I'm so excited to be trick-or-treating with the gals at Freebie-licious!
Thank you for joining in on the fun!!
If you don't know about the party, join us now!!  Grab my freebie below, then follow the link to the next, and the next... until you collect all the treats! :)

I'm sharing a little pack that will help your kiddos with number sense:
It's a November themed roll and color!
Here are two examples from the pack:

Your kiddos will:
*roll one die
*roll one die, add one
*roll one die, add two
*roll one die, subtract one
*roll two die, count the dots

Grab your freebie from my TpT shop!
Please let me know what you think :)

Next stop: trick-or-treating at Annie's place!
Hi all!  School was cancelled today...  and tomorrow, too!  Sandy is supposed to get worse later tonight.  For now, I have power... but who knows what the storm will bring!  So I'm enjoying electricity while I have it {computer, TV, laundry, dishwasher...}!

In the meantime, I've been having lots of fun on the iPad, making new fonts to share!  I even had my family make their own fonts.  It's addicting :)  Take a look at the two I finished today!

Cupcake Sugary is an all lowercase font EXCEPT for the letter "i," just because :)  Just shift and type "i" like you normally would for the capital.

I'm lovin' Cupcake Glitzy!  It's fun and fancy :)

If you like what you see, just click {HERE} to check them out {plus 14 more!} in my TpT shop!  Like before, use these fonts on whatever you like {freebies, commercial items}... just give a link back to my blog!  And as always, please leave me some love below :)
Any East Coasters in the house?  If so, then you're probably gearing up for the big storm, too!  I believe her name is SANDY, and she's headed our way!

In NJ, gas lines are crazy and the bottled water supply is ZERO.  In my neighborhood, we are preparing for no power {last year we lost power for almost a week when Irene hit in August, and again in October when a freak snowstorm hit around Halloween}.  So, I might not be online for a few days :(

Aaanyway... I mentioned in my last post that I was decorating my door with Hadar's monsters.  Here is the completed door:
I think it's fab!!  The monsters are sooo adorable!!

Also, I'm having a little sale in my TpT shop today and tomorrow, in honor of Halloween!  Everything will be 20% off, so go on and do some trick-or-treating! :)
Just click on the adorable button {courtesy of The Bubbly Blonde} to head to my store!  Want to see who else is having a sale?  Check out the link-up below!
Happy Haunting!

Yesterday was the judging of the pumpkin contest, and today they announced the winners {talk about suspense!}.  We thought it was one winner per grade level, but then we found out it was per floor.  It was me against all the first and second grade classes.

And... Well...

I WON!!!!!!!!!!

We jumped, we cheered, we screamed
It was a GREAT end to our day!
Okay, okay.  Want to see my pumpkin?
Meet Stitch! :)
I was inspired by a pumpkin I found on a Google search.

Among the competitors: a super cute Frankenstein and a bee-utiful bee!
These belong to my teaching besties, including my girl Michelle from Just Wild About Teaching!  She will be posting more pumpkin pics, so stop by a little later to see them!

Besides painting pumpkins, we've been decorating up a storm in and out of our room!  Take a look at some of the projects we've completed over the last few weeks:
I share this bulletin board with Michelle {we're neighbors!}.  The ghosts with writing are hers, and the ghosts with legs are mine!  And if you're wondering why there are four dots and four exclamation points... it's because the letters weren't centered, and it was driving me nuts!!! Haha :)
I got the inspiration for these ghouls on Pinterest, but I never pinned it... now I can't find it again!  If these cuties are yours, pleeease let me know so I can credit you :)

We also made some adorable pumpkins thanks to Amy Lemons:
They're hanging along a clothesline in my classroom!
Frankie hangs on the other line:
No Halloween is complete without bats!  These projects line the walls outside of my classroom:
And last but certainly not least:
Monsters!!  These munchkins are from Miss Kindergarten {love her}!  I am decorating our door with the monsters for another contest.  They aren't done yet-- they still need teeth-- but boy are they CUTE!

That's it for my Halloween crafting!  I hope you enjoyed the tour :)
Hi friends!  I just got back from a weekend in New Hampshire!   I've been away from my computer since Friday {gasp!} so I'll be covering three topics tonight :)  Bear with me!

Did you notice my new blog design?  LOVE!!  Alicia from Dreamlike Magic hooked me up with a super fabulous new look!  Are you drooling?? Because I have been since she installed it!  Hehe :)

Before I went away, I had a sweet customer request.  I was inspired right away, and was able to start and finish my new craftivity pack on Thursday night!  You may have seen it on TpT already:
native american kids {a craftivity} is a mini unit that would be perfect to complete a Thanksgiving or Native American theme!  It includes the patterns to make a Native American girl and boy:
 ...half-page writing pages:
plus ABC order and word search sheets:
If you want to pick up a copy, head to my TpT shop!
Please let me know what you think!  I hope you love it! :)

And finally, onto my weekend in New Hampshire!  Have you heard of the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH?  Every year, the town tries to beat the record for the most Jack O'Lanterns.  I've been wanting to head up there for years, and we were finally able to go this year!  Here are some pics from my trip:
This is a HUGE tower of pumpkins!
Main Street was lined with pumpkins... they were everywhere!  I think there were almost 24,000 of them!
Matt and I near a covered bridge... there are tons of them in NH!  We also ended up going to Boston after the pumpkin festival due to a mix up at our hotel {long story}... it was a fun little getaway! :)  

Okay my sweets, if you made it all the way down here, be sure to leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win my new pack!  I'll pick a winner tonight before I go to bed!
Congrats to #57, Teacher Syl!!  Emailed ya! :)
When Nicole posted about the iFontMaker app for the iPad, I knew I had to give it a whirl.  I've always wanted to turn my handwriting into a font... and I finally did! :)

I'm in love!  I love to type with it!!  Case in point: my new unit, thankful turkeys {craftivity & printables}-- I used it on every.single.page. lol :)

I also added little dots to the above font:

So fun!!!

