Crafting in My Class

My littles know that I take my crafting seriously.  I have specific crafting rules:  No loud voices, only whispering.  No walking around the room, especially with scissors.   No jumping ahead... we do everything together.  Only throw out scraps when all pieces are cut out.  Don't lose any pieces because I don't have extra {which is a lie, because I always make extra, because they always break this rule, haha}.

I've read that some teachers trace and cut out all the pieces.  I don't have time for that, and I think my hand would hurt too much!  So I just trace all the parts beforehand, and they cut them out.  But they can't start cutting until everyone has every single piece.  And no one starts to glue until everyone is done cutting {unless I say so... lol}.

I always make one sample in advance, and I usually make two along with the class, just in case someone misses a step.  I like this because then I have one to keep with my patterns, one to hang up, and one to give my mom... she loves when I bring home a new craft for her fridge!  It's like *I'm* in 2nd grade :)

Today, we worked on my football buddy craftivity!  I started the day by taking a class survey.  We are from NJ, so of course I knew how this vote was going to go:
I find that my kiddos always try to change their answers when they hear what others have to say, so I gave each student a post-it to write a "secret" vote {who else LOVES post-its?!}.  Then we tallied the votes:
As I said, I did this survey in the morning.  Then I spent my prep period tracing the pieces according to their responses.  After we finished our LAL and Math work for the day, I gave myself what I thought was enough time to complete the activity.... but I was wrong!  We didn't finish :(  Sooo not like me/us!  I promise to post completed pics tomorrow!

In other news, I went to AC Moore this evening and bought the stuff to create my Valentine gift for the Be My Valentine exchange!  It's something *I* would enjoy, so I hope my secret Valentine enjoys it, too!  Sorry, I can't share with you :)  Hopefully she will love it, and post about it when she gets it :) :)


Miss Kindergarten said...

I'm one step lazier, I just copy the templates onto colored paper! I would die if I had to trace 30+ templates for each craft. No way jose!

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

I just had an "ahh hahh" moment! Why oh why haven't I been tracing templates all year?
Stories From Second

Primary Junction said...

I LOVE your craftivities, especially your Super Bowl Buddy. You're so creative and talented! :-)

Primary Junction

The Colorful Apple said...

My post-it note would be on that empty side ;) I always tell my kids that there "are no extras," when of course there are too! Never fails that one of them rips, throws away, loses, etc their pieces.

Sara :)

Smiling In Second Grade

Jodi said...

I like to do the post it note "secret" vote too. It drives me nuts when they vote for what their friends vote for!!

Fun In First

Ms. Chrissy B said...

Your giveaway is so wonderful! I'm your newest follower.

Buzzing with Ms. B

Mrs. M said...

I absolutely hate it when my kids say "I made a mistake so I need another one" after they've already crumbled & trashed it. And in my class its the same kiddos who do this :(

& I think its very *cute* you take samples to your mom :)

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