Hand Signals & Voice Levels! {Chevron Theme}

Whew, it's officially HOT in New Jersey!  My classroom is getting sticky and my students have a full blown case of summer fever... 19 days left until school's out!

While I *can't wait* for summer, I can't help but think about next year.  I've been going over the things I tried that didn't work {hey, it happens!}, as well as the ideas I used that worked really well.  I can tell you two things that worked really, REALLY well:
Hand signals & voice levels!  Do you use these in your classroom?

Before this year, my only "signals" were holding two fingers up for bathroom and a pencil in the air for a sharp pencil.  Then, every time I called on a student to answer a question, I'd hear, "Can I get a drink?" or "I need a tissue!"  It drove me insane!!!  So over the summer, I made myself a set of hand signals.  And can I say it's made a WORLD of difference?!

Here are the signals I use now:

1 = pencil
2 = bathroom
3 = drink
4 = tissue
5 = question
a-ok = I'm done

I added that last one mid-year because I got tired of hearing "DONE!" 22 times after every assignment!  Now my littles flash me the a-ok signal and I give them a little nod and a smile.  It's perfect!!

I also love the visual of a voice level chart:
*Most of the time* my group will be on the appropriate level!  If I forget to mention what voice level we should be on, you can bet that one of my babes will remind me!

I put these bright chevron management tools together into a little pack: hand signals & voice levels! {chevron theme}.  You can grab it on TpT if you're interested!  This set is also included in my brand new classroom set-up starter kit! {chevron theme bundle} pack... which I will blog about this weekend!

I hope you LOVE them!!  I'd love to hear what you think! :)


Unknown said...

I love your idea of the hand signals. I am headed over to the TPT shop right now. What a great idea! Thanks. :)

Unknown said...

These are so cute! I love the entire pack!

Swimming into Second

Primary Paradise said...

I love the hand signal signs. Where did you find your chevron backgrounds? They are so cute. Your classroom bundle is also perfect to start the new year.
Primary Paradise

Brandee Green said...

Love this! Precious idea. :)
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Unknown said...

absolutely adorable!! LOVE!

Sarah said...

ooo...I love the idea of an a-ok sign! I get a lot of kids saying done too and I hate that!


Annie said...

These are beautiful :) I love the voice chart! First graders certainly do need that visual.

Thanks for sharing!
Three Cheers for First Grade!

Robyn Beele said...

I love your hand signals and of course the chevron is adorable!!

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Teri these are so great! We love the hand signals! Sooo perfect for the lil friends who finally raise their hands, who you think are finally participating, and they just ask if they can use the bathroom or get a tissue!!

Hang tight with the heat and we wish the days will fly by to summer for you!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love these hand signals. I especially love your "OK" add on...so smart. Now, no more "I'm done!"
Fun in Room 4B

Mrs. Nunley said...

I am LOVING the hand signals! Especially the "I'm done!" My kiddos are just like yours, they announce when they are finished...this will absolutely cut down on that!

Thank you!!

First Grade Magic

Erin said...

I absolutely LOVE the hand signals and can't wait to use them next year in my classroom! I love coming and visiting your blog, you have provided me with A LOT of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


Short and Sassy Teacher

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