Magic Playdoh!

Today I'm not here!  I'm guest posting for one of the sweetest gals,
Susan from Thank God It's First Grade!
Head to her blog to find out how to make Magic Playdoh:

And to grab this cute freebie:
See you at T.G.I.F.!!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Ok, since you got inside my brain and snatched my post for tonight, I will not post about it! I just uploaded my freebie to TpT very quietly! Ha!! I literally just typed up my poems last night!!! Yours is cuter with color, but we're limited on color prints so I made mine plain ol black and white!


Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Miss Cosby said...

I made this on the first day of school. And as you can imagine the first graders were so excited and were all calling out the color theirs turned. Love the style of the poem!

You Might Be a First Grader...

Amy Johnston said...

Love this! I always have an irrational fear that it won't "work" and our school year will be "doomed." haha :) I just added you to my blog roll! Love all your stuff. :)

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