Decorating and Freebies!

Wow, it's December!!  Where does the time go?!  This week we have parent conferences, so I am in a mad rush to take down Thanksgiving and put up Christmas in time for the big day.  I decided to decorate my classroom door {inspiration}:
I love it!!  I think I just want to move that "X" down a little bit so it's more centered.  OCD :)

I also decorated one of my closet doors, inspired by Annie of The Moffatt Girls:
To make this, I cut out about 20 triangles from dark and light green construction paper and layered them on the door.  Then I put up a string of red beads with Scotch tape.  I covered the ugly taped areas with different colored "ornaments."  Then I put up the lights, plugged 'em in, and voila!  My kids are loving it!  I still have a lot more decorating to do, but I'll be sure to share when I'm done :)

Now onto the freebies!!  If you're looking for a TON of great ideas for the holiday season, then I know just the thing!  Some really great teachers came together to compile two books FULL of holiday tips and freebies:
Both books have freebies that can be used in PK-2, but since there were so many awesome ideas, they had to be split into two books.  My contribution can be found in the 1st to 2nd grade edition, and looks like this:
For my freebie, and a whole lot more, just head to TpT and download both books!!  A big thanks to Mrs. Miner for putting this all together!!


Unknown said...

Adorable! (as always!!)
First Grade Blue SKies

Unknown said...

I love your doors! I had plans of doing that reindeer door today but I ran out of time. Boo! Yours looks so great!

Jess said...

What an adorable door! I am going in early tomorrow morning to decorate my room! I'm glad the holiday cheer is in your room!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love your door!!! That is just too adorable!

Ms. Jessica said...

These are absolutely adorable!!!

Kristin said...

Your doors are ADORABLE!! I've always wanted to do that reindeer door . . . maybe you've finally inspired me!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! Those doors are adorable!

Diane R said...

Those doors are so cute! Can't wait to see your finished product!

Fifth in the Middle

Laura said...

Hey Teri, you can come decorate my classroom and I will pay you ok thanks... WOW. how freakin' cute is your door!!! You are sooo crafty and wonderful.. I wish I had more patience and time to think of these ideas!!! A++ ;) Hope you are well!!

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

Ideas like yours always make me feel exited and energized! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa R. said...

Your door is too cute for words!! You are such an inspiration!!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Teacher Gone Digital said...

LOVE your door decoarations! You've inspired me.
Teacher Gone Digital

Chase said...

your classroom is too darling! lucky students..
my husband and i are teachers through teach for america right now, so love this site! new follower of your cute blog!

Chase said...

whoops the comment above is from emi, i am signed into my hubby's account haha!

Unknown said...

Your door is adorable! I also love your freebie packet. What a great idea.

Sarah Paul said...

Your door is amazing! I want to decorate my door now! :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Barbara said...

Your door is gorgeous! I love it.
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Annie Moffatt said...

Oh Teri! I just LOVE your tree!! I know it would look darling!! And that reindeer stable is way too cute!! I ADORE you!!
The Moffatt Girls

Terri Paulson-Sasaki said...

I love the reindeer stable, so cute.

The First Grade Princess

cindi said...

WOw, great doors! We cannot celebrate Christmas as our school is very diverse and has many different faiths, I do try to do something that brings in the Magic of the season without the Santa and the religion. For the past few years I have done Gingerbread man stuff, but this year I am going to do fairies and elves..who leave messages for the kids about things they do well and things that need improvements. Anyone else who doesn't do CHristmas at their school, and if so, what do you do?

Mrs. Kerola @ Happy Literacy said...

I have been eyeing up that door decoration on Pinterest for a while. It's very cute. Great job!

Happy Literacy!

Mrs. M said...

Love, love, love IT!! :)

Color Me Kinder

Rikki said...

Your door is the cutest thing EVER!! Thanks for all the cute ideas!

The Hive

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