Keep Your Kiddos Organized! {Freebie}

With two weeks left before school starts, I've been working on my looong to-do list!  Today's project was to put together B.E.E. Books for my kiddos!
Do you use a B.E.E. Book in your classroom?  Maybe you use a Moose, a Frog, or even a Kangaroo!  Whatever you call it, these student-to-home folders are GREAT organizational tools for our little ones!  And you can include as little or as much inside as you want!

Just in case you don't know what a B.E.E. is, this little acronym stands for "Bring Everything Everyday."  B.E.E not the word you're looking for?  Click {here} for a HUGE list of acronyms that you can use!

For my BEEs {I'm losing the "." because it's getting annoying to type lol}, I like to use 2-pocket poly folders with fasteners.  I buy a bunch of them on sale from an office supply store-- this year, it was Office Depot.
 I put a cutesy label on the front:
And little labels on the inside too:
The left pocket of the folder is for papers that should be LEFT at home.  The right pocket is for papers that should come RIGHT back to school.  I also include a 3-hole pencil pouch in the BEE that should be used for money and notes:
Thank you Office Depot... $0.01!!!

Like I said, you can include whatever you want in your BEE.  I keep mine really simple:  I use the fasteners to hold a page protector that houses a homework/weekly skills sheet.  I 3-hole punch my behavior calendars and pop them in the BEE, too.  You can add reading logs, reference sheets, a parent/teacher communication section... anything!

If you want to make your own BEE using the labels above, click {HERE} to pick them up, FREE, from my TpT shop!! I also included a view binder cover sheet, in case you want to use a binder instead:

I didn't only buy *every* yellow folder that Office Depot had, I also bought *every* purple folder, too!  Hey, I can't pass up good deal!  I am using the purple folders as my class work folder... which I am now renaming the "sticker book!"
I saw this idea while blog stalking the other day, and I LOVED it!  Amy from What Happens in First Grade posted about it on her blog, and even has freebie labels so you can make a set for your class!! The sticker book is really a class work folder, with labels on the inside for finished/unfinished work:
And it doubles as a place for my kiddos to put all those stickers I give them!!  Now I won't find the stickers stuck to the desk, the floor, their heads.... ;)

How do you keep your students organized?  I'd love to get more ideas!!


Lisa R. said...

Oh my gosh, Office Depot had the pouches for a penny!? What a deal! I've used these notebooks in the past & it was a great way to keep it organized! I love it! Our school purchased home to school communicators this year so I'm hesitantly trying their folders. I think I'm going to end up going back to your method though. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Kindergarten said...

You're on your way to organized!! Way to go cupcake!!

Reagan Tunstall said...

"BEE" I am going to barf at my my pun. but seriously. Bee Proud. They look great!

LYNDSEY said...

Awesome blossom! Super cute. Thanks for sharing, friend.


Jill said...

I bought the 1 cent pencil pouches for my BEE books from Office Depot too!!!! They are a totally different kind than yours, how weird!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Gladys said...

Love your BEE cute!


Mrs. Brown said...

Those home folders look great! My 3rd graders have a binder they take home with their planners, h/w calendar, Super 6 math weekly h/w, and pencil pouch. It is so nice to have it all organized!!

Jenny Zuniga @ Teacher and a Mom said...

Love the idea, I'm going to try it out!


Amy J said...

Thank you so much for posting about the sticker books. Here is the link to my post.

I'm so happy your babies will have a place to "stick" their stickers (and the rest of their stuff).

The clean desk fairy will be happy!


Mary said...

You are such a bargain hunter!

They look GREAT!
Sharing Kindergarten

applesandabcs said...

I love it so much! I haven't heard of B.E.E. before!
Apples and ABC's

applesandabcs said...

I love it so much! I haven't heard of B.E.E. before!
Apples and ABC's

Elizabeth said...

Very clever :)

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