My Must Haves!

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a good day at school today :)
I'm poppin' in to share some of my teacher favorites...
the things I use {and LOVE} almost every day!

This first one shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who follows my blog:
A hearty supply of construction paper!  There's nothin' like wanting to do a craft with your littles, and not having the right piece of paper for the job ::shudder!::  I always need a full stock of different colors on hand!  

My second must-have also has to do with crafting ;)
Craft punches!  I acquired all these punches while I was wedding planning.  I used the big ones for labels, and the smaller ones for confetti:
Now I use them for crafting with my kiddos!
{See all those perfect circles?!}

Another item I NEED:
B&BW mini hand sanitizers!!  I have one attached to each set of keys {classroom & home} and I have mini sanitizers in all my bags.  Even hubby has a bottle or two in his car {manly scents, of course}.

Then there are the markers:
Who doesn't love a new, fresh Mr. Sketch marker?!

And the pens:
These PaperMate blue-ink pens are my absolute favorite pens!  I like the way they write {and make my handwriting look super-fab, haha}.

This next puppy is a favorite that I highly recommend:
A personal laminator!  It's so nice to be able to laminate whenever I want.  I've actually been meaning to get a second one for my classroom!  I ordered this one using some of my Scholastic points.

And the last thing on my list of must-haves might be the best:
Chocolate!  I have a sweet tooth, so I do allow myself a piece of chocolate {or two} a day.  I don't like coffee and I also don't drink much soda... so for me, the chocolate is a pick-me-up!  And a delicious one at that!

So, what are YOUR teacher must-haves? :)


Laura said...

You are too cute!! I love all of your must-haves... I actually have the same laminator as you too ;) I LOVE scented/smelly markers/stickers/stamps!! They are my FAVS and they make my 4th graders happy since they know I use them on special occasions.. I also cannot live without cardstock! I always get it at Michael's when there is a deal or coupon, but it works for "nicer" cards AND for printing out important writings or bulletin board ideas!! XOXO

Unknown said...

Hi Teri...I have stalked your blog for quite some time...LOVE it here!! then I realized I never became a follower,...What in the world!!! I have NO IDEA how I did that. So...Hi :) I'm your newest follower :)

Hope you had a nice new year :)


Diving Into Learning said...

I love my Mr. Sketch markers and my laminator!

~Diving Into Learning

Doodle Bugs said...

peanut butter m&m's! yummy! i don't do sodas or coffee either.. so it's ok, huh?

Sara said...

My personal laminator, Mr. Sketch markers, file folders, Flair pens!

Anonymous said...

I need my easel, skinny crayola markers, and Sarasa purple pen.

Everyone DeServes to Learn

Shelly Sitz said...

Craft punches for large circles is an excellent idea!
I didn't know they made them that large. I will have
to go and get some.


Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

The Daily Alphabet said...

My iPad, personal laminator, milk duds and sweet tea

AngelaThe Daily Alphabet

Buggy for First Grade said...

I love Mr. Sketch markers, my new circle punches I got for Christmas, and chocolate.
Buggy for First Grade

Mrs. Hilyard said...
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Mrs. Hilyard said...

There's no Thirty-One bag on your list!!! I don't know what I'd do without mine!

Becky said...

Great must haves! I would not have thought of using craft punches for classroom projects. What a great idea!

My must haves are not as cute, but here they are:

Staple remover
Stickers- I give out tons!
Sticky notes- for myself and the students to use to record their thinking while reading.
Water- for when my voice starts to quit on me in the middle of a lesson.

Compassionate Teacher

Erica Bohrer said...

I have two laminators and it is the best thing! I actually laminate more at school now than at home. Laminating is just AMAZING and makes me happy.

angie said...

I love my laminator, scented markers, gel pens, Nivea lip stuff and fabulous co-workers!

Sarah said...

I would have to say my laminator is the best thing my fiancé ever bought for me...besides the ring of course! ;) I just used it tonight too! Need more sheets though! Haha


Busy Bees said...

I would have to say my laminators. Yes, I did make it plural. I have learned to run 2 sometimes 3 at a time to be more efficient! I also love my scented Mr. Sketch markers...both fat tipped and large tipped.

Liz said...

I definitely agree with the Mr Sketch Markers. Those things are seriously the best! The bright pink one is my favorite - it smells sooooo good!
Teaching in the Valley

Mrs. Sommer said...

I love my laminator too! I have the same one and I bought it at BJ's for $25! Can't beat that!

Unknown said...

My must haves:

1. My Mac Book
2. Multi-colored dry erase markers
3. Smelly Markers
4. My coffee in the morning
5. A Diet Coke at lunch

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. Griffith said...

Ahh! Love some of your must-haves...definitely a BIG fan of Mr. Sketch markers and the laminator. I claim both. I use the G2 pens, they make me love writing! And you are a genius to think about a punch for perfect circles! On my list to purchase!

For the Love of First Grade

Unknown said...

Your Must-Have list is awesome. My must have list probably needs to include my laptop and a paper-cutter. Someday I'll get my personal laminator. :)
School Safari

Unknown said...

Diet Coke, diet coke and more diet coke... haha. Thanks for sharing your list. It was so fun learning a bit more about you! I have to say I am super jealous of your laminator!

Kindergarten Kidlets

Brenda G. said...

I just bought a laminator and now I don't know how I lived without it!

My other must-haves would be: colored ink pens, my set of Sharpie highlighters (in all colors!), and colored copy paper.


Unknown said...

I am right there with you on the construction paper. And the personal laminator!!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Unknown said...

I have to have my personal paper cutter, Sharpies, and Cherry Coke!

The Reinspired Teacher

Unknown said...

My must haves are sooo similar, chocolate , a given, markers, paper, I love sharpies! And I love using foam kids think they are so awesome especially if they sparkle, another must....your blog! Thanks!

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

I LOVE Smelly Markers! Did you know they make pens now too? They are just as amazing!

Did you also know that if you smell the yellow and orange together it is Fruit Loops! Hehehe! I really love Smelly Markers!

Jen from Simply Kinder

Unknown said...

What the heck! I have been stalking you for a long time too and just realized I was not a follower. Just fixed that and now I am your newest follower!

Must have...along with my supply of construction paper and punches (I have those circles in different sizes), I MUST have a paper cutter!

I subbed in a room with one and thought it was such a great idea that was the very first thing I bought with budget money. The only sad thing is the cutter I have is so old they don't make cutting strips that fit it anymore. :( I had to buy a new one and I don't like it quite as much. But I use mine ALL. THE. TIME.

Terri Izatt
<a href="

Molly Maloy said...

I love colored construction paper!!! You have lots of beautiful colors!!! Also, probably not a good thing that I saw your Twix... now I want to go out and get some for my classroom!!

Lessons with Laughter

Rachel Lamb said...

I FINALLY started buying punches! I have the scallop circle and the 1" punch. what life savers! I got Mr. Sketch markers, ticonderoga pencils, and crayons for xmas! You know you are a teacher when....right!?

Sarah Paul said...

I am trying to convince my husband that I "need" a laminator of my own. :) I really, really want one! I do so much laminating that I start to feel guilty. I try to be really discrete about the huge amount of laminating I've done when I scurry back to my classroom. I also LOVE those smelly markers. I have to have those too!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Darling Little Learners said...

I just did a post about my must haves and I love reading what other people can't live without. I definitely recommend that laminator as well. I only wish it were bigger. It's amazing!

Darling Little Learners

Jill Sloothaak said...

Mr. Sketch smelly markers are FOR SURE one of my teacher must-haves!! And pockets charts in all sizes!

abcs and polkadots

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