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As a little extra incentive to get you on board with Bloglovin... how about a little giveaway??! You may remember that last summer, I was lucky enough to team up with MPM School Supplies and do a little shopping... on their dime ;)  I picked up some GREAT things for my classroom {you can read about it HERE}.  Well, MPM has given me the opportunity to work with them again.  And this time, it's YOUR turn to shop!!

MPM School Supplies and I are teaming up to give TWO lucky winners $25 gift cards!  All you have to do it enter using the Rafflecopter below :)
The giveaway will run until midnight on the 4th... good luck!!!

 Side note:  Stay tuned this summer for more sweet ideas from me!!  I promise I have a bunch of things up my sleeve... new craftivities, centers, craft projects, etc..  Love ya, cupcakes!! ;)
In true Cupcake style, I waited until the last possible second to put together my EOY {end of year} gifts for my teacher friends, and my students!  I had a half day yesterday, so I had plenty of time to design, print, and attach tags for today.

Here's what I put together for my pals:
I came across the knock knock joke on Pinterest, and it comes from eighteen25 {one of my favorites!}.  The ladies there offer up a freebie, but I just bought a nifty 2.5" square punch that I wanted to use, so I designed my own, smaller tags!
I uploaded them to Google Drive for you to download if you like! :)

And here's how my student gifts turned out:
I used the same idea as last year with the same Krazy Straw cups from Dollar Tree... I just updated my tags a little bit.  I may or may not have forgotten to add the Kool Aid packets this time around, oops!  Hadar assured me that the krazy kool pun still applied, so in the words of Pete the Cat, it's all good!  I added the newer tag to the original freebie {minus my name of course} so you can grab it HERE if you want! :)
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Hello, hello!  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  I kept busy with a BBQ, some time with the in-laws, and a bridesmaid get-together!  And I can finally say... the last day of school is THIS WEEK!!!  Three half days left {two with kids, one for teachers}.  Summer, you're in my sights!

Moving on, I received a few requests for a chevron themed welcome banner to match my chevron decor kit.  I worked on it last week, and here it is! 

This bright little pack includes the word welcome in big block letters {I envision them going down the side of my door at the beginning of the year!}:

And there is also a pennant banner included:
The pennant banner can read "Welcome to ___ Grade" for grades 1st through 6th, as well as "Welcome to ___" for Kindergarten or Pre-K!

My welcome banner {chevron theme} set is available for separate purchase in my TpT shop... but I also included it in my classroom set-up starter kit! {chevron theme bundle}!  And I added a couple more things to my starter kit since I last blogged about it:
  The kit now includes large subject labels, days of the week, months of the year, and calendar numbers!  And last but not least, I included EDITABLE supply labels, around the room labels, and full page signs!  Phew, that's a lot!

I hope you guys are lovin' the bright chevron as much as me!!

Alrighty, my husband owes me a chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles from DQ... yum!  See you soon! :) :)

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Hi, Cupcakes!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent a lot of time with family, which is always a good time!  When I wasn't with my folks, I was workin' hard on a new little pack :) 

Several months ago, I posted about using a compliment jar as an incentive in my classroom.  After the post, I got a bunch of requests for the template... So, I asked my sweet friend Maribel if I could turn her Cricut creation into a pack for you all, and she said yes!  Woohoo, and THANK YOU, sweet, sweet girl!

In this little ditty, I included templates to make your own whole group Compliment Jar.  The idea is, kiddos need to earn compliments from you or other teachers/administrators/adults in the building for their excellent behavior.  For each compliment received, a star goes in the jar.  Once 12 star compliments are earned, the class gets a prize of some sort!

I also included templates to make smaller jars for table group incentives.  Tables must earn 5 star compliments in order to get a reward:

You can use the small jars to create a little craftivity {yay!} to get your kiddos thinkin' about how to earn those compliments!

Aaand, I thought I'd make a poster to display as a reminder for our little friends!
If you're not feeling what I wrote, I also included a blank one that you can write on :)

If you're interested in this idea, or want to learn more, then head on over to my TpT shop to grab your copy!!

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We're down to seven, friends!!!  Seven more days of school!

Here's a little recap of my week, Five for Friday style :)

Today we had a cupcake party!  You might remember I threw one last year... it was so yummy I knew I had to do it again!  This year I had help, and one of my friends baked fun tie-dye cupcakes.  DELICIOUS.  The pics above are of MY cupcake :)  Strawberry frosting, marshmallows, M&Ms, oh my!

One of my littles made this one... chocolate all the way!  Even the marshmallows are chocolate flavored!

Today we also worked on our Father's Day donuts.  The kids ate it right up {pun intended} and had so much fun making these treats for their dads!

