Last year I introduced my monthly behavior calendars to you...  And now that this year is winding down, I've started to get requests for a new set!  I got to work this weekend and updated the calendars for the 2013-2014 school year!
These *freebie* calendars come with the behavior codes that I use at the bottom!  Please note that they are non-editable.

Over the summer I received many emails from sweet followers, asking if I could change a portion of the calendar.  I decided that this year, it might be easier to offer an editable version!
The editable calendars come in a PowerPoint document.  You can add text boxes over the empty box at the bottom, and over the calendar days as well!  If you're interested in this editable set, you can find them for purchase in my TpT shop!  I will continue to update this pack, so you can download new calendars for free once you purchase!

Aaand, last but not least... I also have an editable version of these calendars available in Spanish!  I also received requests for Spanish cals last year, so now I'm thinking ahead! :)
You can check these out in my TpT shop!  I will also continue to update this pack! :)

All calendars run from July 2013 to June 2014.

Hopefully, there is a behavior calendar for YOU in this post! :) :)
I'd love to hear from you!!

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Congrats to #8, Sarah!
Teacher-bloggers are taking over Instagram!
I'm linking up with Michelle & Rachelle to share the love...
Won't you join us??!
The idea is, on Tuesdays, if we all all use this hashtag, we will be able to search teachers near and far, and create a community that can support and grow together.  For your picture each Tuesday, choose anything that you want to share with other teachers.  They will be able to see your picture when you click on the phrase: #teachertalktuesday

Here is a little Instagram 101 via Michelle:
1. It is like Facebook, but with only pictures
2. You can make your profile private if you want
3. You can make write a caption under your picture and comment or like photos

I recently joined in the on the fun, and created an account for my little blog!
I must say, it's pretty cool!  We can post pics, comment, tag each other...

Here is my homepage:

Here are a couple of my favorite posts:

Join the party, and link up so we can easily search each other!
See you Tuesday on #teachertalktuesday!
...'nuff said.

For Fun Friday, we made Reagan's Rainbow Namebows!  We started by creating a gigantic list of adjectives, about 4 to 5 for each letter {except a few really difficult letters}.  Then, we put it all together!

My kiddos helped me make mine by shouting out the adjectives they wanted me to use.  My favorite of their choices: adorable :)  Love!

Yesterday I stopped in at Dollar Tree for my end of the year gifts.  I gave these krazy straw bottles to my group last year, with a packet of Kool Aid and a cute tag.  I had to do it again this year, because they loved them!  Back during the first week of school, one of my students from last year found me to show me that he had the bottle with him!  So sweet :)  Check out the completed gift {here}.

I spotted this plaque at Francesca's, and for $8, I had to have it!  I just *love* the saying!!  They are available on the site, as well as a CUTE chevron teacher mug that I just.might.need. next!

Check out what others have been up to this week, or link up!!

Have a great weekend!!! :)
My little firsties officially have the dreaded spring fever!  I knew pretty much when we returned from break that we needed a change, something new and fun to keep everyone motivated.

I am usually a card flipper, but I decided that it focused too much on negative behavior, and not enough on good behavior.  I've always wanted to give the clip chart a try, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  After talking with my Facebook friends and doing a little research, I realized I could do it!  Take a look at my new chart:
It's done in bright chevron... my favorite!  This chart has seven levels.  Everyone starts on Ready to Learn, and kiddos can move up and down the chart all day long.  Super Student is the TOP of the chart, and Parent Contact is the very bottom {we don't want to go there}!

I really want to encourage my kiddos to get to the top of the chart, so whenever students reach the Super Student level, they will earn a jewel on their clip.  When five jewels are earned, clips will be "retired" to the Hall of Fame.  A new clip will be issued, and the fun starts all over again!
I am always on my best behavior! ;)
I got the idea to frame the Hall of Fame from First Grade Glitter and Giggles!

And for even MORE motivation... I am awarding tickets to those students who end the day on green, or somewhere UP the chart.
Here's my ticket scale:  green = 1; blue = 2; purple = 3; pink = 4.  On Fridays, we will count up our tickets and visit my prize bins & binders to "buy" some goodies!

My babes will keep their earned tickets in these neat little pouches:
I went to Staples to buy something else and stumbled upon these on clearance... perfect!  AND they're in my classroom colors!  To ensure that the pouches stay clean and in one piece, I am keeping them in bins {sorted by table... six tables = six bins}.
I still have to add student numbers to the pouches, but other than that, my new behavior plan is complete!  Of course, I had to share, and I turned my clip chart into a little pack for you!  It includes the posters to make the chart, the Hall of Fame poster, a note home to parents explaining the system, and clip chart minis that you can send home!
Check it out in my TpT shop!  Have a great night!!
Mother's Day is drawing near, so I wanted to repost the sweet craft I created last year!

Do you remember this?
It's a Mother's Day ice cream cone!  These delicious cones are sprinkled with adjectives to describe mom {or grandma, or aunt}!  In the pack there are 17 sheets of different sprinkle adjectives that you can print off onto colored paper.  I also included a blank sheet, in case you'd prefer for your littles to write their own adjectives!  Not only is this a unique and special gift for momma's... it's a review of adjectives, as well! ;)
Of course, the pack also includes the triangle "I love you with a cherry on top!" card!  If you want to give this a closer look, check it out in my TpT shop! :)

I wanted to celebrate the daddies out there too, so I made a coordinating Father's Day craft:
It's a donut for Dad!  It's the same concept as my mom craft, using sprinkles to describe dad {or grandpa, or uncle}!  There are 15 *different* sprinkle sheets {plus three of the same from the Mother's Day packet} as well as a blank set.  Also included is the "donut" card!
Check out this sweet treat in my TpT shop!!

