Bee Mine!

The snow is really coming down outside!  I think we could get anywhere between 12-18"... the biggest snowfall of this season.  Because of the blizzard we had a 1:00 dismissal, and eight of my students were absent.  I didn't want to test or start anything new with that many kiddos out, so I made it a fun half-day for the 13 that came to school... and now I'm curled up on the couch in my jammies, catching up on The Young & the Restless :)

Anywho!  This week we completed a direct drawing activity!  Take a look:
I love how each of the drawings has its own personality!
And here is my example:
I think my littles did a great job!!  :)

And completely unrelated to bees or school... I just saw a commercial for The Walking Dead.  It's back on Sunday!!!  Who's excited?!?  ME!!

Ahem... :)  Have a great weekend, and stay safe in the snow!


Miss Kindergarten said...

This is so precious!!

Erin said...

Those bees are adorable. I really need to do some directed drawings in my classroom. Where do you get your ideas from?


Unknown said...

This snow storm is CRAZY! I am in Rhode Island in the 18"-24" range! Ahhhh! Be safe! :-)

Meet Miss Parker

Natalie said...

Love those cute bees! And I'm super, super stoked for Walking Dead!!!

Teachery Tidbits

Learning in Wonderland said...

I love how each bee has it's own personality! So adorable! I wish we had snow days here in AZ! We have heat advisory days which are no fun. All day long in doors with NO outside time.
Learning In Wonderland

Becky said...

Cute bees!

We are in the 8-12" range here in New Jersey. It will be interesting to see how much we really get.

Stay safe in the storm!

Compassionate Teacher

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

Cute, Cupcake! STAY WARM. xoxo

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE the bees! So super cute!
You always have the cutest stuff!!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Lisa Howard said...

I CANNOT wait for the walking dead! (and cute bees)


Briawna said...

The Walking Dead!!! yes!!!

Michelle Griffo said...


Darling Little Learners said...

I wish we had snow days, but considering I'm afraid to drive in the snow, that would probably not be good. I'm okay with my Arizona weather. What a cute drawing activity. I bet your kids were un-BEE-lievably excited. Haha, sorry I couldn't resist.

Darling Little Learners

Amy said...

Those bees are super cute! Love them!

Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

Unknown said...

We got about 18 inches here in VT and the hubby and I spent our "snow day" having a Walking Dead marathon on Netflix.. almost done with season 2!

Ms. Emma's Edventure

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