This one does not include the word "athletic" because, as one of my sweeties informed me, her dad "is NOT athletic, so I'm not going to put that one!"  I thought that was too funny!!

We worked on this Signs of Summer acrostic poem, too.  The green reads:
Sand castle
I'm Under the water
Manicure are good
I can Eat fruit
It is Really hot

and the white one reads:
Sunshine out
Under the sand
Manicure color red
Melting ice cream
Eat fruit
Read in the shade
{^ LOVE that she included reading!!}

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Happy weekend!!!
Eesh, I have been busy, busy!  And I think I'm going to be from now until summer break {in 11 school days}.  I'm pretty sure I have something to do every weekend day in June, too!  This weekend I went to a wedding down the shore; so fun!!  Here are a couple pics from the event:
{if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I'm slightly obsessed with my new yellow wedges by Michael Kors... left them on all night!}

{my date for the night, since hubby was IN the wedding}

{stole my handsome husband for a photo opp}

Backtracking a little... before the wedding, I was alone in my hotel room for a few hours, so what else would a teacher do but browse Pinterest for teaching ideas?  I found some fun ones, and realized I needed to go to Ikea ASAP.  So, on the way home, I forced politely asked my husband to stop, and he begrudgingly excitedly said of course!  And that's how I ended up at Ikea for the first.time.ever!

Here's what I got:
{three of these fun little stools! $7.99 each}

{a bajillion of these fun little cups! $1.99/set}

{a chalkboard/whiteboard easel! $14.99}

*I figured the stools would make for cute seating either in the library, or around a little table.  In fact, I saw a little table at Ikea that I might need to go back for!

*I have a couple ideas in mind for the cups, like this for example:
They would hold things in place, like highlighters & red pens, scissors, and glue sticks.  The two empty spots in the caddy will be for crayon boxes.

*The chalkboard/whiteboard easel could be great for center work!

Do you use items from Ikea in your classroom?  I'd love to hear!
With 16 days of school 'til summer {yes, I might mention the countdown in each new post}, I am trying to squeeze in as many fun things as possible!  My sweet co-worker found a really cute and easy craft online, and today we decided to do it!
Don't you just love it?!  I *think* the idea comes from a cereal website, but I really don't know! Anywho, to make this simple craft you'll need the following:

*2-3 big boxes of cereal {we used Trix, Fruit Loops, & Apple Jacks}
*Ziploc baggies {sandwich size}
*mini-mini or regular mini pom poms
*pipe cleaners, tiny googly eyes, & glue

First, choose your poms and glue them to the clothespin so that the head is on the smaller part that opens {I accidentally put the mini-minis upside down in the first pic}:
I glued the eyes to the head pom after I glued it to the clothespin; it was easier.

While that dries, fill your Ziploc about halfway with cereal, push out the air, and seal.  Separate the cereal in half inside the baggie, then use a pipe cleaner to twist-tie the baggie at the center, creating wings:
Curl the pipe cleaner to make cute antennae!

Then push the butterfly clothespin into the center of the baggie, from the bottom:
CUTE, right?!

We also worked on our summer kids last week {let's just pretend it was June for the sake of this post}!  I think they turned out adorable!! And my kiddos did a fantastic job with their writing :)  I couldn't get a great pic but here's a collage of the finished product:
If you're still in school and looking for something fun to do, this craftivity is available in my TpT shop! :)

Okay, I'm off!  Talk to you soon, my sweets!!
Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  Many of you are already off for summer vacay, so it's a very happy Sunday for you :)  I still have a few weeks left, but summer is so close I can taste it!!

Even though I'm itching for sun and sand, I couldn't help but put together a mega pack of chevron themed decor for back to school!  Check it out:
This baby has everything you need to set up your bright chevron classroom!  {And if I missed anything, hit me up and I'll gladly whip it up!}  Keep reading to see all that's included!

First, I made a set of fun classroom labels:
There are 84 supply labels, 30 around the room labels, clock labels, table signs #1-6, word wall letter cards, and student numbers #1-36.

I also included ABCs and 123s:
There are {of course} 26 letter posters, and number posters #1-20.

And I added the hand signals & voice levels that I blogged about the other day:
There are 6 hand signals, and 5 voice levels.

I *think* I covered everything!  I'm so excited to bring this bright chevron pack to life in my classroom!  If you love chevron like me, then check out my classroom set-up starter kit! {chevron theme bundle} on TpT!!

I also made each pack available for purchase separately, just in case you don't need the whole thing!  Follow these links to go to the individual packs:

I hope you love, LOVE this set as much as I do!!
Please let me know what you think! :)

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I can't wait to get crafty this summer and link up as often as I can!  She keeps me motivated, and the ideas from others are endless!!  Be sure to check it out!
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