Are You Monkeying Around?

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! :)  This morning I had brunch with my daddy and family, and this evening we went to my husband's parents for dinner.  Now I'm home relaxing before my last week of school :)  I wanted to make sure to stop in tonight because I haven't posted since Tuesday... ahh!!

Before I took down my bulletin boards, I thought to snap a picture of my behavior system:
I've been using this system for a few years, and I really like it!  I love the cute monkeys and all the fun phrases that go along with the theme!  The title of my board is "Are You Monkeying Around?" and the title on the chart says, "No Monkey Behavior!"

To put the board together, I used colorful index cards, a package of library pockets,
and playful monkeys {from Trend's Monkey Mischief collection}:
I use five different colored cards:
blue {super day}
green {great choices}
yellow {warning}
orange {no recess}
red {note/call home}

Everyone starts on green.  Yellow cards can change back to green.  Orange and red cards can't change back to green.  Blue cards are for super-duper behavior... but next year I'm scrapping the blue card and looking for "Top Bananas" instead.  {Don't you just love all the cute monkey phrases?!}

Of course, we need to communicate both good and bad behavior to parents.  I do this by having my students color in a behavior calendar {which is in their take-home folders} at the end of each day:

If a kiddo is on yellow, orange, or red, I will write in a behavior code and then he/she will color the appropriate box.  The codes make it quick and easy for both teachers and parents to note behavior!  At the end of the month, I have parents sign the sheets and I keep them in my student folders.  I've been using this method for a few years now, and it seems to work really well!  

If you'd like your own copy of my 2012-2013 behavior calendars, head to my TpT shop to DL them for free! :)  Of course, let me know what you think!!

What behavior system do you use in your classroom?


Just Wild About Teaching said...

Love this board toots

Kindertrips said...

I have used the cards and for the past few years, my students have marked stars-just like cards, but I keep the chart on my clip board and mark the stars by their names. I am going to do the clip chart next year. I think I am ready to try something else and they need a visual.

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...



Mary said...

My board looks almost the same! I use the monkeys going up the tree instead of the ones with the bananas. I have used it for years too! HOW FUNNY!

Sharing Kindergarten

Wolfelicious said...

I have used the card method and the clipping up and down method.


amy said...

This is a cute idea! This year I'll be using the clip chart with colors. I like the visual of students clipping up as they improve behavior. I also think students should be recognized for behaviors that go beyond expectations!
Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

amy said...
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Katie said...

I love the idea of a "top bannana!" I think I want to find a system for students to color in their own behavior. Last year, I wrote in every single students planner.... every single day..... about what their behavior was. Granted, in many planners I just wrote a number that corresponded to their behavior (parents knew what it was), but it was still a pain :/

Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

Mrs. Eimer said...

I use the clip chart system. At first, it was difficult to notice positive behaviors, but I have to say within a week of school starting it got really easy.

I would clip students up for things like:
1. Transitioning quickly and quietly
2. Being prepared in class
3. Extraordinary behavior on the carpet
4. Setting a good example

In my class last year, the majority of my students were very chatty and slow to transition, so it was easy to point out students who were making good choices.

Each day a student going to Oustanding or got clipped off the chart onto my shirt not only did they get a little Vistaprint creation of mine that they got to take home, but they moved one space on my gameboard. The gameboard is something I borrowed off someone on Proteacher last summer but it basically has enough spaces for 180 days. On various squares through the board there are things like "No shoes in clas", cool pencil, sit at the teacher's desk, wear a hat.

I had initially tried putting the bling on a clip and changing the color but that got to crazy, and I ran out of colored clothespins, ha!

Anyway, hopefully this helps!

*I do have to say that this system was awesome with the parents. They liked that their children were being recognized for good behavior.

3rd Grade Sprinkles

Sandy said...

Cute board!!! Happy last week of school! Me too! :)

Elizabeth said...

This is a cute board. I don't use a board in 4th grade, but sometimes think that I should. (I just use a clip board.)

Fun in Room 4B

Chrissy said...

That's very cute! I use the card method and let the kids have a chance to get "back on green" if behavior improves.
First Grade Found Me

Miss Sara said...

are you monkeying around? haha that's a cute one! :)

beachliesl said...

We definitely monkey around in my class! :) I know people are loving the "clipping up" behavior charts, but I like what I do. Pretty much the same concept, but I use something other than my behavior system to do it. Your post has motivated me to blog about might end up being my first blog of the summer. For now, I'm off to pack up the rest of my room... :(


keri said...

Like the monkeys! Cute! I have used the pocket chart for many years, and found in kinder it can be intimidating and make the whole situation worse by having them turn their a couple years ago I took the same idea, only put names on the board. We call is "Super Bee-havior". Kids all start as yellow bees and can earn a black bee in the same fashion as clipping up. Warning is a blue bee and big trouble is an orange bee.
Kids color their own little sheet to take home daily and to keep my little "cheaters" at bay, if they earn a black bee I put a handwritten star on it, this way I know I have seen the black bee and it is legitimate. Would you believe this year I had a little girl who wanted black bees so badly, she was making her own??!!?!?! So, hence the star from me! lol
I think Courtney's idea with the pins going on her shirt is neato...I think I may add that to my line up! When the chhildren earn 30 yellow bees (black are worth 2 yellow) they can trade them for a trip to the treasure box. The fun!!!
Thanks for all your insight, great blog and wonderful ideas!!

Keri :)

Anonymous said...

Love this behavior management system! So cute, thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I'm visiting through linky party. Cute chart. Thanks for sharing. Come by for a visit when you can.

Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

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