I'm over Valentine's Day, so when I returned to school Monday morning, I took down the reds and pinks and put up some green.  The hearts came down, and the shamrocks went up.

We had some free time Monday {we don't have a special on Mondays and we get a lot done and we still have time to spare} so my kiddos crafted a bit for March!

We made these colorful darlings:
And I hung them by the window so they'd flow in the breeze:
I added glitter to the shamrocks because, let's face it, glitter makes everything better!  And it hides roughly cut edges :)  I got the streamers from Dollar Tree.  There were two of each color in a pack, so $4 later, I have enough streamers to make this project for the next 5 years.  Really, I do!

On Wednesdays, my class has a double special {meaning double prep!}, back to back, the last two periods of the day.  The first is study skills, and since it's at an awkward time of the day, their time is usually spent eating snack, packing up, and completing extra spelling work in between.  I thought I'd change things up a bit for them {and their study skills teacher}, and assign something fun!

First they had to complete this writing prompt:
And then follow the directions and my sample to create a leapin' leprechaun:

Okay, I'm not going to lie, I stuck around until the class was finished with the project :)  Then I spent my second prep hanging them up so I could admire their super cute work!

Hope everyone is having fun as you shop 'til you drop at TpT today!!  Sale's almost over, so fill up that cart now! ;)
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Here are some Marchy items that I currently have listed:
craft + writing prompt

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Find these three items, and more!  Now's the time to stock up :)  Happy Shopping!!!!
Hii!  I was grocery shopping and an idea popped into my head.... so I did what anyone would do:  put off dinner*, sat myself on the bedroom floor {not where I usually craft lol}, and got to work!

I call him leapin' leprechaun! {a st. patrick's day craftivity}... LEAPIN' in honor of Leap Day and the huuuuge TpT sale/linky** that I'm sure you've already heard about ;)  If you just can't wait, you can find him at my TpT and Teacher's Notebook stores for $1.25!

As always, I hope you love it!!  Let me know ;)  I'll be back soon with some pics of what we've been up to in school!

*Putting off dinner was acceptable because hubs is at the gym and prefers when I wait for him anyways... but man, I'm hungry!!!

**Here's the leapy linky button!  Click to join, or to see who's having a sale!

....Then you just might like her:
cheerleader buddy
or him:
basketball buddy

Since I made my little football player, I've been getting quite a few requests for a cheerleader {check!}, and other sports players {basketball, check!}.  I decided to start with basketball because March Madness is coming up in March, and the NBA Finals is coming up... sometime soon?  Haha.

Included with my cheerleader, you will get writing prompts for the Super Bowl *and* March Madness *and* the NBA Finals.  I know it's too late to use her for football season {it's never too early to plan ahead}, but basketball has cheerleaders, too!!

Included with my basketball player, you will get writing prompts for March Madness *and* the NBA Finals.  You can decide which championship you'd rather talk about with your little ones!

Coming soon in my "buddy series" will be, my personal favorite, a baseball player!  Look for him in the coming weeks, because baseball will FINALLY be starting up again!!!  Pitchers and catchers already reported!  I love baseball!!! :)

I hope you love my new buddies!!  Please leave me somethin' sweet in the comments!!
Since it's technically Sunday as I type this {it's 1:37am on Saturday night to me, haha}, it's been almost four days since my last post.  What??? I never let it go that long!  And I'm feeling so guilty for letting it!  Kind of like Kristen from A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  I wanted to title my post "Guilty," too!

Since Thursday, I feel like I've been busy, busy, busy!  I cleaned, went shopping with my mom {and really did some damage!}, went out to eat with my parents, visited family, hosted a girls' night, and the list goes on.

I found time to craft, though!  There's always time to craft :)  I had some requests after I posted my football buddy.... hint, hint ;)  Hopefully I'll be on Sunday night to post my new ideas!