If you want to add these to your font collection {and 14 more!}, just click {HERE} to head to my TpT shop!  As far as TOU... use them on whatever you like {freebies, commercial}... just give a link back to my blog!  And of course, leave me some love below if you like 'em!!

I'm also super excited to announce that I'm getting a little blog re-design!  I love, love this design, but it was a premade template {so I'm not the only one with it}, and I think it's time for something personalized!!  I can't wait until it's done and installed :)

And last but not least...

I decided on and 75% completed my contest pumpkin:
But I can't show you just yet :)
Gobble, gobble!
Yes, you heard me right... I'm talkin' turkey!
I've been making these colorful little guys for years now, and thought I'd share with all of my friends!  I made a fresh sample and created some fun activities to go along with it.  Take a peek at some pictures from the pack:
And no craftivity is complete without writing prompts:
*turkey craft
*2 writing options
*2 write & draw activities
*word search
*roll and color game
*describe it activity
{Pages are available with primary and secondary lines.}
If you want to grab one {or learn more}, head to my TpT shop!  I hope you LOVE!
Please let me know what you think :)
Yesterday I posted about a pumpkin contest at my school.
{See my *winning* Spongebob pumpkin HERE.  Hehehe}
I mentioned that my pumpkin exploded last year...
Well, I found pictures!!!  I know you're super excited to see ;)

It was going to be a mouse or a bunny or something... clearly it wasn't done and never got finished!  I have no idea WHY it exploded {or imploded}.  I left it at school over the weekend and returned to the above mess on Monday morning.  Pumpkin guts were everywhere, and it smelled really bad.  And it smelled for DAYS.

Needless to say, I didn't win any awards last year ;)

And on a completely different note...
I made a little freebie.  It's a simple Candy Corn Roll & Color:
My kiddos love these, and I hope yours do, too!  Click the pic to grab a copy!
Every year, the PTO at my school hosts a pumpkin decorating contest.  My first two years, I threw something together last minute.  My fourth year, my pumpkin exploded before I had the opportunity to finish decorating it.   I was automatically OUT of the contest.  And my classroom smelled like pumpkin guts for days {it was BAD}.

But my third year... my third year, I ROCKED it.  I gave it my all, and I WON!!
Check it out:
Amazing, right?!  Haha I'm not too proud of it or anything ;)

After I spray painted the pumpkin yellow and let it dry, I spent three hours painting Spongebob's features.  {I really meant business that year.}  Then I painted an empty Scholastic box blue and peach, for the ocean and the sand.  I painted popsicle sticks blue and glued pics {that I printed and colored} of Spongebob's friends to the sticks.  Last, I drew some seaweed and attached it to the sides of the box.

It wasn't easy, but when we heard our name over the loudspeaker, my class went WILD, and it was so worth it!  We won a class pizza party :)

This week, we are getting our pumpkins to decorate.  I'm still up in the air about what I should make!  I've seen some great ideas while perusing the Internet... but I'm not in love with anything yet!  If you have any ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!!
My class is batty for... well... bats!

Ever since I started decorating for Halloween, one of my little boys has been begging me to make bats.  His idea spread like wildfire, and before I knew it, I had a whole class of firsties asking me everyday when we were making them!
I couldn't disappoint, so I pulled out an old bat pattern, spruced it up a bit, and threw together a few worksheets to go with it.  Here's one of the completed projects:
And another:
My batty display in the hallway:
The title says, "We're Batty About 1st Grade!"
Here's the other side:
If you have a mob of young ones begging you to make bats, or if you just feel like getting a little batty yourself, then be sure to pick up this little freebie from my TpT shop:
The download includes:
*bat pattern, pics, & directions
*five writing options
*"We're Batty About __" titles for:
Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th

Last but not least, here is a pic of a bat display I did a few years back:
Same batty concept! ;)

As always, please let me know what you think!  Especially if you grab a copy :)
I hope you love, love it!!

I've teamed up with some pretty AMAZING bloggers to create a new blog for YOU!
We would love to introduce our new blog to you...
Don't you love the name?! It will contain ALL FREEBIES for YOU!

But wait... the best part?  

It's only for PK-1st!! So, no more sorting through materials that aren't quite right for our young'uns! :-)

Please go follow us. You won't want to miss any FREEBIES!
Here are the SWEET authors that will be contributing!
Live Love Laugh
Kreative in Kinder
Mrs. Miner's kindergarten monkey business
Little Miss Kindergarten

Kindergarten Lifestyle

Kindergarten Smiles

First Grade Blue Skies
Sharing Kindergarten 

We are super excited about this, and we hope you are, too!!
There are already some great freebies up, so what are you waiting for?!

I have a fun Halloween freebie ready to go, and I will be putting it up tomorrow...
You won't want to miss it!  Stay tuned!!!
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