Whew!  Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, a festive sombrero and seven printables:
*sombrero craftivity patterns
*word search
*ABC order
*two class surveys
*Cinco de Mayo writing paper {primary/secondary lines}

If you grab a copy, please leave me some feedback, here, there, or both! :)

I'm off to prepare dinner {which is something I *don't* say often}... pizza muffins, yum!
I've been wanting to make a pencil craft for a while now... after all, it IS a classroom staple!!  I got to work this weekend and came up with one!  This pencil can be used *now* for the end of the year, and *again* in September for the beginning of the year!!  Who doesn't love two-in-one?!
the write stuff {an end AND beginning of the year craftivity}
can be found in my TpT shop.

Here is what you'll find in this 30 page packet:
*pencil pics and patterns
*an end-of-year writing prompt, available for grades K-3
PLUS a blank grade prompt, just in case
*a beginning-of-year writing prompt
*a beginning-of-year checklist writing prompt
All prompts come with half page and full page options,
as well as primary and secondary lines!!  I want to make everyone happy :)
Also, if you download the preview of this item on TpT, you'll find a freebie:
It's a little pencil flag!!  I didn't have any back to school pencils on hand, so I had to put my preview picture on a Valentine's Day pencil... but you get the idea!! I just put a dab of hot glue on the back of the tag... simple!
I punched my tag out with a scallop punch, but a 2" circle punch or regular old scissors will work just as well!  Don't forget to download the preview to grab your freebie!

If you love it, which I hope you do, please leave me some love!! I say it all the time, but I truly love to read your feedback... it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!! :)  In fact... first three people to leave me something sweet *with* an email will win this pack for free! Yay!
If you've ever perused Martha Stewart's website, or read one of her magazines, you know that she dedicates a few pages to "Good Things."  I always enjoyed reading those pages, so I thought I'd start a little Good Things post on here :)  I intended to do it yesterday {Good Things Thursday} but I was at school until 9 last night!  It was Parents' Night... more on that another time!  So anyway, I'm going to do it now!!  Here are some good things from this week :)

{1} Our class had a cupcake party today:
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may remember this post about incentives.  We have a class bucket that we fill with fuzzies when our class is caught being good.  I purposely set it up so that we will fill it up four times a year... shhh, don't tell my class!  Fill it up once, earn a popcorn party; twice, a cookie party; three times, a cupcake party; four times, an ice cream party.  Well, we finally made it to #3, and had our cupcake party today!! I printed and laminated the sign above {which you can DL for free here}, and used it to decorate the cupcake station that I set up:
Six different toppings!
Three frosting choices, and unfrosted Funfetti cupcakes!
I let my little ones decorate their own cupcakes... They LOVED it!!!
They LOVE me!!  And I LOVE them!!  I have an awesome class. :)

{2} I love my new summer countdown sign:
Isn't it so presh?!  My beautiful friend Hadar made it for me, and I love every second of it!  I have it hanging front and center in my classroom.  My little ones love it too!!

{3} I received my Teacher Blogger Exchange gift this week:
Ummm, how cute is this box?!
Jenny from Teaching in Sixth Grade made these for me and I.love.them.  Three clay pots, painted with chalkboard paint {!!!}, and decorated in my favorite classroom colors!!  Jenny figured that since I craft a lot with my kiddos I could put them to good use and she was RIGHT!!  And the chalkboard paint allows me to change how I label them.  Thank you so much, girl!!!

I'd show you a picture of what I sent, but I accidentally broke it and had to start over!! :( Of course I emailed my recipient {and sent her a picture of the project before I broke it just in case she didn't believe me LOL!} and I started over with something new.  I'm almost done, girl!  ;)

And that's it for my Good Things post... I enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoyed reading it :)  Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!!!
I was going to wait to post this, but then I couldn't!  The end of the year is ALMOST here!  40 days left {I know some of you have *much* less} and summer is on my brain.  So I created a little end-of-year project for my littles to do, and thought I'd share!  Take a peek :)
Yes, it's a juicy watermelon!  Yum!  I've been eating watermelon everyday for "breakfast" so I guess that's where the idea came from, hehe :)  Along with the craft pattern, this packet also includes three different writing prompts, which are EACH available in black and white or color, with primary or secondary lines.  I also included "extra" writing pages {without the prompt titles} for those little ones who write A LOT {or just really big, lol}.  Here's a sample writing page:

Other prompts read:
___ Grade was "Seed-sational"!
Kindergarten was "Seed-sational"!
"Seed-sational Summer Plans!"
I *also* included a cutie gift idea with tags:
and three possible bulletin board titles, in color:
If you'd like to do this with your little ones, head to my TpT shop!
Please let me know what you think!  I hope you love it! :)

I linked this post up with Courtney's End of the Year Gift Linky Party... go check it out!!

