Turkey Stuff {and Winners}

Happy Weekend!
I've been lazing around all day... just how I like it :)

This week at school my kiddos and I spent our free time trying to put Halloween away and get ready for Thanksgiving.  I thought I'd share some pics!
The turkeys and the writing prompt are from my thankful turkeys {craftivity & printables} pack, if you're interested in making them with your littles!  The pack also includes a bunch of fun Thanksgiving activities! :)

Most of our turkeys are hanging along a clothesline in my classroom, but I also put some of them on a bulletin board in the hall:
I've mentioned it before, but I share the bulletin board with one of my teaching besties, Michelle.  We always coordinate what we're going to put up!  This time, we're talkin' turkey :)

I have a second clothesline in my room, so I made some quickie pilgrim hats to hang {I really can't stand a bare classroom!!}:
My next project will be to decorate the walls outside my door.
We're always busy in my room ;)

Now for the winners of the Gobblin' Up Goodies Giveaway!
Prize Set #1: Marcie G.

Prize Set #2: Cherie K.

Prize Set #3: Amanda L.

Prize Set #4: Deanna S.

Girls, I will be emailing you shortly!
A big thank you to everyone who entered!!! :)


Miss Kindergarten said...

Gobble gobble!

Unknown said...

The Pilgrim hats are adorable! I can't stand a bare classroom, either!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

I am thankful to be following wonderful teachers like you! CREATIVE!

Amy said...

Cute (as always)! We're making turkeys on Monday. It's always interesting to see how the crafts of my little friends who can't follow directions turn out. We'll have turkeys and who knows what else by the time it's all said and done:)

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the bare classroom! It makes me crazy!! I love the turkeys & pilgrim hats! :)

Jen's Kinder Kids

Heidi said...

Your turkeys came out great :) And love the pilgrim hats!!! I hate having a bare classroom too. The more the merrier :)

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Unknown said...

Is it possible to get just your ten frames and dice? Love this idea for a different way to use ten frames for number recognition and comparison...lmayberry@bgcs.k12.oh.us

nilima said...

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