Hi there!  I was going to say, "Happy Tuesday," but then I realized...
It's Wednesday!  Phew! ;)

I broke out The Elf on the Shelf yesterday!  I planned on starting it the first week in December, but I felt my kiddos needed a little extra incentive right away!  Guess where he showed up?
Mmmmhm, right by the rules.  As a friendly reminder ;)

Shortly after we spotted the elf, the book arrived!  I had my friend deliver it to the classroom, wrapped in Christmas paper.  The kids were so excited!!  I read the book and then we started talking about names.  We narrowed it down to Tommy and Hudson:
It was close, but Tommy won!

Next we got to work on our elf journals.  I forgot to snap a picture, but the kiddos' drawings are precious!  Here is what the journal looks like:
{writing page}
Each day, we will record where "Tommy" ends up!
So far, my littles are lovin' it! :)

Tommy also comes with gifts... He left us the pieces to a little elf craft!  Funny how he knows me so well, isn't it?!  We completed it today:
"The elf was on the shelf because he wanted us to behave."
True, lol.
"We named the elf Tommy.  Tommy is from the North Pole."
Half true :)
"The elf is in our Sparklers jar."
True, again:

All of the elf activities above are from my unit, elf magic {craftivities & printables}.  You can check it out in my TpT shop!  There are tons of activities included, and you don't need an elf to do them!

Here are some other elf activities you might be interested in:
Elfed is a sight word game by Laura Martin.  I added it to our center rotation and my kiddos are begging me to play it again and again!  I'm also using activities from Mel D.'s elf unit-- my class loves the real vs. nonsense words activity!  You can click on the pics to view the products.

I'm linking up with Mel D. for her Elf on the Shelf linky!

Okay guys!  Cupcake, out! :)  I'll see you soon!!
Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!
Back to school for me tomorrow, after a little turkey break ;)
As I've said before, I. Can't. Wait. to decorate for Christmas!!
My house is done: tree & decor, outdoor lights, blow-up snowman.
I've also been workin' hard on products to share with my kiddos... and you!

jolly santa {craftivities & printables} includes the templates to make a super cute and unique triangle Santa:
As well as tons of fun printables:
If you want to grab one, or take a closer look, head to my TpT shop!

penguin pals {craftivity & printables} is a fun winter pack {it would be great to use in January!!} that includes the patterns for a pretty little penguin:
As well as penguin themed writing pages and printables:
To grab one, or learn more, head to my TpT shop!

 Remember, everything in my store is 20% off from now through Tuesday!  Enter code "cmt2012" on Monday and Tuesday for extra savings!!
Just poppin' in to say...
Wishing you a delicious, turkey-filled day with family and friends!
I'll be eating ALL day... first with my family, and then with my husband's! :)

Before I stuff my belly, I wanted to share two pictures with you...
Melt my heart!  One of my sweeties gave this to me before we left for Thanksgiving break yesterday.  I thought it was so sweet :)

We made these hats to wear to a little Thanksgiving feast at our school on Tuesday.  The kids looked just adorable in them!

Okay, I'm off!  Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble, gobble! ;)
Last year, my husband and I started our own family tradition of decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I seriously can't wait to get my house ready for the merriest of holidays!  The tree, the lights, the knick-knacks...

I also plan on decorating my classroom for Christmas starting next Monday.  I'm not wasting ANY time!!  We'll be making elves... and reindeer, too!
I've been making a version of this craft for years... in fact, my second post ever on this blog was about a bulletin board I made using the head :)  Check it out {HERE}.

I added this red-nosed reindeer into a fun little holiday packet:
reindeer games {craftivity & printables} includes the reindeer pattern:
...writing prompts, and some fun printables:
If you're interested in grabbing your own copy, or to learn more, head to my TpT shop and check it out!!  I hope you love it!! ;)

For a chance to win a copy, leave a sweet comment with your email address... I'll pick a winner later tonight!! :)
Congrats to #13, Patti!!
Today I'm linking up with Lyndsey, to share what I'm thankful for!

{1} I am thankful for my husband {and best friend}, Matt:
We've been married for a little over a year, and we will celebrate our eight year anniversary the day after Thanksgiving!  Yikes, that's a long time together! :)
Matt is funny, silly, loving, and supportive... he's my favorite!

{2} I am thankful for my family:
That's my daddy, me, Matt, my mom, and my brother, Stephen.  My family is seriously awesome!  They are my biggest supporters.  I can tell my parents anything!  My dad is hilarious and my mom is my shopping buddy :)  Stephen just turned 21 and he is one of my best friends, for real.  I moved only three minutes from home {literally, I timed it} so I can stop in whenever I want!!

{3} I am thankful for my friends:
Ashley and I refer to ourselves as sisters :)  We've been friends since 6th grade!  We live far apart {think: different countries}, but we always pick up where we left off.  When we're together, all we do is LAUGH!
This is Juli... she's my cousin, and best friend!  We like to get together for mani/pedis, chick flicks, and craft time :)
This lovely lady is my brother's girlfriend, and one of my besties, Ari.  She is crazy {like me} and crazy funny, too!
I met these beauties {Keri and Michelle} through my job and they have become two of my best friends!  I really don't know what I would do without them!

{4} I am thankful for my kittens:
Jack and Zoe are my babies!  I love them so much!  They are the coolest cats around, hands down :)

{5} I am thankful for my job:
Teaching IS greater than every.other.job.  I love what I do!!  Enough said!

{6} Last but not least, I am thankful for blogging and TpT!
I have learned so much through this adventure... I truly believe it's made me a better teacher!  I've also had the opportunity to "meet" some amazing and amazingly talented people through this online world :)  I was lucky enough to meet Hadar in real life:
She and I live on opposite sides of the country, but we text every.single.day.  We throw ideas back and forth and pretty much talk about anything.  Love her!

That about wraps up my thankful post!  I hope you enjoyed the pics :)
I'm working on some fun things for December, so check back soon!!
Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're feeling better than me-- I've been battling a cold :(  I hate to take sick days, but I needed to use one today.   I've actually been sleeping for almost 24 hours.  I woke up long enough to bring you this post, shower, and eat... then it's probably back to bed for this girl :)

Anyway enough about that!  I wanted to share a little Elf Magic with you!
I know it's a little early, but you know me-- impatient as can be!  Plus, I'm READY for Christmas!!!  elf magic {craftivities & printables} includes three craft options, creative writing pages, and more!

Let's take a little photo tour:
Elf feet!
Half elves!
Whole elves!

There are lots of fun activities included {here are a few}:
Plus I included activities for The Elf on the Shelf... for those of you who use that little guy:
To grab your own copy, or to learn more, just head to my TpT shop!

I hope you love it!!

You know the drill-- leave me a little comment love {with your email} and I'll pick a winner later! :)
Congrats to #17, Miss Sara! :)

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