Losing Your Chex Mix Too Easily?

Please forgive me, but this post is going to be quick... I am EXHAUSTED!  Hopefully you can use the following tip... which actually has to do with losing pencils, not Chex Mix. {I hope you know the commercial I'm referencing, or else I might just sound crazy comparing Chex Mix and pencils... anyways!!}

In my classroom, pencils are eaten lost all the time.  It's enough to have to deal with our community pencils disappearing {the ones in the "sharp/not sharp" buckets}, but I just can't take it when my center pencils are missing, too {the ones I keep in my center supply baskets}.  To help prevent this, I decided to label those pencils:
 I simply wrapped some decorative tape around the eraser-end of the pencils.  Now my kiddos know that the taped pencils MUST go back in the center bins!  They are not free for the taking!!  So far, so good :)

Okay, I did say this would be quick!  I'm off to pass out!  Sweet dreams!!


Shafer's Shenanigans said...

Wow! So simple, but such a great idea! I'll definitely be trying this.



Jessica Lawler said...

I do the duck tape too! It doesn't keep them all from disappearing, but definitely helps :)

Joy in the Journey

Unknown said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)
Tori's Teacher Tips

Unknown said...

What a smart idea! I liked how you striked through "pencils get eaten" lol...I've seen a few of those lol
-Lovely Nina

Love to Learn said...

I hear you, I have also been exhausted these past couple of days - luckily Spring Break is only days away! Love the idea of labelling center pencils - hopefully they'll last!

Love to Learn

Kristin said...

SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Unknown said...

A couple of months ago I had a similar problem. I just used a black perment marker to make a stripe on all of the pencils that were for centers. It is not nearly as cute as your idea though! I might have to borrow your idea.


Ms. Richards's Musings

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Great tip, Teri! It is crazy has fast pencils are used and/or go missing. And let's not even talk about the erasers - aaaahhhh!

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Molly Maloy said...

What a great idea!!! Definitely going to have to try this!

Lessons with Laughter

Unknown said...

DUH! I can't believe what a simple solution this is to such an ongoing problem! THANK YOU!

Jessica said...

That's such a smart idea!
The Learning Metamorphosis

Unknown said...

My student intern just started this tape idea with class pencils last week and I thought it was genious!! So clever, you two! ;)

The Learning Tree

Rachel Lamb said...

Pardon my french, but it pisses me off when they take my pencils! I buy ones that are obviously mine and still ended up wrapping a flag of duct tape on them!

Sheree Peterson said...

What a great idea. I'm putting the tape on my pencils tomorrow! Thanks

Rachel Seymour said...

I think pencils might be a first grade teacher's biggest nightmare!! :)


Growing Firsties said...

Love me some Ticonderoga pencils!!! And, LOVE that idea with the tape! You rock, girl!
Growing Firsties

fajrih said...

pencils are eaten LOL ... but great idea

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