That's all for now!  It's time for this girl to go to bed!
Yikes!  Breaking bloggy rules: two posts in one night... but I found a mistake in my lucky charms unit on TpT.  Apparently I thought "leprechaun" was spelled "leprOchaun."  So if you purchased it, please re-download!  I *think* I sent an update to anyone who purchased it.  And if you want to purchase, the problem is fixed, so have no fear!
Now onto the freebie!  I made a little How to Catch a LeprEchaun worksheet... emphasis on that E:
There's a catch though!  You have to follow me on Facebook to get the link, as it's on my page :)  Sorry for the bribe, but I'm trying to be cool and update on Facebook!  Click on one of these Facebook links to get to my page, or click the cool button over there to the left!

I just linked this post up with the Clutter-Free Classroom project!

I've been organizing a bit on my week off {sorry, had to mention it, hehe} and thought I'd share with you.  Since I started teaching, I've been organizing my theme papers in binders.

I have one binder for each school month {some bigger than others}.  In each binder I keep themes that I teach or touch upon during that month.
In my March binder, for example, I have worksheets for St. Patrick's Day, Women's History and spring... all copies I've acquired through blog stalking or from Scholastic printables.  Right now I have the themes separated with paper/binder clips.  Eventually I'd like to buy dividers and separate the themes that way.

This method of organizing has worked really well for me.  However, this year I don't have room for all my binders at school, so I keep them at home.  I also have way more papers for each theme than I could ever actually do... obviously curriculum comes first, and we just fit themed fun in whenever we can.  

So I decided I needed a space-saving and easy way to keep my favorites of the theme activities organized at school:
I plan on popping two of these {medium size} into my desk drawer, and then my favorite theme papers will be right at my fingertips!  And my other papers will still be at home in the binders, for safekeeping, or if I ever want to change things up.

What are these boxes, you ask?  They are open top file boxes from The Container Store.

Do you have a Container Store near you?  If not, you should totally get one.  Because it.is.fabulous.  I could spend hours and hundreds of dollars in that store!!!

Anywho, the boxes come in a few different sizes, they hold hanging file folders, and they are cheap {$4.99-6.99 each... ON SALE right now for less}.
I bought a pack of 20 hanging file folders at Target for about $7... not too bad.  I labeled the folders by theme, pulled my favorite activities from my stockpile of goodies, and popped them in the folders:
One box will be September through January themes, and this box will be my February through June themes.  I'm not finished yet, but I get antsy when I want to share something with you guys!

I hope this post makes sense, because I rewrote parts of it several times!  I also hope that one, the other, or both of these ideas can help you out in some way!  Let me know :)
*This product was updated in March 2013!  It's now called over the rainbow {a St. Patrick's Day craftivity}.  Check it out on TpT!*

Wheeeew!  I did it!  I finished my newest craft and writing activity... or *craftivity* as I like to say!
lucky charms {a st. patrick's day craftivity} includes a "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" craft:
I recommend having your kiddos write (or you write) their names in rainbow colors on the cloud :) 
To make this craft, I layered the different colors/sizes of the rainbow.  I included a picture so you can see.  I also included a one-piece rainbow that your students can color instead, if you don't have the time for the separate pieces!!  

In the packet, there are also two writing prompts:
as well as a word search, and a create-a-word game!

If you're interested, you can pick this packet up at my TpT store or on Teacher's Notebook!

Please let me know what you think!!

{PS: I got this done for you asap, Hadar!! ;) }

I have a week off!!!!!

That's all, I won't rub it in :)

Okay, maybe a little!  Next week I'll be sleeping a lot, shopping some, sleeping some more, creating for St. Patrick's Day, organizing my theme papers, and oh, did I mention sleeping...?  :)

Now I'm done braggin'.

Today we made the little Georges and Abes from my President's Day {Craftivities: Washington & Lincoln} packet.

