Whimsical Weather {Craftivities, Printables, & More!}

Hi, Cupcakes!  I am happy to say that I am DONE with my new weather unit!!  I planned on having it out there before the big Sunday sale, but that obviously didn't happen... but I don't like to disappoint, so keep reading to see how I'm going to fix that ;)
At 75 pages, whimsical weather {craftivities, printables, & more!} is JAM-PACKED with goodies!  I am beyond excited to start this unit with my kiddos in just a couple weeks!

No unit {of mine} is complete without a craftivity or two:
Little ones will create this adorable weather scene!
hehe :)

Besides crafts, you'll find TONS of weather goodies in this pack!
Here are just a FEW!

Plus LOTS more!  whimsical weather also covers all weather topics: types of weather, wild weather, the four seasons, clouds, the water cycle, and meteorologists.  For a complete look at everything that's included in this pack, check it out in my TpT shop!

And since I missed having this baby done before the sale, I've listed it at a discounted price for tonight and tomorrow!  I hope you LOVE it!!  As always, please let me know what you think!! :)


Unknown said...

So cute!
First Grade Blue SKies

Katie said...

I absolutely love it!! We start our weather unit in March- perfect! :)

Smiles from 2nd Grade

Amanda said...

LOVE the weather unit! It is perfect for the time of year and I can't wait to put it to use! Thank you! :)


Learning in Wonderland said...

Just look at those craftivities! I especially love the eyes on the second cloud :)
Looks like another awesome file perfect for some upcoming lessons!
Learning In Wonderland

LadybugTeacher said...

wow, it looks fantastic Teri!!! You are crazy-creative!!

Michelle Hudgeons said...

How adorable are you!!!!

Michaela said...

This is so adorable!! Love your little song too. :)


Unknown said...

This is so cute Teri!

Rachel said...

Love it!

Jodi said...

This looks AMAZING!!!!!

Fun In First

Unknown said...

I just put this on my TpT wishlist!!

Kay said...

So cute! Your crafts are adorable! I just started a blog and was hoping you might follow. It is sweetkindergartenkiddos.blogspot.com


Elizabeth said...

So incredibly cute!! I wish I taught science...maybe I can come up with an idea for math??!!

Sarah said...

Really cute!! :)


Briawna said...

This looks soooo cute!

Unknown said...

Soooo Cute!!!

Jenni Taylor said...

This looks absolutely awesome! And I'm not sure who likes the crafts better - me or my kiddos!

KinderMyles said...

Such a cute graph. We are starting weather next week. We don't cover many topics in it but I love to vote on rain for a provocation because some kids think of storms and some of light rain adn they start realizing how different the weather really is. Definitely going on my list for next sale.

Miss Kindergarten said...

CUTEST weather craft I've ever seen!!!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

SOOOOO cute!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Annie Moffatt said...

ADORABLE! I have never seen such a cute and effective weather craft!
The Moffatt Girls

Unknown said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!


Kelley Dolling said...

I haven't been over in what seems like FOREVER . . . sorry friend. But, what a day to pop in for a visit. I love this pack . . . you are amazing :) Big hugs sweets!!!

Darling Little Learners said...

Very cute craftivities.

Darling Little Learners

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