On Monday night I went to bed at 8pm with a migraine, and woke up with it still {STILL!} on Tuesday morning.  I had to call out sick, which I don't really like to do, but my head was pounding!  While I was sleepin' the day away, my students were VERY productive.  So when I went in today, I had to strategically spread out what was left of the week's work... and with our extra time we extended centers, and learned a great deal about Dental Heath.  But still, there was space to fill at the end of the day!

So what did we do?

We decided to start the forbidden birthday celebration early!
Don't mind the big rectangle over that last sign... just trying to obey the rules ;) 

Got somethin' to celebrate this week {or next}?  Maybe this will help!
Click on the pic to head to my TpT shop! :)
Time really flies, doesn't it?!  March is right around the corner!  As in, this week!  It's time to get a little green and start preparing... so I put together a little centers pack to help me {and hopefully you!} plan for the month ahead:
I've included 6 centers in feelin' green march centers {literacy & math}... 3 literacy, and 3 math!  Here's a preview of what's inside:

*Leprechauns ~ make new words
*Over the Rainbow Rhymes ~ match cards to find rhyming words
*Lucky Charms ~ read and sort real/nonsense words

*St. Patty's Roll & Cover ~ practice doubles, doubles plus 1, and adding 10
*Pot of Gold ~ 10 more/10 less or 1 more/1 less
*Lucky 17 ~ sort addition & subtraction problems {greater than/equal to/less than 17}

If you want to check out feelin' green march centers {literacy & math}, head to my TpT shop!!  I'd love to hear what you think!!  I hope you love 'em! :)

Before I let you go, I wanted to remind you of a fun freebie that I put up in my shop last year!  It's a cute little treasure hunt that was inspired by The Crafting Chicks.  I just made it classroom-friendly:

Grab your copy {HERE} and take a look at my original post about it {HERE}!

And if you made it all the way down here...
Leave some love with your email addy below for a chance to win my new pack!
I'll choose a winner tonight! :)
Congrats to #23, Christine!
Happy Saturday!!  This is going to be a quickie, because I have to get ready for a mini girls' night at my house!  I spent my morning {okay, afternoon} recreating a craft that I've been getting a lot of requests for lately... take a look:
The cake is back!  I changed up the color scheme a little bit, and I added completely different worksheets with APPROVED graphics... no violation of copyright, here!
If you're interested in grabbing this little pack for a certain special something coming up really soon, or if you just want to learn more, head to my TpT shop!

I'd love to hear what you think!! :)  Have a great weekend!!

I linked this post up with Stephanie and other FAB teachers who are obeying the rules as we celebrate reading! ;)  Check it out!
Everyone needs a break!
And although I might be on a week-long break already... hehe
I'm joining my sweet friend Reagan for a Hall Pass linky!!
The letters in "PASS" stand for the categories I'll be chatting about!
Let's get started, shall we? :)

 My favorite product right now has got to be my newbie, whimsical weather {craftivities, printables, & more!}  I am SO proud of how it turned out, and it's my first BIG, all-inclusive unit!
It includes everything I need to teach my babies about weather!  I am pumped to start printing & laminating the various parts this week, so I can jump right into it when I get back to school next week!!

It's hard to pick my favorite spot in the classroom... because I really do love my room!!  But if I had to choose, I'd narrow it down to two spots.  The first is my teacher nook:
I have a little alcove in my room where I created my space.  My computer is on the desk below the TV so I can just spin in my chair when I'm working on plans/grades, and most of the supplies I use daily are in my drawers, or those colorful bins.  I can also see everything from this spot, so when I do get to sit {which is not often, lol} I am still right in the center of what the kids are up to.

Speaking of the kids... my other favorite spot is the reading corner:
My kiddos LOVE to sit and read here!  I found the disc chairs and the chevron rug at Big Lots in the summer.  Surprisingly enough, my students never argue over the chairs.  They each take turns!  It's nice to see that :)

I have quite a few signals that I use in my classroom.  One of my go-to signals is to clap: "clap - clap - clapclapclap" and my students repeat the pattern back to me.  Usually one time is enough, but sometimes I need to repeat it a second time before everyone is clapping with me.

Another thing I'll say is "Let me see my Super Students!"  My littles know that Super Students sit with their feet on the floor, bottoms in their chairs, face forward, with their hands folded & lips closed.  As I see Super Students, I'll call them out, "Oh wow, so-and-so is definitely a Super Student!"  Everyone wants to be named, so they all quickly get into form.

And last, I bought a bell from Pier 1:
Not only does it look fabulous, but it does the trick!  A little "ding ding ding!" from the bell and my kiddos are all looking & listening!

I'm lucky enough to work with two girls who have become my best friends.  When I need a sanity check I just go to them, and vice versa!  Lunchtime is also a great time to relax.  There are five or six of us who eat lunch together everyday, and it's 40 minutes of laughter and fun! 

I also like to stay after school for a little while after I dismiss the kids.  It's the ultimate quiet time!  You might think, why not just go home?!  Well, I like to clean up the day's mess, so I can come back to an orderly classroom the next day.  I also like to get to the things I couldn't {like filing papers or entering grades}.  This way I can start fresh each day... it makes me happy :)

That concludes my Hall Pass!  I hope you enjoyed it :)  To link up, or read more from other teachers, head to Reagan's!!
Hi everyone!   Whether you had off today or not, I hope it was a good one!  Don't be mad at me... but I have off the rest of the week, too! ;)  It's a much needed Winter Break!  A few things I plan on doing: sleeping, shopping, officially changing my last name after a year-and-a-half of marriage...

