Organize Your Bulletin Board Supplies!

Hi all!  If you're at all like me, then you have a.TON. of bulletin board supplies.
I'm talking letters in every color, shape, and size;
enough border to cover all the boards in the school;
more fadeless paper than you'll ever need;
and BB sets, cutouts, and homemade decorations...
for every holiday & theme.  Ever.

Or is that just me? ;)
{And no, I never stop adding to my collection.}

Anywho, I'm going to show you how I keep it all organized!
It wasn't free, but I love, love, love it all!

First up: all those letters and cutouts!
I use cute shoe boxes {pack of 5, Target} to organize
my letters and cutouts.  I popped one of those CTP Dots on Black labels
inside the boxes so I know which items are in each.

Inside the shoe boxes, the letters and cutouts are in labeled Ziploc baggies:
In this picture you can see some small purple letters...
they're labeled-- 3" Purple Sparkle and they're in the the sparkle/print letter box.
In the solid letter box you'll find... solid color letters :)
In seasonal cutouts you'll find hearts, shamrocks, etc.
In themed cutouts you'll find frogs, crayons, etc.

I also have a set of blue shoe boxes.
Can you guess what's inside?

Next up: bulletin board sets and decorations!
This is a "mini" storage bag that another teacher gave me.
It's the perfect size for all of my calendar pieces!
I also keep small BB set pieces in here as well.

I bought these biiig BB storage bags from Carson Dellosa:
These bags are STUFFED.  I mean stuffed.  I'm going to buy more this summer.
In the left bag I keep posters, big BB sets, etc.
In the right bag, I keep all of my holiday/theme decorations.

Moving on:  border storage!
I currently have two of these life-savers, also from Carson Dellosa.
These, too, are STUFFED.  Also going to buy more this summer ;)
The above picture shows the bag unrolled... but here it is rolled up:

And last but not least: fadeless paper rolls!
I use one of those wrapping paper organizers.
I found it at Target during the holidays, but I'm sure Amazon has them!

Like I said, it wasn't free to organize my goodies this way...
but what is these days?!
I don't know what I'd do without these items, for real!
So if you're a new teacher or a teacher who needs to reorganize...
I highly recommend this splurge!!! :)

Please leave me some love!!


Meridith said...

My goal is to organize my letters this summer. They are currently in ziplocs right now and not very pretty! Thanks for the idea!


Unknown said... would die if you saw my GIANT Tub of loose flowing letters, borders and C-R-A-P all bulletin board related. I organize it all during the summer and the following school year after I use it I THROW it into the giant tub to be dealt with the next Summer. HELP ME!

Lori Rosenberg said...

I have 2 of the border holders and I love them. It's the easiest way to store border safely. Great job organizing your items. I am an organizing freak, so I can really appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for sharing!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Unknown said...

I love your bags you store your BB in! I've gone the cheap way for now and simply stapled big pieces of oak tag together and labeled the outside very detailed. It has worked so far. But I love your clear bags! Does your school provided you with butcher paper? Or do you just have all that fadeless paper to save you time? I buy a few rolls at the beginning of the year for my main BB, but don't use it for everything.

Tara said...'s not just you!!! I have way more than I need and keep getting cuz it's cute!!!! So.....the question is....when are you coming to my classroom to organize me??? :)) teehee

4th Grade Frolics

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

Wow...I wish I was more organized! I have all my stuff in a BB storage box that I bought years ago and it's falling apart!!! I need some new ideas on organizing it all....I like your BB bags! I also have the border thing, however I have stuffed it so full that it's ripped and can't close! Guess I needed 2!!
Thanks for ideas! I may have to do some work on it this summer!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! I am trying to organize my room now. I need all the help I can get:)

Unknown said...


That's amazing!!!! You are so organized!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Allyson McGuire said...

These are such great ideas! I love organization tips.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Organizing makes my heart smile!! Hopefully I can post about my end of year organizing soon! Stay posted!!

MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

Mrs. Hodson said...

I use three of those border bags from carson dellosa! I have a border obsession! I love the organization... but, Where do you keep all of those bins? :)

Forsting1206 said...

This is a GREAT helpful hint! I am still in school finishing up my undergrad and this is wonderful!

Rachel Seymour said...

I love organization tips!!

I think all of these bags and boxes are so cool!!! :) Makes me want to start reorganizing right now...thanks for the encouragement!


Unknown said...

I have the Carson Dellosa organizers, but I need to organize more!!! I have too much! Ready to give or sell to make room for the new cuter stuff! :)
Crayons and Curls

Susie Q said...

Great ideas, thanks for sharing. I'm moving to a new room (and grade) next year, so I'm going to use some of your tips.

Mrs. M said...

Great ideas! I love the black dots! I recently gave my co-worker a whole bunch of borders and posters. I'm a bit OCD, trust me, I'm nuts, I give everything away! lol! My excuse is that I have a small classroom...hahaha!

Color Me Kinder


OMG! I LOVE these ideas. I currently have things in ziploc bags inside my bulletin board bag. After looking at your boxes, I'm going to have to change things. This will make things so much easier. LOVE IT!

The Teacher's Backpack

Jenny said...

For borders I roll them up, put a rubber band around them, and then into a large plastic tub. They stack inside the tub, makes it very easy to store! :)

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