Krazy Kool Freebie! :)

I made a trip to Dollar Tree yesterday, looking for potential end-of-year gifts for my littles.  I stumbled upon these *cute* krazy straw sport bottles, and immediately thought of the very popular krazy-straw-Kool-Aid-combo gift that has made it's way around Pinterest.  I grabbed every.last.bottle., picked up some Kool Aid, and made these:
Okay, I only made one {I still have 35 days left!}, but I will be making the other 18 sometime soon.  Here is a better shot of the bottles:
Those straws sure are krazy! ;)  I whipped up three different tag options in two different colors to share with you, in case you want to jump on the "Krazy Kool" bandwagon:
I used the middle one, in case you're wondering!!  You can pick up your Krazy Kool freebie in my TpT shop... please leave me some love if you do DL!! :)

I also wanted to show you how our Cinco de Mayo sombreros turned out:
Ole! ;)


Unknown said...

VERY cute!
First Grade Blue SKies

Heather Shelton said...

Love it will have to go visit the dollar tree!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher said...

Super cute idea as always!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Unknown said...

Very cool Summer gifts for your students!

Lovely Little Learners

Miss Kindergarten said...

I'm gonna go ahead and say that you bleed creativity ;)

Teaching_Fairy said...

such an amazing idea…..i am your newest follower…come by and visit me

Just Wild About Teaching said...

cute idea girl!!

Just Wild About Teaching

Unknown said...

adorable!! I might just have to "borrow" this from you! :)
Rowdy in Room 300

Ashley Nichols said...

LOVE THIS!! I just found your Cinco De Mayo Craft today on TPT and will be using it this week!! THANK YOU!! :)

Lohren Nolan said...

I love it! Thanks so much! Your sombreros are so cute too!

Lohren Nolan

Carlyn said...

That's a great gift, I like how you included Kool aid too.

Kristen said...

I adore this!!! And your labels!! Thank you :) :)

Busy Bees said...

Thanks so much for sharing these!! TOO CUTE!

Unknown said...

I love your creativity!

Mrs. Franks said...

Love it! Great job!

Miss Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Sara said...

wow! that looks so cute!
Miss Elementary

Tara said...

How awesomely cute are those bottles!!!! I may have to be making those!! Thanks for sharing:)

4th Grade Frolics

The Colorful Apple said...

Those water bottles are so cool! And your tags go with them perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Katie said...

I absolutely love the end of the year gift idea!! I'm definitely going to head to your store to pick those tags up (thanks!)... now just to find some cute cups ;)

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Lyn Goff said...

So Cute! Thanks for sharing these!

Jessica Heeren said...

I just got back from Dollar Tree with my bottles! Thanks for sharing your cute idea and labels! :)

Mrs. Heeren's Happenings

jennifermeyer1 said...

Love this!!! Went to the Dollar Tree tonight and got my water bottles! Thanks for the great idea!

Miss M said...

Such a cute idea! I LOVE your blog! I am your newest follower and am so happy about it :)

If you have the chance, please stop by my blog to check it out!

The Fabulous First Grade

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the great end of the year gift idea! Every year all the teachers in my grade give a sand pail with a shovel. I am super excited to try something new, and I think the water bottle idea is ADORABLE! Thank you so much for sharing :)


Elizabeth said...


Thanks for sharing such a cute, easy end of the year treat!

Fun in Room 4B

Tiffany said...

Love this. Found these little cups at my local Walmart today for only $.98!

Thanks for the Tag FREEBIE!!


Miss Dennis said...

thanks so much for the label!! I had given up hope on finding the water bottles, but at last I found them!!

Thanks again!

KirstenKB said...

I am making these RIGHT NOW for my end-of-the-year gift! I got the Kool-Aid single serve packets to go with the bottles. Just trying to figure out how to attach them...

Thanks for the great idea!

Tiny Bowtique said...

Thank you For such a great idea. Bought my bottles already!! Wondering how you cut the rounded labels so perfectly. Did u use a rounded punch? Thanks!! :)

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

This was featured in 1825s blog. How cool is that! Congrats!

the classroom creative said...

It's always nice to take the time to appreciate the school year. We featured your end of the year student gift @ theclassroomcreative It posts tomorrow. Thanks, Karen & Nicolette

Heidi Boos said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your generosity of sharing the tag freebie! It's super cute and I was able to print them off quickly and easily to make some for my son's preschool class! Feel free to stop by to take a peek...I just used the silly straws with mine.

Kate said...

I LOVE this idea. We are making this for our kiddos today! We also made a few other things I'll be posting on my blog this week. Stop by and check them out. Oh, and I grabbed your button. Feel free to grab mine and follow me!

nilima said...

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away free. I love seeing website that understands the value of providing a quality resource for free. It’s the old what goes around comes around routine.
Playschool - Little Millennium

A Basket Full of Apples said...

I LOVE this idea!!! And my students would love it also. I will have to check out my local dollar tree and see if they have these great bottles. Thank you for sharing.


A Basket Full of Apples

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the free printable! I just printed 10 of them for my AWANA team.

Lori said...

Thanks so much for sharing...I too am using you incredibly cute idea! May I ask...How did you attach the Kool-Aid? I know a hole punch is no good, but don't know how else to go about it.
Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

These r great - I'm going to work on them today but I can't find the link to print out the little gift tags -- can someone please send me the link? thanks so much!

Mary Ellen said...

Thank you so much for sharing! My PreK kiddos will love it!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you so much! I'm using for my son's 3rd Grade Class. Thanks again for the download! I'm posting a link to you tonight :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the template for the Kool-Aid tag!!

Style Closet to Classroom said...

Thank you so much for the krazy kool summer idea!! I used this for my students this year and they absolutely loved it! I am just saying thank you now because I just started blogging :)


Style Closet to Classroom

Amanda N said...

thanks for the super idea and printable!

nmiller said...

This is the perfect end-of-year gift from my 1st grader to his classmates! Thank you so much for your willingness to share! I never could have come up with anything as cute on my own!


nmiller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

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