Today is... Friday!

...'nuff said.

For Fun Friday, we made Reagan's Rainbow Namebows!  We started by creating a gigantic list of adjectives, about 4 to 5 for each letter {except a few really difficult letters}.  Then, we put it all together!

My kiddos helped me make mine by shouting out the adjectives they wanted me to use.  My favorite of their choices: adorable :)  Love!

Yesterday I stopped in at Dollar Tree for my end of the year gifts.  I gave these krazy straw bottles to my group last year, with a packet of Kool Aid and a cute tag.  I had to do it again this year, because they loved them!  Back during the first week of school, one of my students from last year found me to show me that he had the bottle with him!  So sweet :)  Check out the completed gift {here}.

I spotted this plaque at Francesca's, and for $8, I had to have it!  I just *love* the saying!!  They are available on the site, as well as a CUTE chevron teacher mug that I just.might.need. next!

Check out what others have been up to this week, or link up!!

Have a great weekend!!! :)


Everyone Deserves to Learn said...

I really like that sign! I only recently started shopping at Francesca's...I might just have to take a trip over there this weekend!

Everyone deServes to Learn

Tania said...

I have never shopped at Francesca's. Guess what I'll be browsing through tonight?

My Second Sense

Mandy said...

I love that rainbow adjective idea! Adorable. :) I totally love Dollar Tree, too, and those bottles are great. Love the project!

Caffeine and Lesson Plans

Unknown said...

Love your end of the year gifts for your students!

First Grade Buddies said...

The water bottles are a cute idea. I always give them personalized sand buckets; but I think I like this idea better! :)
Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

Michelle Hudgeons said...

That sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne Miller said...

Love the Rainbow Namebows! So cute! How true is that sign!
Head Over Heels For Teaching

Sister Secrets said...

I love the calendar pic. My feelings exactly! :)

Ashley Reed said...

Love these, Teri! I just bought similar cups and will be using your tags. Thanks for sharing! :)

Mrs. Leeby said...

I LOVE that plaque! I want it hanging on every door that I walk into! :)


Learning With Mrs. Leeby

Tanya Dwyer said...

Pinned the rainbow idea for next week AND posted that same saying to my FB fanpage this morning! *LOVE* it!

~Tanya =)
A+ Firsties

Where the Wild Things Learn said...

LOVE that sign! I love Francesca's :) The water bottles are perfect! I think I found my end of the year gift. I will be heading to Dollar Tree tomorrow to try and find them! Thanks SO much for sharing this adorable idea! :)


Elementary special Education said...

You can not go wrong with Dollar Tree and using rainbows in your lesson for young kids!

Elementary Special Education

vicky1970 said...

Hi Teri,
Love seeing what you are up to...this week flew by for me. Have a great weekend.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Allie @ The Gypsy Teacher said...

I went searching on Francescas website for that chevron mug- and yes, I may just need that too! SO CUTE!
Also, LOVE the namebows! Seriously adorable!

Kate said...

I love your end of the year gift. I love Francesca's. You never know what you will find there!
Fun in ECSE

Unknown said...

I looooove Francesca's!! I always get the most random stuff there! And their jewelry!! LOVE!!
Rowdy in Room 300

Unknown said...

The water bottles are a cute idea. I always give them personalized sand buckets; but I think I like this idea better!
Glyn Willmoth

Elizabeth said...

Loving that plaque, Teri! So true and so inspiring...I must go purchase:)

Your end of the year gift last year was floating around my building in waves...I'm sure it will be again! Such a terrific idea :)


Fun in Room 4B

Kristin Young said...

LOVE those rainbow namebows. We are totally doing that next week to practice adjectives...and brighten up our room! ;)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Love that sign! I must go to Francesca's tonight!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Jodi said...

I love the's soooo true!!

Fun In First

Sylvia Raigosa said...
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Sylvia Raigosa said...

I bought the Krazy Cups last weekend Teri! My kiddos loved them last year. They were such a hit I am doing it again this year. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Love you! Sylvia

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

What a great find! I love that sign. :) Your cloud poems are absolutely beautiful.

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Nick said...

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