Where's Your Hall Pass??

Everyone needs a break!
And although I might be on a week-long break already... hehe
I'm joining my sweet friend Reagan for a Hall Pass linky!!
The letters in "PASS" stand for the categories I'll be chatting about!
Let's get started, shall we? :)

 My favorite product right now has got to be my newbie, whimsical weather {craftivities, printables, & more!}  I am SO proud of how it turned out, and it's my first BIG, all-inclusive unit!
It includes everything I need to teach my babies about weather!  I am pumped to start printing & laminating the various parts this week, so I can jump right into it when I get back to school next week!!

It's hard to pick my favorite spot in the classroom... because I really do love my room!!  But if I had to choose, I'd narrow it down to two spots.  The first is my teacher nook:
I have a little alcove in my room where I created my space.  My computer is on the desk below the TV so I can just spin in my chair when I'm working on plans/grades, and most of the supplies I use daily are in my drawers, or those colorful bins.  I can also see everything from this spot, so when I do get to sit {which is not often, lol} I am still right in the center of what the kids are up to.

Speaking of the kids... my other favorite spot is the reading corner:
My kiddos LOVE to sit and read here!  I found the disc chairs and the chevron rug at Big Lots in the summer.  Surprisingly enough, my students never argue over the chairs.  They each take turns!  It's nice to see that :)

I have quite a few signals that I use in my classroom.  One of my go-to signals is to clap: "clap - clap - clapclapclap" and my students repeat the pattern back to me.  Usually one time is enough, but sometimes I need to repeat it a second time before everyone is clapping with me.

Another thing I'll say is "Let me see my Super Students!"  My littles know that Super Students sit with their feet on the floor, bottoms in their chairs, face forward, with their hands folded & lips closed.  As I see Super Students, I'll call them out, "Oh wow, so-and-so is definitely a Super Student!"  Everyone wants to be named, so they all quickly get into form.

And last, I bought a bell from Pier 1:
Not only does it look fabulous, but it does the trick!  A little "ding ding ding!" from the bell and my kiddos are all looking & listening!

I'm lucky enough to work with two girls who have become my best friends.  When I need a sanity check I just go to them, and vice versa!  Lunchtime is also a great time to relax.  There are five or six of us who eat lunch together everyday, and it's 40 minutes of laughter and fun! 

I also like to stay after school for a little while after I dismiss the kids.  It's the ultimate quiet time!  You might think, why not just go home?!  Well, I like to clean up the day's mess, so I can come back to an orderly classroom the next day.  I also like to get to the things I couldn't {like filing papers or entering grades}.  This way I can start fresh each day... it makes me happy :)

That concludes my Hall Pass!  I hope you enjoyed it :)  To link up, or read more from other teachers, head to Reagan's!!


Unknown said...

OK, so I totally love your little alcove, it's so darling! Your bling ding is adorable, gotta get one!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Unknown said...

Yay cupcake! Thanks for linking up! I love your desk area! Too cute!

Halle said...

Your room is adorable! I love how it's not square {no pun intended}! I bought those magnetic bookshelves, and I am obsessed with them!

Thanks for sharing!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

The Writing Mama said...

Oh my goodness.. what a fabulous teacher nook! I must say, I have been obsessed over your rainbow chevron rug since I saw it a while back.. love it! I am definitely a little jealous that you have a 40 minute lunch.. I am usually packin the food in in my 18 minutes!

That's So Second Grade

Jessica Lawler said...

Your teacher nook is AMAZING! I am jealous of how clean and organized it is :)

I like your bell - I have one too, but it is not decked out and bejeweled :)

Happy Wednesday!
Joy in the Journey

Rachel Lamb said...

so cute! Why am I not surprised! I love the rug. I use my pottery barn rug from our house since we moved! It's like having my living room at school!

Primary Possibilities said...

Your areas are sooooo cute! We linked up too! I'm loving reading these hall passes.

Mrs. Griffith said...

First off, I LOVE the rug in your reading nook!!! Not only are you lucky to have a week off, but a 40 minute lunch...I've never experienced such a thing (except on teacher work days). You are one lucky teacher!!

For the Love of First Grade

Learning in Wonderland said...

I totally agree about that quiet time after the kids leave. I want to stay and enter my grades after school and get everything organized for the next day but it's something I have to work at. My BFF and I teach next to each other and we always get totally distracted after school. Not a bad thing at all when you think about it :)

I love your teacher area! It's so cute and it's a space for yourself.
I love your classroom pictures!

Andrea said...

Started really reading your blog today - I'm loving all the fun things and ideas I'm getting from you! My student teacher appreciates it too! Looking forward to more! - Andrea

Unknown said...

Whoa!! That teacher space is amazing! I had to go right to your other classroom pictures! Your room is so organized and big! I really need to learn from all you ladies that have this organization thing down! I have SO much stuff and SO little space to put it! I have your Whimsical Weather unit wish listed! I saw it when you added it and knew I had to have it!

Unknown said...

I'm totally jealous of your desk area! :) Love the chevron rug too... it is so bright and welcoming!
Tori's Teacher Tips

Unknown said...

I think I want to read a book in your nook area! So darling. So happy to find you through the Linky Party! I love how organized you are and believe me I understand when you need some QUIET time. I have four boys at home!!
Kindergarten Milestones

Just Wild About Teaching said...

Wish our lunch was longer! wahh


Lori said...

I love how cute and colorful your two areas are! I am sure the kids just love those chairs!
Conversations in Literacy

Jenn Bates said...

Your room looks so colorful and fun!
Finally in First

Unknown said...

I love the colors of these spaces. But would have to agree with the comment above...40 min lunch. I think I am jealous! How long is your plan/prep time period in your day?

Love to Learn said...

Oh my, how cute, colorful & cozy is your classroom? It looks so welcoming!

Love to Learn

Heather's Heart said...

I love how bright and cheery everything about your room is...your teacher nook looks like it would take up half of my room! =)

I know your room is such a magical, fun, and sweet place...just like you. =)

Heather's Heart

Sara said...

Um, I am obsessed with your crazy organized teacher nook. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Unknown said...

This is one great linky party.
Fonts 4 Teachers
Fonts 4 Teachers in TPT

Amy Swan said...

Your classroom is incredibly gorgeous!! Love that teacher nook!!!!

I popped over from the Hall Pass linky. I'd love it if you'd "sneak down the hall" and check out my Hall Pass post!!

Happy Teacher Heaven

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