Snowman Ornaments!

Last year, I made snowman ornaments with my class as parent gifts.  They were a huge hit among the kiddos and their families, so I decided to make 'em again! :)  I just love them, and they are so easy to make!

Here's a peek at the final product:

If you want to make these little guys, here's what you need:
*a package or two of iridescent decorating shred
{I used 1 pkg for 22 ornaments}
*hot glue
*pipe cleaners
*pom poms
*clear plastic ornaments
*Sharpie paint pens in orange & black {not shown}
*pencil {not shown}

Pull apart enough decorating shred to fill the ornament.  You will need to stuff it into the ornament using something... I used the eraser side of a pencil.  Once filled, pop the top back on the ornament.  I actually did this part for my students because it was just quicker.

Next, have your kiddos come up one-by-one or in small groups to draw a nose, eyes, and mouth onto the snowman with the Sharpie paint pens.  You can also add student names and the year to the back of the ornament.
The last step is to hot glue the earmuffs to the ornament.  This is certainly a job for you... just let your littles choose their colors!  To make the earmuffs, cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue the ends to either side of the ornament.  Then glue the poms over the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Once completed, your little snowmen will need a place to call home {aka: a gift bag}.  I picked up some snowflake cello bags from Dollar Tree and popped the ornaments inside.  Then I attached a gift tag that reads, "I love you SNOW much!"
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I'm off to finish my Christmas shopping!  Have a great night!


Miss Kindergarten said...

Snow cute!!!!

msjonesjunction said...

Oh I Love your ornaments!! This will definitely be on my to do list for next year!! I started my Christmas vacation at 3:00pm this afternoon!! It feels so good!!!
Ms. Jones’ Junction

Miss Sara said...

Too cute! Love the earmuffs!

Miss Elementary

Just A Primary Girl said...

Such a great idea. I did it last year with my two year old when you posted. :)

Busy Bees said...

Too cute! Good luck finishing your shopping!

Rachel Lamb said...

those look so good with the iridescent stuffing! So making these next year! though we finished the grinch ones today and they are to die for!

Unknown said...

Love the snowmen!!

Christina Marie said...

SO CUTE! I love them!

Christina :)
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Unknown said...

Definitely doing this one next year!!! Wish I found it sooner!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Rikki said...

I just went and bought all the stuff to make these tomorrow! They're so stinkin' cute. The hardest part was finding the clear bulbs. I could only find them at JoAnne's and they're tiny ones. I wish I could have found the large ones. Oh well the mini's are cute too!
The Hive
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Michelle Hudgeons said...


vicky1970 said...

Hi Teri,
Those are so super cute. Last year for the parent helpers I made something kinda similar except they were smaller and on their heads was a baby sock. It felt funny buying baby socks after all these years. :o)
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Sarah Paul said...

Those are amazing! I want one for myself! :) Maybe next year I can plan ahead and make those. I bet parents LOVE them! How much time did they take? I'm also not the best with a hot glue gun. Yikes! ha, ha. I'm having issues with googledocs too. I think it has something to do with it switching to google drive? I can do it at school as long as I'm using crome, but not on my home computer (because I can't use crome on this computer). SO annoying! If you figure it out, please let me know. :)

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Unknown said...

These are so CUTE!!!! If I was not trapped in my house in the middle of a blizzard I would be heading to walmart to find some supplies!! Thanks for the details on how to make them!!

Amy @

Angie said...

I love these SNOW much!!!!! ;) I had a big gingerbread man ornament mishap this year----I'm totally adding this to the books for next year! Gonna stock up on the after Christmas sales and hopefully remember where I put them next year!

Thanks for sharing!
Rulin' The Roost

Nicole said...

I wish I would have seen this earlier. I will have to remember this next year, thanks!

Unknown said...

I made these this year, too! The first day, the students wrote their name on the bottom of the plastic ornaments. I used a cardboard ornament box to store them in the classroom. The next day, the students drew the face with paint pens. The third day, I used "snow" to fill each ornament a third of the way, so it was more like a snowglobe. The students earned the number of scoops of snow by behavior the previous week. (Of course, I adjusted the size of my scoops so no one would know they were all the same.) Using a funnel and a stir stick from Starbucks (it has a nice round ball on the end), the students swirled and pushed the snow into the plastic ornaments. I hot glued the top on. Students selected the earmuffs and pipe cleaner (pre-cut), and I hot glued those as well. We decorated paper lunch bags as gift bags so the ornaments would be a surprise for their families. Love your tag!!

Diary Of A Savvy Teacher said...

This is just adorable!! I will have to try this next year! Love Love Love!!

Lisa Mattes said...

Absolutely adorable!!! On my list for next year for sure!!!
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Suzy K said...

We make these in my class too. But to let the kiddos do it all by themselves I have discovered this great new 3-in-1 glue at the craft store. It is in a clear bottle, and it is applied like regular glue from the tip. But it comes out thick and clear like hot glue. It is just as strong! This way the kids can do it themselves. I am a huge crafter and hot glue user and now I have switched to this for all my kid crafts! It is amazing. Works like hot glue but is not hot.

Keeping Up With First Grade said...

I'm in love with your blog and your ideas! I wish I would have seen this post prior to Christmas, but can't wait to make these next year. Blessings to you in the new year! I'm your newest follower.

Keeping Up With First Grade

Jennifer Weworski said...

I loved this idea and my class had a great time making them. Instead of the cellophane shred, I used copy paper and ran it through my shredder.Worked great and the best part was that it was FREE!

Long 2nd grade said...

Thank you so much for this awesome ideA! could I please get the tags that go with it. You can share them through google drive if you would like. Thanks

Judy said...

Adorable ornament! Adding this to the list! Thanks for the directions! Can you send me the tag via email?

Unknown said...

I love this little saying!! My class made something similar last year but I love your little tag! Please add me to your list of people to send the tag to.


Unknown said...

I love these ornaments. Will be doing these in my daughters class next month. Can you please email me the tag? shorty_by_na8ture Thanks for the idea!!! :-)

Laura said...

I love these. where do you buy the iridescent decorative shred?

Patricia said...

Awesome idea! Love that you explain everything in detail and even provide the cute card! Doing this for my prek class this year! Thanks

Patricia said...

Love this idea!! It's awesome that you explain it all in detail and provide the cute tag!
I'm definitely doing this for my prek class this year!

Janice said...

I made these for my Grandchildren in 2015 and they were a huge hit. I try to make their ornament every year and this one was so easy and the instructions were clear and the supplies easy to obtain. Thanks for the great idea. Wish I could post a picture a picture for you to see them.
Janice Nowlan

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