Bunny Hop {a Craftivity} --Updated!

Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a nice weekend!  I've been stuck in bed/on the couch the whole time because I'm sick for the 12,931st time this year... what's going on with me?!  I don't know, but let's not dwell on that :)

Since I can't do much else, I decided to update my bunny hop {a craftivity} unit!
I spruced up the craft a bit {same patterns!}:
And I updated the writing pages, making them way easier to print:
I also added a can-have-need page and a describing page:
If you already own bunny hop {a craftivity}, then head to your "My Purchases" tab on TpT and download the update.  If you don't own it but want to check it out, just hop on over to my TpT shop!

Alrighty, I am off to do more nothing and hope the worst of this cold heads OUT before tomorrow.   Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


Halle said...

I've got a cold that I can't kick either! Feel better!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Tania said...

Feel better! Spring is around the corner :)
My Second Sense

Miss Kindergarten said...

Soooo cute!!!!!

Kristen said...

aw, feel better soon! Your craftivity is precious, as always!

Learning in Wonderland said...

I can relate :( Between me getting sick and my allergies, it never stops!I

I can't believe I didn't own this cute unit. I just purchased it :)

Feel better!

Jessica Lawler said...

Your Easter craft is Too Cute!

I feel ya, Teri - I'm on the couch in my pjs too! And it sure feels like the 39407583th time this year :)

Joy in the Journey

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates! Hope you feel better soon!

Swimming into Second

Traci Clausen said...

SUPER adorable!

Mrs. Leeby said...

Love this! Hope you feel better, hun!


Learning With Mrs. Leeby

Sarah said...

I've been sick too, blah! I hope you feel better soon!

This looks so cute!

Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Very cute craftivity. I will be out two days next week at a teacher conference in my state, and this might would be a cute activity to leave for my class while I'm gone.


Unknown said...

I hope you feel better! I love all of your craftivities! I bought your St. Patty's Day and President's Day packets. My kids LOVED both of them too.


Ms. Richards's Musings

Cindy Calenti said...

What a darling little bunny!

Granny Goes to School

Rikki said...

That is the cutest bunny! I love it!

The Hive

~DeAnne~ said...

So cute Teri!

Elizabeth said...

Feel better! Your Bunny unit looks very cute!
Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

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