The kiddies were beyond excited to hear that Abe kept things in his hat, and loved writing about it!
This little one would keep a "cat in the hat."  Dr. Seuss on the brain??
Either that or she copied me, because I wrote that I'd keep a kitten inside my Abe hat, too, lol.
Please go visit Miss Squirrels and see how her little Presidents turned out... There may or may not be a vampire George Washington in her class... :)

Now it's time for a little linky action:  Mrs. B. is hosting How'd you meet your hunny? so I thought I'd link up... who doesn't love a little love story? :)

My husband and I officially "met" in middle school.  We went to school together from 4th grade  through HS.  He was like Mr. Popularity {captain of the football team, Homecoming King...} but didn't travel with the other "popular" kids... he was friends with my friends.  But we weren't friends.  I was actually good friends with *his* best friend... in fact, his best friend and I went to prom together.  And even still, me and hubs never talked.  It was like we didn't know each other, even though we clearly did.
The oldest pic I could find on the computer!
Fast forward to the summer between fresh and soph year of college.  Hubs and I ran into each other at a house party.  We ended up sitting next to each other on the same couch, chit chatting {dare I say flirting??} all night.  At one point during the night, he had to run home to get something.  I was terrified he wouldn't come back to his spot on the couch.  He gave me his unopened drink to hold, ran home, came back... and found me again.

I now joke by saying, "You had me at 'hold my drink!'"  {Jerry Maguire reference, though I've never seen the movie, lol}.
From a few years back, at the Bronx Zoo!  I am wearing a shirt!
So anywho, after that party we made plans to hang out solo later that week.  We did and then.... then I had to go back to college two hours away!  At this point I was already head over heels in love with the *idea* of the two of us together.  We kept up our little relationship via AIM, alternating who would IM first {you remember those days right?  When you wanted to IM your crush every.time.they.signed.on. but didn't want to be a stalker so you had to wait and see if they'd IM you first?} and then we moved onto texts... and visits... and finally at the end of November, he made us official!!
Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right :)
On our five year anniversary he proposed, and we were married this July.  We celebrated seven years together in November.  And that's that!  My little love story!

Have a great weekend, long weekend... or week off!! ;)
As the night goes on, I'm feeling better and better.  I decided to show you what I made my littles for Valentine's Day!  I had heart shaped sharpeners that I never gave out last year, so I thought I'd use them this year:

The tag says "Valentine, You're so sharp!  ❤ Mrs. P." in my new favorite font, Smiley Monster.  It was really simple to make:  I made a 1.75" circle in Word, with a dotted line border.  Then I added a text box with my wording.  I printed the tags onto colored cardstock, punched them out with a 2" scallop punch, and tied them with ribbon onto the little loop at the top of the sharpener.  Done! :)

What did you make your kiddos for Valentine's Day?  It's never to early to gather ideas for next year!!
I was supposed to announce the winner of my Juicy lunch tote giveaway last night... but unfortunately, early Sunday morning I came down with a case of the flu :(  I was absolutely miserable all day Sunday until I finally fell asleep at around 8pm.... until 4pm Monday {needless to say, I called out sick}.  Yep, I slept for 20 hours straight!  Wowzers!  Now I'm better, but feeling weak, and hungry.  I'll be making myself some toast and jelly after I hit "publish post."

Anyway, I must announce the winner of the Juicy giveaway!
That's Mrs. Wheeler, from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits!  Congrats, girl!  Look for an email from me!

I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow, with a post of substance.  Happy early Valentine's Day, all!
Yesterday, we had a great day!  It was *finally* our 100th day of school!!!  But before I get into that, I wanted to show you what I got from my super cool bloggy Valentine exchange partner, Lisa from Made in the Shade in 2nd Grade:
The girl did her homework!!  She gets an A+ in my class :)  Sour Patch kids, mint chocolate chip gum, post-its, a SUPER cute magnet, and my *favorite* Jelly Apple Essie nail polish... which my nails just so happen to be painted with...!  THANK YOU girl!!

