The time has come for another Currently!

*My husband turns on ESPN and then leaves the room.  The remote is on the other end of the couch.  Come on!!

*I've been working nonstop on a new weather unit!  Whenever I think I'm done, I get a new idea!  But I should for real be done tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited about it!!  And of course there are crafts involved......

*Sometimes you feel like chewing gum, and sometimes you don't?

*Do you get time off in February?  I do!!  9 more days...!

*A shower is my next move.

*I was actually just thinking about this pet peeve today!!    I was behind another car, and we both made right-hand turns onto a two lane street.  The other car turned into the right lane, and I turned into the left.  There was no one in front of either of us.  Then the other car switched into my lane for no reason before I could really go anywhere, and IT DROVE SO SLOW.  Why?!  ::Sigh::

And that's my Currently for the month!  Be sure to link up with your own, or check out the others on Farley's blog!!


Learning in Wonderland said...

Slow drivers seem to stalk me. Drives me insane! I can't wait to see your new unit! I'm already getting excited about the craftivities!
You get time off in February?? Oh man! I wish ;)
Learning In Wonderland

Saddle Up For 2nd Grade said...

I found your blog through February's Currently! I am with you...I HATE slow drivers! Why didn't I think of that for my pet peeve?!? I too and jealous that you have time off in February. How many more days until Spring Break?!? I'm your newest follower!

Erica said...

I almost put slow drivers as my pet peeve too! I can't stand when people drive slow, and they always need to pull out in front of me! It irritates me so much. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Blooming In First

Vanessa said...

Winter break?? I am so jealous!! I'm counting down the days until my Spring Break...

...wishing I had a winter break...

Kindergarten Schmindergarten

Emily said...

Drivers bug me too... Realizing that lots of things bug me... Here I thought I was so easy going!

Traci Clausen said...

Completely jealous over WINTER BREAK!
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Unknown said...

My pet peeve is slow drivers too, and like you people who cut you off for no reason.
Have a great Tuesday!

The Teaching Bug said...

My husband does the same thing...turns the channel and either falls asleep on the couch leaving it on some BORING game or leaves the room! Why do they do that?????

Natalie said...

We don't technically have a "winter break" but we do have a 4 day weekend in February! I think one day is for Presidents Day and the other is a furlough....but I'll take it!

Teachery Tidbits

Mrs. Griffith said...

Let me get this you have 2 weeks off at Christmas, a Winter break, and a Spring break??? If so, I am TOTALLY jealous!!!

For the Love of First Grade

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you on your pet peeve! Move over slow-pokes!!!

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