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After three and a half years of teaching and crafting month after month, I've accumulated a lot of patterns... most of them my own, and some from the lovely bloggers out there :)  I used to keep my patterns in an accordian file box.  It worked well for like, a year, when I only had one or two patterns per month.  But I never stop creating... I've taught siblings back-to-back years, and this year I actually have some of my kids from last year, so I try to change things up.  After three and a half years of "changing things up," I have a.TON. of craft patterns for each month.  The accordian file box just doesn't cut it anymore, so I bought a bunch of these from the craft store:

They are Iris 12x12 storage containers.  I feel that they are the perfect size.  I currently use one box for two months of patterns {Sept. and Oct. share a box, etc.} but I will probably need to invest in more boxes one day, so I'll have one per month.  Here is a look inside my Jan./Feb. box:
There are my President's Day patterns! :)
To keep my patterns together, I use Zip Loc baggies.  I put my finished sample in the bag along with all the pieces, and then I write the name of the pattern on the label with Sharpie.  Love Sharpies!

I hope this post helps someone out there!  I am trying to stick to my OLW... organize!!!


Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

I love this idea!!! I have the same problem...hehe :) Every year I try to add something new in and then make more templates and now I have a zillion random templates in all different files. I already use those bins for all my scrapbooking materials, that is brilliant that you thought to use them for crafting stuff :) Thanks :) Have a super rest of your day :)

Lisa :)
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Elizabeth said...

Such a great idea! I'm always looking/searching/desperate to find my patters and papers.

I'm doing this!

Fun in Room 4B

SC Teacher 28 said...

I love this idea. I am going to ask a silly question here: How much did you pay for the containers and what craft store did you find them at? Thanks for sharing!

Joni @

Kelley Cirrito said...

Perfect idea! I love to stay organized and sometimes our little projects just become a mess in my files! Thanks for the great idea!

Sandy said...

What a great idea! I always file stuff in file folders and then I can never find them again. Especially when I need them! This is a great solution! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Randi said...

I love this idea! Just today I was searching through Zip-loc bags for my Groundhog Day Crafts :) This makes much more sense. Just seeing your pictures make me happy!!!

Randi @ Teach It With Class
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Sara said...

Love this! I have always used ziploc baggies to hold my patterns, but then I put them in hanging folders by you, I am busting at the seems! Can't wait to go get some craft storage containers!!

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Cupcake said...

This is really my favorite method of storing my patterns thus far :) I'm glad the idea is helpful to you!!

Mrs. Brown said...

Hi Mrs. Cupcake! I would also love to know where you bought them and how much they cost. I am having 2 mandated workdays coming up and I so need to organize my things!

Kim said...

I am sooooooo glad to be a new follower on your site. I saw the colored boxes and clicked. I didn't even stop to read. Colored boxes, bins, and caddies? I vote YES!

Love your blog!

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Unknown said...

Love these! Where did you find them? :)
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Cupcake said...

Hi ladies! I got these containers at Michael's {AC Moore has them too}! They're a bit pricey at $8-9 each... BUT if you know these two stores, they have 40-50% coupons every week. AND Michael's currently has the containers on sale for 2 for $8.. I just picked up a bunch more for myself :)

Ashley said...

I love your organization for your samples and tracers. I have no idea how to organize these! I have tried binders, but sometimes they just are not big enough and things get all bendy. Great idea! And my one little word is organize too! This will really help! Thanks bunches!


Unknown said...

This is an AMAZING idea! I just redid all of my files, again! I may be a freak about it, about twice a year or more. But did not do my patterns yet because I wanted a new idea! Now I have it!
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Glitzy In First Grade said...

THANKS for sharing this idea! It's PERFECT!!!
I'm all about staying organized :)
LOVE your's so STINKIN' CUTE!!!

I just started my blog a week ago...stop and visit sometime!

Miss Kindergarten said...

How did I miss this post?? TGforPinterest!

The Bubblegum Tree said...

This is perfect. I love the size. I will be on the lookout for these! Right now all my patterns are in my files and they drive me crazy! I'm a new follower. Love your blog! You are one crafty cupcake!

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