...and creating!  I have a big to-do list!  I want to update some older craftivities, as well as finish a centers pack for March, and make some new crafts {of course}!  I already checked one item off my to-do list:
My first project, catch a leprechaun {a writing craftivity}, is complete!  This little pack comes with the patterns to make two crafts:  A leprechaun stuck in a pot of gold...
Or a leprechaun stuck in his own hat!
As well as the craft patterns, this unit includes 11 pages of differentiated planning & writing sheets, like these:
If you want to grab a copy, or to learn more, head to my TpT shop!
I'd love to know what you think!  I hope you love it! :)

For a chance to win a copy, leave a comment below {don't forget your email address}! I'll pick a winner later tonight :)
Congrats to #2 Dawn & #15 Lindsey! And thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments!!!
Busy, busy, busy!!  That's the best way to describe Valentine's Day in my classroom!  Tired, tired, tired!!  That's the best way to describe me tonight!

My day started by putting together these bubbly Valentines for my littles:
Total cost: less than $10!  The bubbles came in a pack of 24 from Target, and there were four different colors in the bag:
I used glue dots to attach the bubble wands to the cards... which I printed on white cardstock.  I love how they turned out!!

When my kiddos arrived at school, we got right to work creating!  We made the most adorable treat bags to hold our Valentines:
This cute idea came from Darling Little Learners!

And we made sweet Valentines for our families:
My kiddos got a kick out of this craft!  Especially once I explained the pun... twice ;)  The gumball machines are from my pack valentine, i "chews" you! {a craftivity}.

Next, we worked on some Valentine's Day math!  I filled up little heart containers with conversation hearts:
I handed them out to the kids, along with graphing and sorting worksheets courtesy of A Teeny Tiny Teacher:
Of course, the candy bags I bought didn't have white hearts... they had blue instead!  But we made it work :)

We also had a snack-filled class party, watched Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, read many Valentine's Day books, and completed an activity with some big kids.  Like I said... today was BUSY! :)

In other news... look what my hubby sent me!!
Two dozen red roses!  He also got me a Pandora bracelet... which I've already been wearing for a week {we went to the store together lol}:
So far I have a cupcake {for obvious reasons!}, a giraffe print glass bead, the key to hubby's heart, a zebra glass bead, a horseshoe, and a little giraffe charm!  I never thought I wanted a Pandora bracelet until I bought my brother's girlfriend a charm for Christmas... when I was at the store, I fell in love!  Now I love to admire it! :)

Hubby is on his way home... we're going to cook dinner and rent a movie.  I'm 100% happy with a relaxing night at home!  Whatever you're doing tonight, I hope you have a HAPPY and SWEET Valentine's Day!!!  XoXo!!
When we do activities with our class, we usually send the final product home for students to share with their families.  But sometimes the final product is just so cute that you want to keep it forever and ever!
That's what happened when, last week, we completed Love is... writing prompts.  My students' answers were so darling that I knew I wanted to keep them in the classroom for all to admire.  So, I decided to make a Love is... class book and put my new binding machine from My Binding to the test!
Using the machine is very easy if you read the directions!  First, you have to punch holes in the pages of your project:
Then, place the comb into the correct spot, and wind it open.  Once open, put the project pages face down onto the comb:
This part took me much longer than it should have... mostly because I didn't read the directions, used a comb that was too small {twice}, and tried to load too many pages at once. Talk about being impatient, haha!  But now that I know how to do it, it really is SO EASY!

Once the pages are loaded onto the comb {which should take anyone other than me about 30 seconds}, you simply wind it shut.  And voila!  Your project is done!  If you want to learn more about this machine, check it out {HERE}!

Here are a couple pages from the book:
Love is when my mom makes me hot chocolate and my dad makes me macaroni.
Love is when my mom gives me a kiss when I go to sleep.
Love is when my mom lets me play soccer and X-Box 360.

  I can't wait to bring the book to school tomorrow, so my littles can admire their beautiful work!!    And speaking of work... I have cupcakes to bake and Valentines to make!  Have a Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!!
Can you feel it?  LOVE is in the air!  That's why I'm joining the gals over at Freebie-licious to fill your hearts... with freebies!!!
Grab my freebie below, then follow the link to the next, and the next... until you collect all the sweet treats! :)

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, my class and I have been working on lots of love themed projects!  One of my favorites is a repeat from last year using the book Love, Splat and a cute craftivity inspired by one I saw on Amy's blog!  I used a writing prompt from a book: Love is...
*Love is the journey not the true feeling.  {From a 7 year old!!!}
*Love is when my dad makes me pancakes and when we watch movies together.
*Love is when my teacher throws us a party. {hehe}
*Love is when you give your sister a hug.

I put these cuties on my door, with a BIG title:
I tried to get a pic of the whole door, but they weren't coming out right.  You get the idea!! :)

I really love the answers that my firsties came up with, so I want to turn them into a class book...  Enter the freebie!
This is one of three covers offered... and here are two writing examples:
I'll be making these with my kiddos this week!  If you want to make a *lovely* class book of your own, grab your freebie {HERE}!!

Now go fill your heart at Miss Kinder's blog :)
If you're still here... I wanted to let you know that I decided to bundle my fonts!  I added 8 new fonts to my collection, and put them together with the previous 8... for a total of 16!!  They're now available in my TpT shop!  Here's a look at the new ones:
Click the pic if you're interested in learning more! :)
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