Hi there!!  First off, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone out there who
purchased my heart the earth {craftivities} pack!  You guys ROCK!

I took my idea from that pack to create a little somethin' for Memorial Day...
Here is heart the flag {a craftivity}!
TpT or TN
As you can see, the idea is similar... but the result is much different!!  Along with the patterns for the above craftivity, I included a writing prompt so our kiddos could write about this special holiday:
The prompts are full page and half page, with primary and secondary lines!
And as a bonus, you'll also learn how to make this flag streamer:
In this picture the streamer is missing its final step....it was hard to get a good photo.  But I promise, it's super cute!! Especially if you hang them near a window, so they blow in the breeze :)  I get compliments on them every year!!

If you'd like to pick up a copy of heart the flag {a craftivity}, head over to my TpT shop or TN shop now.  It's listed for $1.50!

Let me know if you love it!!  I hope you do!! :)
Hi all!  If you're at all like me, then you have a.TON. of bulletin board supplies.
I'm talking letters in every color, shape, and size;
enough border to cover all the boards in the school;
more fadeless paper than you'll ever need;
and BB sets, cutouts, and homemade decorations...
for every holiday & theme.  Ever.

Or is that just me? ;)
{And no, I never stop adding to my collection.}

Anywho, I'm going to show you how I keep it all organized!
It wasn't free, but I love, love, love it all!

First up: all those letters and cutouts!
I use cute shoe boxes {pack of 5, Target} to organize
my letters and cutouts.  I popped one of those CTP Dots on Black labels
inside the boxes so I know which items are in each.

Inside the shoe boxes, the letters and cutouts are in labeled Ziploc baggies:
In this picture you can see some small purple letters...
they're labeled-- 3" Purple Sparkle and they're in the the sparkle/print letter box.
In the solid letter box you'll find... solid color letters :)
In seasonal cutouts you'll find hearts, shamrocks, etc.
In themed cutouts you'll find frogs, crayons, etc.

I also have a set of blue shoe boxes.
Can you guess what's inside?

Next up: bulletin board sets and decorations!
This is a "mini" storage bag that another teacher gave me.
It's the perfect size for all of my calendar pieces!
I also keep small BB set pieces in here as well.

I bought these biiig BB storage bags from Carson Dellosa:
These bags are STUFFED.  I mean stuffed.  I'm going to buy more this summer.
In the left bag I keep posters, big BB sets, etc.
In the right bag, I keep all of my holiday/theme decorations.

Moving on:  border storage!
I currently have two of these life-savers, also from Carson Dellosa.
These, too, are STUFFED.  Also going to buy more this summer ;)
The above picture shows the bag unrolled... but here it is rolled up:

And last but not least: fadeless paper rolls!
I use one of those wrapping paper organizers.
I found it at Target during the holidays, but I'm sure Amazon has them!

Like I said, it wasn't free to organize my goodies this way...
but what is these days?!
I don't know what I'd do without these items, for real!
So if you're a new teacher or a teacher who needs to reorganize...
I highly recommend this splurge!!! :)

Please leave me some love!!
I'm *so* excited to announce that I am a new author on

Teaching Blog Addict


If you don't know TBA, head over there right now
{or after you read about the giveaway, lol}
and start following, stalking, and LOVING! :)

And now for the giveaway...
Alisha of The Bubbly Blonde Teacher and I are teaming up for a
BIG sports giveaway!  We will be picking TWO winners! :)

Alisha will be giving away her sports themed centers!
{math, literacy, & writing}

Along with Alisha's centers, each winner will also receive
my baseball buddies {a craftivity} set!
To enter, please visit {this post} on The Bubbly Blonde Teacher's page!
You can also click the giveaway picture to get there.... good luck!!
Yesterday we finally worked on our baseball buddies.  I say "finally" because I had my littles start writing about their favorite team before break, and then I kept forgetting to bring the patterns to school.  My kiddos were beyond excited when I whipped out the patterns so we could finish!!  
{Is the picture still sideways?  I couldn't get it to turn around!}
That face cracks me up every.single.time!
I have great writers!!
My baseball buddies pack is available {here}.

