A Little June Fun!

With 16 days of school 'til summer {yes, I might mention the countdown in each new post}, I am trying to squeeze in as many fun things as possible!  My sweet co-worker found a really cute and easy craft online, and today we decided to do it!
Don't you just love it?!  I *think* the idea comes from a cereal website, but I really don't know! Anywho, to make this simple craft you'll need the following:

*2-3 big boxes of cereal {we used Trix, Fruit Loops, & Apple Jacks}
*Ziploc baggies {sandwich size}
*mini-mini or regular mini pom poms
*pipe cleaners, tiny googly eyes, & glue

First, choose your poms and glue them to the clothespin so that the head is on the smaller part that opens {I accidentally put the mini-minis upside down in the first pic}:
I glued the eyes to the head pom after I glued it to the clothespin; it was easier.

While that dries, fill your Ziploc about halfway with cereal, push out the air, and seal.  Separate the cereal in half inside the baggie, then use a pipe cleaner to twist-tie the baggie at the center, creating wings:
Curl the pipe cleaner to make cute antennae!

Then push the butterfly clothespin into the center of the baggie, from the bottom:
CUTE, right?!

We also worked on our summer kids last week {let's just pretend it was June for the sake of this post}!  I think they turned out adorable!! And my kiddos did a fantastic job with their writing :)  I couldn't get a great pic but here's a collage of the finished product:
If you're still in school and looking for something fun to do, this craftivity is available in my TpT shop! :)

Okay, I'm off!  Talk to you soon, my sweets!!


Unknown said...

Adorable Teri!! We only have 1 day left, so I'll have to stick these in next years file!

I know its hard to still have 16 days when so many are done, but you got this girl!! It will be here soon! :)

First Grade in Foxwell Forest

Primary Paradise said...

So cute. I'm already finished but I'm definitely keeping this idea around for next year. Thank you for sharing.
Primary Paradise

Annie said...

Love the butterflies! Could be a super cute following directions activity.

Three Cheers for First Grade!

Robyn Beele said...

I just pinned the butterflies! I will have to do this!! So cute!

Miss 27 said...

We made our Summer Kids today and I love them! I am using the craft for our end of this year and beginning of next year bulletin board.

If you'd like to, you can check out my post about them:
What Happens in 27


Barbara said...

I love those butterflies! Definitely doing.

24/7 Teacher said...

Gr8 ideas!!!

24/7 Teacher Amy Harrod

Unknown said...

SOO cute! I've been seeing these butterflies all over pinterest and I had to stop by and say how adorable they are! :)Good job!

MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

Learning in Wonderland said...

I love both these crafts! Those summer kids are adorable!

Unknown said...

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Annie Moffatt said...

So CUTE Teri!
The Moffatt Girls

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

Super cute!! I love it!!

I MOVED! Check out my new site:
Think, Wonder, & Teach

KinderPassionate said...

Teri, the butterflies are so adorable! I think the summer kids will be a good add-on to my summer bag I give to students at the end of the year, because we are done, but I appreciate the idea and I will definitely keep it for the end of next school year. I was thinking that maybe it could also be a good ice breaker like on the first week of school. They could decorate the kid and "show and tell" about themselves as an introduction activity. Wouldn't they also look great on bulletin boards to post their work on throughout the year?! Wow! You've just made my mind soar with imagination. Thanks for such cute ideas Teri! :)

Unknown said...

Great for next yrs. butterfly theme!THANKS

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