What do you do for Mother's Day & Father's Day with your cuties?
Before I begin my post, I just want to send my love to everyone in Boston.  I am thinking about you, and keeping you in my prayers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday!  Friday!
Time for Five for Friday :)

Our Fun Friday activity for today was a bright umbrella craft!  I used the umbrella pattern and writing paper from my waddle we do if it rains? craft pack.  The one on the bottom right is my sample.  My kiddos had a lot of fun writing about splashing in puddles, twirling in the rain, and playing games indoors!  Click on the pics to get a better look at the writing! :)

Over Spring Break, I went into the city and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. {I *love* Forrest Gump & Tom Hanks! If only he were there...}.  This sign was decorating our booth area.  I had to take a picture of it because it's SO me, hahaha!

This little guy gets himself into trouble all the time!  I found Jack in the empty water case in the kitchen.  He wouldn't budge, so I picked the whole thing up and brought it into the living room to keep an eye on him... he wasn't even phased! {Jack's currently sleeping on my lap, between me and my computer, making it rather hard to type up this post!}

A couple teacher friends and I recently placed an order from the Rhode Island Novelty catalog.  These big foam dice were really cheap at $1.50 a dozen, so I bought four dozen!  They're fabulous!!!

Earlier this week, I finished up my newest pack, summer kids {a craftivity}!  I am so excited to make them with my class... I just know my sweeties will love them!  In case you missed my original post, you can head back and read it {HERE}, or learn more about these cuties in my TpT shop

For more Five for Friday, click the pic above!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
We are up to our shoulders in Earth Day goodness in my classroom!  I'm lovin' it, and better yet, my firsties are lovin' it! :)  I'm also on a fancy anchor chart "kick" these days, so tie the two together, and you get Earthy anchors!

What is Waste?
I figured if I had recycling bin chart, I should have a trash can chart, too!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
This is the original anchor.  I laminated it, so now I can write & erase.
Here it is after my kiddos and I talked about it:
I already erased the Sharpie once {I didn't like my handwriting, lol!} using hand sanitizer on a paper towel.  It works!  So does nail polish remover.  You can also erase Sharpie from laminated surfaces with erasers, but sometimes it takes too much elbow grease to get it all, and I don't have that much elbow grease.


Before I go make myself a sammy {sandwich?} for dinner, I wanted to mention that I now have an Instagram for my blog!  I'm a complete newbie, but Ms. Griffo made it look so fun, I had to join!  So far I have a whopping three pics posted, but if you want, you can find me @acupcakefortheteacher and follow me on this new adventure!

#hopetoseeyouthere :)
Hi everyone!  Hope you're having a great Monday!

As of tomorrow, I will have 50 or so days of school 'til summer... I know many of your countdowns are already in the 30s, or even 20s, so I had to get my newest craft done and out there to share! :)

I hope you're lovin' the neons and brights like me, because I used them to create my summer kids {a craftivity} pack!
Of course, if you're more into the primary colors, you're not locked into a color scheme :)

This summer pack offers you two craft options!
You can make kiddos from head to toe...

...Or just go halfsies!

I've included two half-page writing prompts to choose from:

As well as some other fun activities:

To grab your own copy, or to learn more, just head to my TpT shop!

I hope you love it!!

Leave me a little comment love {with your email} and I'll pick a winner later! :)
Congrats #21 Lindsey and #37 Anita!  Check your email!
Earth Day is one of my favorite themes to cover with my kiddos.  I just love it, and they are always so excited to learn how they can make a BIG difference!  We just started our discussion, and we're already having so much fun!

We began by reading Miss Fox's Class Goes Green and talked about all the ways we could love our Earth.  Then we obviously made a fun craft to go along with our chit-chat:
I can recycle and reuse.
I use less water.  I love to reuse.
I protect animals.  I take short showers.

One of my sweets also drew me a picture to match:
Hehe :)

You might remember that I made an Earth Day anchor last year... it would have been perfect for our lesson!  However, I misplaced it :(  I want to redraw it {and put it in a SAFE spot} but for now a sloppy copy will have to do!  Here's a pic of the original:

Tomorrow, we're going to read Why Should I Recycle? and make a list of all the things we can recycle.  Today I drew up an easy anchor chart that I will whip out after our discussion:
My littles saw me drawing up the bin {I added the words after they left} and they "ooohed" and "aaahed," saying, "Mrs. P's an artist!  She's an artist!"  I just LOVE little kids!

I've also been using pages from Lyndsey's Earth Day unit... I am especially excited to read the story she wrote, "Don't Be a Litter Monster!"
You can read more about her pack {HERE}!

And if you made it all the way down here, I have an Earth Day freebie for you!!
It includes a word search, ABC order, and a making words activity.  Grab your free copy of love our earth {free printables} from my TpT shop!

I'd love to hear from you!
What Earth Day activities do you have planned?
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