I also wanted to share what we made on Thursday:
Don't you just LOVE it?!  I saw the idea on Mrs. Lemons' blog, Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons, and knew I had to do it immediately!  So I made time for it the next day ;)  The craft is inspired by the book Love, Splat.  Love this book!  Honestly, I wasn't a fan of the original Splat... but this Valentine's book brought a tear to my eye.  Seriously, I almost cried!  {I cry over everything, if that wasn't clue enough lol.}  I decorated my door with these cute kittens:
Whew!  So Friday was finally, finally, finally our 100th day of school.  I know many of you celebrated and blogged about it weeks ago... but I'm so proud of how my kiddos handled the whole day, that I just have to share!

I started the day with this "Can we get 100 compliments?" chart:
I told them that if they could earn 100 compliments {from me or other teachers}, I would give them a secret prize {mini notebooks with a $100 bill cover}.  Let me tell you: they.were.so.good.  I should do this everyday!  Seriously, they were the quietest, politest, sweetest, most thoughtful kids ever!  :)  Did we meet our goal?  Of course we did:
In the afternoon, we did 100th day stations.  I set up five stations:
{1} My littles created gumball machines, because we had a "ball" on the 100th day!!
A close-up of the label on the gumball base:
And a close-up of the board title:
{2 and 3} The kiddos created themselves, as 100 year olds... and wrote a sentence or two about it:
{idea from Mrs. Jump}
{4} Students had to use their 100 counting mats to collect 100 fruit loops for necklaces!  It was so hard for us not to eat all the fruit loops-- they smelled delicious!
{5} Students had to record what their friends brought in for their 100th day collections.
Well, that's that!  My hubby surprised me with reservations tonight at one of our *favorite* restaurants, PF Chang's!  So I'll be celebrating Valentine's Day a bit early :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Don't forget to enter my Juicy Couture lunch tote giveaway... it ends tonight!
Hello there... :)  I promised a 600+ giveaway, and here it is!  Read on :)

I am *obsessed* with bags.  Obsessed.  I get a new Coach purse every year for my birthday from the hubby {isn't he a sweetie?}.  I recently purchased a Kate Spade shopper tote to carry my school papers {don't judge, I had a gift card, so it's okay}.  And I get a new lunch tote once or twice a year.  So I carry three bags to school daily.  Yes, three.  I am a bag lady.

Well, my bag obsession led me to my latest giveaway...

I have a new Juicy Couture lunch tote for *one of you*!!  ::Silent cheering!::
{This was the best pic I could find online to show you.
My camera angles just weren't cutting it, lol.
Source:  Google search.}

The tote is clear vinyl, as you can see, with little Juicy crowns and Couture writing in pink/grey.  It has pink ribbon-y handles.  It's so cute!  I have one, and I bought all my bridesmaids one as part of their gifts.  Love, love!

Want it?  Entering is simple:
1.) Follow my blog > comment
2.) Follow my TpT store > comment
3.) Blog about the giveaway > 2 comments {with link}

And for a bonus entry, if you follow me on Pinterest AND Facebook {see cute new buttons to the left} then you can leave one more comment.

So that's three, possibly four, entries.  Go on, enter!  Do it!  Now!  {No pressure}  :)

*The giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, Feb. 11th, and I'll choose a winner with the random number generator on Sunday.*
Check out my new, super cute sidebars!  Alicia from Dreamlike Magic just did them for me, as I was typing this post actually :)  Aaaand, I changed my name!!  Read through this post, and you will see :)

Today I decided I needed to take down my penguins
{idea from this pin}
and replace them with my Valentine's Day bees immediately:
{I swear the one with the hair somehow looks like the cutie who made him!}
I didn't have the printout of the "Bee Mine" words on me, so I just had my kiddos write the words in.  I gave them extra pointy crayons and told them to use their neatest handwriting!!  I think they ended up looking adorable! :)

And it's that time again... Farley has posted her Currently Linky Party!!
Last year I baked my aide a pink birthday cake, decorated her desk, and had my students make her a pretty card.  She was *so* happy!  She does a lot for me everyday, it's the least that I can do.

I'm wondering, do you have classroom aides?
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