Heart the Flag this Memorial Day!

Hi there!!  First off, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone out there who
purchased my heart the earth {craftivities} pack!  You guys ROCK!

I took my idea from that pack to create a little somethin' for Memorial Day...
Here is heart the flag {a craftivity}!
TpT or TN
As you can see, the idea is similar... but the result is much different!!  Along with the patterns for the above craftivity, I included a writing prompt so our kiddos could write about this special holiday:
The prompts are full page and half page, with primary and secondary lines!
And as a bonus, you'll also learn how to make this flag streamer:
In this picture the streamer is missing its final step....it was hard to get a good photo.  But I promise, it's super cute!! Especially if you hang them near a window, so they blow in the breeze :)  I get compliments on them every year!!

If you'd like to pick up a copy of heart the flag {a craftivity}, head over to my TpT shop or TN shop now.  It's listed for $1.50!

Let me know if you love it!!  I hope you do!! :)


Heather said...

Love it! Will be adding it to my TPT wishlist shortly. Thanks for sharing and creating!


Unknown said...

Adorable as always. It almost makes me wish we had school after Memorial day but not quite. I will probably purchase it to use with our Veteran's day unit in the fall. Thanks!

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Tangelia C. said...

These are adorable!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Do I even have to comment??? Or did my "oh my god!!!!!" reaction speak for itself! hahaha!

Lohren Nolan said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing!


Lohren Nolan

Unknown said...

very cute as always!!!

Unknown said...

I should just copy and paste Hadar's comment:) Love, as always!

Kelley Dolling said...

Teri . . . you did it again. I love your "heart the flag" craftivity. Going to snag my copy soon . . . Thanks for sharing.

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory

Vickie said...

Love the streamer project!

Mrs. M said...

LOVE, LOVE it!!! :)

Sarah Paul said...

I love, love, love this!
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Miss DeCarbo said...

Very cute!! :)

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

Traci Clausen said...

adorable as always :D
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nilima said...

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