Happy baseball season everybody!!!  I LOVE baseball & going to games whenever I can... it's the only sport I can actually sit and watch, and I understand it completely.  Don't hate me, but I am a *huge* Yankees fan!  Hey, I am from NJ!!  Anyways lol... here they are, my baseball buddies {a craftivity}!!!
{available on TpT and TN}

I included a boy *and* a girl in this pack, so all our little sweeties can enjoy this project!  I made these buddies a bit different than my previous buddies.  These little guys aren't in uniform {pinstripes are kind of tricky!} but are holding a presh baseball instead.  The writing prompt is actually behind the baseball.
Sorry, it was hard to get a good pic!

I included three different writing prompts in this one: My favorite baseball team is; My favorite baseball player is; and My World Series Prediction {this last one is obvs for use in October}.  I also included writing space for younger and older kids.
If you'd like to make your own baseball buddies, head to my TpT and TN shops now!  First three to comment will get their copies free!! ;)
Hey there :)  Today my littles and I wrote about bunnies!  We used the writing prompt, "If I were a bunny," from my bunny hop {a craftivity} pack.  To get the kiddos going, we made an anchor chart:
Then we wrote about what we would do if we were bunnies, and made this craft to go with it:
This sweet girl {left} said she would hop in the street and be cute so she could get more carrots.  This cute boy {right} with the wink said he would hop right into your hand and steal your carrots!  If you'd like to do this with your class, click here.

Today during center time, I introduced two new activities and the kids LOVED both.  The first activity and idea comes from Sunny Days in Second Grade.  Denise is amazing, and I've been eyeing her word shakers down for a while!  I finally made some of my own:
Hehehe.. here's a better photo:
I made two, Awesome Antonyms and Super Synonyms.  I have a lot of ideas for more: Vibrant Verbs, Amazing Adjectives, Cool Contractions....  I used dollar store water bottles tinted in pink, and white rice.  Because the water bottles are tinted, I avoided having to dye the rice with food coloring.  Unfortunately I only have one more bottle {it's all they had!} and I can't find the same kind ANYwhere!!!  And believe me, I tried.  I will have to let go of my OCD and settle on a different bottle for future shakers....  Anywho, be sure to visit Denise because she also offers freebies that go with her shakers!

The second activity and idea comes from Rowdy in First Grade.  Jennifer used all of her dollar store Easter finds to make some super cute centers!  I had about a zillion plastic eggs, so I easily made these:
Egg-celent Synonyms
Egg-celent Antonyms
The students have to match the top and bottom so the words go together.  Jennifer has other ideas {which I also copied but don't have pics of lol} so hop on over to her blog and check them out!

And last but certainly not least, let's join a little Looky in My Lunchbox Linky!
Tara from 4thgradefrolics.blogspot.com is hosting this fun and super cute linky!  And pssst: it's also a giveaway!! ;)  So first let's start with my lunchbox:
I used to carry a non-clear bag, but I tended to shove, oh, just about everything in it.  Notes, wrappers, everything.  So I switched to a clear bag and now I'd be too embarrassed to keep it messy ;)  But with that said, my lunches are pretty embarrassing:
I eat like a child.

I typically drink two bottles of water throughout the day.  We have an early lunch {11:00-11:40} and that's when I eat the Mac n' Cheese.  Well, not everyday, that would be gross.  Other substitutions for that Krafty goodness: bagel thins with cream cheese, cereal, and Pop Tarts.  My gals and I order lunch about once a week and that's the only time I eat anything normal.

I eat the chocolate covered pretzels during snack time.  Sometimes I bring a fruit cup, or oreos, or Gushers, or Dunkaroos.  Again, I eat like a child. :)

Now go on, link up with Tara!  And enter for your chance to win her giveaway!
Happy Sunday evening {is there a such thing??} everyone!  I got such a great response to my rainbow treasure hunt {printable clues} pack, that I decided to make another one for spring!  I know that Easter can be a touchy subject, but who objects to bunnies in general??  My new hunt is an egg hunt, and I call it hippity hoppin' hunt {printable clues}!  It's available for FREE on TpT!  Take a look:
Roll the clues up {six in all}, pop them inside plastic eggs, and hide them around your classroom:

You'll get the six clues, a "Hippity Hoppin' Hunt" starting card, and a "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" card for you to include with a basket of prizes!  I also made a little matching tag that you can use to label your rewards!
Simply cut it out around the blue line, fold in half horizonally, and staple to a snack size baggie of marshmallow bunny peeps, bunny mallows, jellybeans... etc.
Put the gifties into a cute basket and hide it in the appropriate spot!

Grab your free copy of hippity hoppin' hunt {printable clues} on TpT :)

Please let me know what you think!
This week's Fun Friday *Fotos* {I've posted this a few times, maybe it's my new weekly thing?} can be found at Teaching in High Heels!  Gladys was kind enough to let me be a guest blogger... thanks, girl!  Head over there {after reading this post, of course} to check out one of my obsessions:  bins & baskets!

I do have two pictures to show you here... pictures of my latest shoes:
These are high and spectacular and Lucky Brand.  Can't wait to wear them!

While I was trying the Lucky shoes on, I also tried on another pair by INC.  Hubs was with me, so I had to choose ONE.  But hellooo, I went back tonight with my cousin and got them!!!  Shhhhh! ;)
My current wedge total is three new pair {I returned the other multi-colors that I showed you last week because I decided that I hated them A LOT lol} and it's only March.  Apparently I'm obsessed with wedges this season!

