Ahh, finally!  I feel my room is "done enough" to share it with you!
I snapped tons of pics, so sit back and {hopefully} enjoy!

Let's start with the inside of my door:
I blurred them out, but my new kiddo's names are on the cupcake bottoms.

This is a view of the front of my room:
A chalkboard stretches across the whole wall and there are cubbies beneath it.

Here are some close-ups of the right side of the board:

Hand signals, voice level chart, and a cupcake birthday chart.

My attendance cookies sheets and birthday balloon straws.

On top of the shelf are student mailboxes, and in the cubbies below are a bunch of math manipulatives.  The bins all the way to the right are currently empty, but pretty!

Also in the cubbies are student book boxes. 

I plan to keep journals, special and center folders, etc. in these bins.

This angle is looking toward my teacher space:

I love my little nook!  My computer will go on the smaller table beneath the TV.

Storage behind my desk:
I have a bunch of craft supplies and such in those drawer units.  Above them are paper bins to hold worksheets for different subjects.  The posters above are for the days of the months/week, my class rules and morning routine, counting the days chart, and all the way to the right are my picture directions.

Right above my desk I have a little wall space:
The pennant says my name when it's not blurred out :)  Hubs hung a magnetic dry-erase calendar for me, and I'm going to use it instead of a big desk cal.

Along the wall in my teacher's nook are my bulletin boards:
Up top I included some owls because we know they are all the rage!  The blue BB is my behavior chart; the pink is my birthday board; and the yellow is my calendar area.  Here are some close-ups:

The view of my calendar board is a little obstructed by the hanging TV, so I had to take the picture from an angle.

This view shows my bathroom/sink area:
You can kind of see GO/STOP signs hanging on the bathroom door... to prevent kiddos from walking in on anyone!

A close-up of the sink:
On the cabinets I have posters on washing your hands and covering your cough, etc.  Next to the cabinets, I had my husband hang a small bulletin board for my job chart... which is finished in this next pic:
I write names on the stars and use paper clips to attach them to the super kids {I attached two blank ones just to show you}.

By the sink there is a wall of windows:

And if you follow the wall of windows all the way to the left, you'll see my library space:
The libary is there in the back of this pic.  Next to my book cart is one walk in closet and up close on the left is my second walk in closet.  The round table will be for small groups.  The closets in the middle are for my students' belongings... and it's still a mess as I haven't organized it yet!

Close-up of the library:
Mmm, pretty much in love with this space!!  The chevron carpet matches my theme perfectly, as do the mini-disc chairs!  The magnetic book holders will display books for current themes.   Also in my library corner is this big book holder/white board center:
And just because I'm in shock at how much my room has changed...
here are two BEFORE pics:

I'm not *completely* done... I still have little things to do... small details :)
I'll post about those when I get them done!  
I hope you loveee my room!  I do!!
I am so excited to spend my time in there; it feels like home!

The following items seen in my classroom were inspired by others:
swirly cupcakes on door {melissa freshwater}
voice level chart {tricia lyday}
hand signals {rachel lamb}

And I'm linking this post up with these reveal linky parties:

How do you address September 11th in your classroom?  Each year, my school has a moment of silence.  It brings up a lot of questions from my little ones.  Some know what September 11th, now called Patriot Day, is all about... and others don't.  In the best way possible, I answer their questions.  Then, we complete a little project to honor the brave men and women who were lost that day.
I updated my heart the flag {a crafitivity} file to include a couple writing pages for Patriot Day:
Both pages are also available with secondary lines.
The pack includes the heart flag craft, as well as a bonus patriotic streamer:
I usually make the streamer with my class for Sept. 11th and hang them on a clothes line across my windows.  I've gotten a ton of compliments on them from others :)  My mom-in-law is actually the one who gave me the idea for the streamer a few years ago... she teaches K!

In other news... I'm hoping to have my room "picture ready" by the end of Monday... tomorrow... so I can finally post my "big" classroom reveal!  And so I can relax and work on a little pumpkin craftivity pack that I have brewing in my mind ;)

Here are some things that I've been preparing to finish off my room before the reveal:
{voice levels inspired by: Tricia Lyday; hand signals inspired by: Rachel Lamb; swirly cupcake tops from: Melissa Freshwater ; 4S line from: Valerie Noles}

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Yesterday while setting up my classroom, I had a little brainstorm!  The second I got home, I got to work... and didn't stop until I was done.  That's why I forgot to post day 3 of the giveaway decided to combine days 3 and 4 of the giveaway!  But you'll have to read about my idea first! :)

What was this brainstorm, you ask?
Special days calendar cards, of course!

The teacher stores have endless choices when it comes to numbered calendar cards... but where are all the cards for special days?!  They are few and far between!  So I decided to make my own :)

This set comes with over 40 different cards!
*holidays like Grandparent's Day, Halloween, & more
*special days like the first day, field trips, & more}
The cards measure 2.6" x 2.6" and will fit a standard classroom calendar.  They are meant to be used as a fun addition to your calendar, so please note that numbered cards are not included!  If I missed any special days, I'd be happy to add them in! :)

The cards above are in bright colors, but I also made a primary set:
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Today was my third day of decorating in the classroom... I finally feel like I'm making progress!  The first two days all I did was rearrange and clean.  Today I was able to get my bulletin boards started {with the help of my brother's awesome girlfriend!}.

Gosh, putting up bright paper made a.world.of.difference.
My bulletin board space went from this:

to this:

I just LOVE the pink paper with the fun border:
It's all coming together, but I still have a ton to do.
You will have to wait for my big reveal ;)

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