If I Were a Bunny...

TGi{almost}F!  And not only that, but tomorrow is dress down day, too... you best believe I will be dressed as comfortably as possible!!  I'm thinkin' a velour tracksuit and sneakers! :)

As usual, we had some free time at the end of today to work on a fun writing craftivity.  I pulled out the pieces of my recently updated bunny hop {a craftivity} pack and we got to work!  Here is our completed display:
I super-duper LOVE how the bunnies turned out!!  My kiddos worked really hard on these, which makes me smile!
See the one in the green?  That's my little perfectionist friend! Check out his handwriting:
If I were a bunny, I would eat so many carrots and steal other people's carrots, too!
The girlie bunny with the mustache cracks me up!
If I were a bunny I would hop all day and play with my other bunny friends.
The next bunny isn't finished yet, but I wanted to share the prompt:
If I were a bunny, I would play tag and if I win I am going to get a carrots.
This little boy's writing has come SO far since the beginning of the year, and I'm very proud of him...  He did this all by himself :) :)  That's what it's all about!!
Hoppy Spring!! :)


Miss Kindergarten said...

So stinkin' cute!!!

Mikaela said...

These are super cute! Can't wait to make them next week with my class!

Unknown said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing this with us Teri!
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Michelle Griffo said...

I love how their ears curl a little bit...and that whole bulletin board shot is adorable~

Unknown said...

So cute! Great writers!

Live Love Laugh and Teach!

Unknown said...

adorable bunnies!! :)

Mrs. Griffith said...

I have a perfectionist friend too...who always takes forever I might add. Your bunnies look so perfect for spring!

For the Love of First Grade

Anonymous said...

I love your craft activities! They are so cute. I wish I had enough time to do all of them with my own class. :) Thanks for sharing your creativity with the rest of us!


Katie Lawson said...

Can't wait to make these! Very cute!

Learning in Wonderland said...

Your kids' handwriting is so neat! All of the bunnies are so adorable :)

Barbara said...

Very cute!

Grade ONEderful
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Alison Hislop said...

Soooo cute! We used your St Patty's Day craftivity earlier in the week - we loved it!

Thanks for your great activities!

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Mrs. Lynes said...

These are precious!!! Love them!

Traci Clausen said...

Simply adorable!

Tammy (ZivaDiva2010) said...

Love your if I was Rabbit writing.

Mary said...

I bought it and LOVE it! I even wrote a blog post featuring our super cute bunnies (thanks to you!)


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