexpensive which is key!

I'm glad you guys like my color coding! It's nice to get ideas from you as well :)

Mrs. Marshall said...

Thank you for the awesome ideas! I was a first year teacher last year and these would have saved me so much time! I am your newest follower :)


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