A Little Groundhog Day and More

I found this cutie Groundhog Day project on Pinterest and knew I had to recreate it:
Here's my sample:
I used one of the writing papers from my groundhog day {printables} freebie.  I displayed the finished projects on the inside of my door/door frame.  Here's an example from one of my sweeties:
I love the little picture she drew at the bottom :)

I also finished up my football buddy craftivity.  It was a day full of predictions!  I displayed these along the clothesline that stretches across my room:

I love how different they all turned out... even though my entire class {minus two} made Giants players.  They are "our" team, after all!

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Allyson McGuire said...

Oh these are both so sweet! That little groundhog is adorable. Thanks for sharing!


the art of learning said...

So cute :) Just curious, do you have the students cut out the template or pattern for these?

The Bubblegum Tree said...

so stinkin' cute!

Unknown said...

adorable x

Miss Foote said...

Love all of this!!

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