Just Elfing Around!

Hi there!  I was going to say, "Happy Tuesday," but then I realized...
It's Wednesday!  Phew! ;)

I broke out The Elf on the Shelf yesterday!  I planned on starting it the first week in December, but I felt my kiddos needed a little extra incentive right away!  Guess where he showed up?
Mmmmhm, right by the rules.  As a friendly reminder ;)

Shortly after we spotted the elf, the book arrived!  I had my friend deliver it to the classroom, wrapped in Christmas paper.  The kids were so excited!!  I read the book and then we started talking about names.  We narrowed it down to Tommy and Hudson:
It was close, but Tommy won!

Next we got to work on our elf journals.  I forgot to snap a picture, but the kiddos' drawings are precious!  Here is what the journal looks like:
{writing page}
Each day, we will record where "Tommy" ends up!
So far, my littles are lovin' it! :)

Tommy also comes with gifts... He left us the pieces to a little elf craft!  Funny how he knows me so well, isn't it?!  We completed it today:
"The elf was on the shelf because he wanted us to behave."
True, lol.
"We named the elf Tommy.  Tommy is from the North Pole."
Half true :)
"The elf is in our Sparklers jar."
True, again:

All of the elf activities above are from my unit, elf magic {craftivities & printables}.  You can check it out in my TpT shop!  There are tons of activities included, and you don't need an elf to do them!

Here are some other elf activities you might be interested in:
Elfed is a sight word game by Laura Martin.  I added it to our center rotation and my kiddos are begging me to play it again and again!  I'm also using activities from Mel D.'s elf unit-- my class loves the real vs. nonsense words activity!  You can click on the pics to view the products.

I'm linking up with Mel D. for her Elf on the Shelf linky!

Okay guys!  Cupcake, out! :)  I'll see you soon!!


Molly Maloy said...

So cute!! I hadn't been planning on getting an elf for my classroom, but now I am very tempted too!!! I just don't know if I'll be able to keep up with finding a new spot for him every day!! Guess I'll have to start thinking of ideas!

Lessons with Laughter

Kristen said...

aw this is so cute!!! Not sure that it would fly in 5th, but you never know haha!

Unknown said...

Love the legs!
First Grade Blue SKies

Jessica Laurine said...

Our elf will be making his debut tomorrow. I was also going to wait but but my kiddos sure need an incentive..and what better incentive than treats from an elf!

Littlest Scholars is having a holiday giveaway!

Jessica Laurine said...

Our elf will be making his debut tomorrow. I was also going to wait but but my kiddos sure need an incentive..and what better incentive than treats from an elf!

Littlest Scholars is having a holiday giveaway!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Cupcake out!

Unknown said...

Hands down, you have the cutest art projects!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Laura said...

Love ALL your elf activities!! Thanks so much for the shout-out! I'm happy your kiddos like the game!! Love your cupcake out! :)
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Tanya Solano said...

Such a fun time! "Antonio" will be finding his way to room 5 on Monday. I'm heading over to find Laura's goodies too.
Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

so cute!! i just bought one and i can't wait to do these fun activities with my kids! :)

Busy Bees said...

Looks awesome, Teri. We just posted our fun unit, too. I am breaking mine out on Monday. Can't wait!!! Too many fun ideas!

Miss Nelson said...

Precious. YOu should totally link up to my Elf Linky party showcasing your pictures of where you elf ends up.

smoran892 said...

Is it horrible that I have never done elf on the shelf?!?? Your adorable pictures are making me want to try it out!!

Amazing, as always!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

vicky1970 said...

Hi Teri,
I bought your unit ( so cute btw ) and am getting my elf this weekend...can't wait!!

Stacy Johnson said...

These are adorable! I'm leaning more to Elf on a Shelf this year I think:)

Mrs Johnsons First Grade

Rachel Seymour said...

You are so creative! :)


Kelly Thigpen said...

Thank you for this fun unit!! Can't wait for my little ones to get their elf on!! I would love for you to hop on over and check out my new blog @ http://acreativeprocessforfirstgrade.blogspot.com/

Kelly Thigpen

Mel D said...

Thanks for linking up for the elfing around fun!
Mel D
Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Unknown said...

Our elf just came this week! It's a cute girl elf with a polkadot skirt :). My students named her Jingle Bella! So cute! I love your Elf on the Shelf activities! I'm for sure going to have to get those for my students!

Traci Clausen said...

Elfing around and cupcake out!!! You are so funny!!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I printed out all your Elf activities and we are ready to go. Thanks for a great packet.

The First Grade Princess

Mr. First Grade said...

Just found your blog through Farley's Currently... LOVE your elf on the shelf ideas! Will definitely be trying some... especially love the craft!

Mr. First Grade

Learning in Wonderland said...

Oh my gosh! How I have loved your file! Stop by and visit to check out some pictures when you can:)

Sra. Carro said...

Love your elfie post and elfie ideas! Your pics are amazing! I would love for you to link this post at my Elf Class Ideas Linky Party!!

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