Well, I don't have anything teachery to say for now!  Please remember to check out my guest post at Teaching in High Heels {that's teachery, I promise} and enjoy the rest of your Friday night!!
I get antsy... which is why it's still March and I'm skipping ahead to April!  Maybe it's the b-e-a-u-tiful weather outside?!  Or maybe I wanted a head start on April themes, since we'll have a week off after Easter.  Any which way, I got the itch to change my hallway BB *immediately* so I got to work on some Earth Day fun!

First we read a story about helping the Earth, and then we brainstormed all the ways that we can HEART the Earth.  We made this anchor chart {which is now linked up to Ms. M's fun linky party!}:
I added the cute details to the anchor chart while my sweeties worked on a little writing:
After writing, we completed the activity with a craft... and after school, I put them up!
What do you think?  I'm lovin' it!  But I am biased ;)  I got the craft and writing prompt from my heart the earth {craftivities} packet, available on TpT and now TN!
I'll be celebrating the Earth all April long, so I wanted to get my new craftivities done ASAP!  Here's a peak at heart the earth {craftivities}:
There are three craftivities: Heart the Earth, I Love Earth, and Mosaic Earth.  There are seven writing prompts in all {you can mix and match them for each craft}, plus a word search, and a create a word.
If you're interested, you can find this new set on TpT for $2.50!  As always, please let me know what you think!! :)  I value your feedback!!
Yikes!  That sneaky leprechaun that my little one saw yesterday must have gotten into my TpT store! ;)  Everything is marked down 20%, for today only!!!  Pick up some items for Spring!

Or stock up for next year!

Now for your freebie.  I got a great response to my St. Pat's treasure hunt clue cards post yesterday {original idea from The Crafting Chicks}, so I posted them to TpT as a freebie!

Use them on Monday, or save them for next year!

Happy Shopping!  Please leave me feedback ;)
To start, I've eaten more choco-bananas and empanadas today than I'd like to admit {deeelicious}... more on that later! :)  This week was a busy one, and today was especially so.  I.am.exhausted!!!  I'm going to sit back and let pictures do *most* of the talking.

Word at school today was that a Leprechaun was on the loose.  He was tiny and fast!  But one of my littles managed to catch a glimpse of him jumping over the fence into the courtyard {isn't that somethin'? lol}.  I never saw him, but the Leprechaun did leave us this:
Which led us on a treasure hunt around our classroom:
There were seven clues in all.  Here's Lucky #7:
That sneaky Leprechaun hid his treasure under my desk!!
He was kind enough to leave us *rainbow* Skittles & *gold* Rolos!  I posted these and a few other labels for free on my TBA guest post a couple weeks ago.   The Leprechaun I got the "treasure hunt" idea from The Crafting Chicks.  I altered their clues and made my own clue sheets, following their example.  :)  They are available for FREE in my TpT shop!

Speaking of St. Pat's, earlier in the month we made these:
I have them hanging up, but you can attach a "band" to them and have your kiddos wear 'em!  

And today we munched on these:

This week was also Cultural Awareness Week.  We do it up big at my school!  Last year I had my students complete a poster project, but this year I did it differently.  I made up a schedule, and each day something else was due and presented.
On Monday students presented a fact sheet and described a show-and-tell object.  On Tuesday they showed us their flags and spoke about the colors, etc.:
On Wednesday, students could dress up.  They also brought in a paper doll {traced onto oaktag} that was dressed in traditional clothing.  Here are some of my favorites:
I believe these ladies are from Dominican Republic and Peru.  Love the dresses!!
And these gentleman are from Mexico and Colombia.  Don't you just love that mustache?!  And the guitar??!  Too cute!!

On Thursday students presented an interview they did with someone born in another country... they asked the questions and I played whoever they interviewed.  I played moms, cousins, grandmas... even one grandma's boyfriend!!  The kids got a kick out of that one ;)

And finally today was our Cultural Awareness Feast.  I'm pretty sure this day is almost as anticipated as Christmas Break among my teacher friends.  The food is amazing!!  Hence how I started this blog post... with choco-bananas and empanadas.  Yummy in my tummy!

How was your week?  I'd love to know :)  I'm off to {hopefully} take a nap!  Happy weekend!!
*I just linked this post up with Mary, for her Eggcellent Easter Idea linky party!!*

On my shopping spree the other day, I picked up some Bunny Mallows and mentioned to you that I'd be using them for school.  I got to work and created some sorting & data worksheets for you {and me}:
If you'd like to snag a copy, you can download it for free from my TpT store!!  If you DL it, please leave me feedback on TpT {here too if you want hehe}... pretty please with cupcakes on top!? :)

I'm off to do some blog stalking!  I wonder how many awesome ideas I can pin tonight... ;)
Okay, I'm done moping.  I've moved on from my earlier post to happier things, like chicks with umbrellas.  I wanted to show you my BB from last April:
This is where I got my inspiration for my new unit waddle we do if it rains? {craftivities & printables}.  As you can see, last year I made a large chick with an umbrella and my kiddos only made the umbrellas.
You could certainly enlarge my patterns from the unit on your overhead projector to make a big chick for yourself.  Then use the umbrella pattern included in the unit for your littles, like I did last year.  Or everyone could make a chick:
And remember, there are a bunch of fun activities included in this packet!  See for yourself on TpT or TN! :)

I've been given two awards from many people over the past week or so!!  Thank you to everyone who thought of me!  If I missed you, *please* let me know!!

I was given the Top Ten Blog award by:
Staci @ Going Nutty!

I was also given the One Lovely Blog award by:
Valerie @ Grow Up Learning
Ms. Moricono @ First Grade Gallery
Mrs. Nunley @ First Grade Magic

Thank you ladies!! You are all Lovely and Top Ten in my book ;)
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