A couple weeks ago, Annie from The Moffatt Girls had a giveaway for a $50 gift card to Educational Insights.  I won!!! I was so excited!!!! The Educational Insights shop has so many great things, but I had to narrow it down... I decided on four things.  I spent a little extra but it was hard not to! ;)
{1} {2} {3} {4}

The I Heart Earth Giveaway ended last night... Thank you to everyone who entered!  The random number generator picked a winner:
Congrats, Delighted!!  I'll be contacting you shortly!  If you didn't win here, check with Kimberly at The Learning Tree to see if you won over there :)  I also used random number to pick a winner of my newest pack, burgerlicious {2 craftivities in 1}:
Congrats, Traci!! I'll also be contacting you shortly!

And last {but not least} on today's posting agenda:  the freebie!!
{Click on the pic to DL from Google Docs.}
Four buggy "can-have-are" worksheets: bee, ladybug, butterfly, caterpillar.  Use them with your insect unit, and/or with my buggy craft patterns :)

There you have it!  A little of this, a little of that!
I'd love to hear from you!! :)
Warning: this post just might make you hungry :)

I was thinking of upcoming themes & ideas for the warm spring weather...
that brainstorm brought me to barbecues...
and barbecues (to me at least) equal delicious hamburgers...
and that's how burgerlicious! {2 craftivities in 1} was born!

Are you hungry yet?
:) Take a little peek:

"Perfect Paragraph" hamburger writing...
(main idea, details x3, conclusion)

Burgerlicious burger, made to order!

Your kiddos can write about how to make their own perfect hamburger,
and then create their burgerlicious burger to match...

The Best Barbecue: write and draw + a full writing page

24 vocabulary cards to use in a writing center, ABC order activities, etc.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of burgerlicious! {2 craftivities in 1}
then stop by my TpT shop... it's just $2.00 :)

For a chance to win this tasty packet, leave some love below!
I will pick one winner via random number generator before I go to bed...
(You've got time... I'm a night owl!)
Don't forget your email address :) :)

I emailed the winner! Congrats! :)
Before break, I was hard at work re-labeling everything in my classroom that deserves a label!  I wasn't happy with my previous labels, so I made a trip to Lakeshore to find a new solution.  I decided to buy a set of name plates and name tags, and I laminated them right away:
They are from the Dots on Black collection from Creative Teaching Press,
in case you want to pick up some for your classroom!!!
I needed two different sizes because I have big and little bins.  Since I laminated the name tags, I had to cut them out around the label part to get rid of the white edges:
Then I whipped out my Sharpies and got to work writing:
Of course, I couldn't just write in black, I had to add more color!!
Once I wrote all my labels out, I started putting them everywhere!  I used tape on the back of the name plates and some of the name tags, and for other name tags, I easily peeled the label from its backing and just stuck it on!  This is the area behind my desk:
Above the drawers are my favorite read alouds and my teacher resource books.
That yellow bin needs a label!!  Just noticed :)
And a close-up of the drawers:
Is anyone surprised that I have three drawers of craft supplies...
and more in the closet??
{And maybe a TON more supplies in my basement at home...?}
Other drawers say treasure chest, happy birthday, extra folders, paper...
I also keep these back here:
This next shelf is propped in front of my desk, and holds some of my math manipulatives:
And a close-up:
Some other label pictures...
My students drop their Spelling notebooks in this bin each day:
My extra supplies are in labeled bins like these:
And I keep papers for the week in these bins:
I could go on and on with all my labels, but I'll spare you!!
I hope that I gave you some ideas that you can use in your classroom! :)

Don't miss my Tax Break Sale-- 15% off items in my TpT shop, today only!

Annddd don't forget to enter my I Heart Earth Giveaway {here}!
It ends on Tuesday!!

Back to work tomorrow... enjoying the rest of my lazy Sunday night!
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