Like many teachers, I am guilty of spending too much money on my classroom each year.  Typically, every summer I will buy myself one "big ticket" item that I've wanted {like new wood cubbies or a fancy library cart}, plus I stock up on the regular supplies needed to make the year run smoothly.  And that doesn't include the money spent on snacks and goodies throughout the year!

So, when an opportunity rolls around to go on and give away a little shopping spree...
I JUMP at the chance!!
  School Outfitters is an awesome school supply company, and they have offered me $100 to give to one lucky reader, as well as $100 to spend on my classroom!  Woot woot!  Now comes the tough part... what to buy?!  The possibilities are endless, for real!  I could pick up a new small group table for my classroom:
Or perhaps I could replace my whiteboards with a brand new class set, and still have money leftover to spend:

Maybe I could even snag a brand new filing cabinet for my room:

School Outfitters also offers a wide variety of teacher resources and supplies, too!  So, you can see my dilemma... and it can be your dilemma too, if you win! ;)

To enter this giveaway, just use the Rafflecopter below!
Good luck!!!!

Disclaimer: A representative from School Outfitters contacted me to do a little shopping as well as an honest review of their store.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not influenced by the company or the incentive given.

I'm happy to say that I've finally gotten some summer DIY projects done!  I keep adding, adding, adding to my to-do list... but then I don't do anything.  Until now, that is!

You may have already seen my first DIY project if you follow me on Instagram:
It's a photo prop chalkboard for my classroom!  I am in love with it!  Making this project was super easy.  I made a bunch of chalkboards for my wedding so I'm a pro, haha.  I used chalkboard spray paint on a piece of particleboard {you can paint the glass, but since my students will be handling it, I thought I'd use the wood instead}.  Once the chalkboard was dry, I popped it into the frame and secured it with the frame backing.  Using hot glue, I added some colorful buttons to the frame for a little extra POP.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry so I could write on it!

My next project is for my classroom library:
Another easy one!  First, I traced each letter backwards onto the back of my scrapbook paper.  This way, there were no pencil marks on the nice side of the paper after I cut it out.  Then I put a layer of Mod Podge on the wood letter and placed the paper letter on top, being careful to smooth out any bubbles.  Last, I put a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of the scrapbook paper to give it a glossy finish.

My last project is this fun cupcake sign:
I had the cupcake shape lying around for a while now, and finally put it to use.  To start, I spray painted the entire piece with chalkboard paint.  Then I painted on the cherry, icing, and sprinkles {to make the sprinkles, I used the eraser end of a pencil}.  And that's it!  I'm going to use this little cupcake to write Happy Birthday messages... and I'm sure I'll find other fun uses for it, too!

There you have it!!  Some completed DIY projects! :)  I'd love to hear what you think!!  And of course, I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for a little Monday Made It fun!
Hello freebie-lovers! The Freebielicious ladies know how much teachers appreciate good freebies, but we know that teachers are downright OBSESSED with new school supplies. In honor of the back to school season that is quickly approaching, Freebielicious is hosting a MEGA Christmas in July Giveaway. 

School Supply Giveaway Blog Hop

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I am slightly obsessed with magnets, and these mini peel & stick dots are PERFECT for magnetizing things like charts, labels, and even math manipulatives!  This Christmas in July, I am sending my favorite school supply to one lucky Cupcake follower!!

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Merry Christmas in July
from Santa's elves at Freebielicious!

A special thank you to Santa's Helpers for being such generous sponsors:

Isn't this the best giveaway EVER?
Happy Sunday!  I'm back from my family vacation in Myrtle Beach and I wanted to share my week with you!

Our trip started out with rain and clouds due to a tropical storm, but after Chantal hit the road, we had gorgeous, sunny weather!  Our suite was on the 15th floor, and this is the view we had:
I could live there!  MB is like my home away from home!  We've vacationed there at least a dozen times!

One night, we had a photo shoot on the beach:
Up top, my hubby and I took silly selfies :)  Down below, my sister {aka, my brother's girlfriend} and I channelled our inner Griffo with a jumping pic, and then we grabbed my brother and the hubs for a couples' shot!

Here's a photo of the best parents ever:
I loved spending time with them last week!!

Here are some randoms from the trip:
Clockwise:  All 12 of us piled into the elevator and took a mirror pic; my brother and his girlfriend; the hubs and I on the balcony; the girls and our bright golf balls.

Matt and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on the 17th:
We got all dressed up and went out to eat with everyone!  {PS: Do you notice a picture trend?!  I stand on the left and my hand is always on my hip!! Ha!}

Of course, I did some shopping!  This isn't even half:
Clockwise:  My husband says I am a Grumposaur so he bought me the shirt, lol; I am not too old for a stuffed crab; a hot pink sweatshirt for cold NJ days;  had to add to my magnet collection.

And what kind of teacher would I be if I went on vacation and didn't buy school supplies?!  Yep, I dragged whoever would go with me to Walmart to snag some deals:
I picked up blue and green plastic folders, new scissors to match my classroom colors {my old ones have had it after five years}, neon file folders {so I can do some summer organizing}, and Sharpie highlighters... all on sale, of course!

Well I hope you enjoyed hearing about my vacation even though it had *almost* nothing to do with teaching!  I'm off to catch up on blog stalking and checking emails!!  Talk soon! :)

Hii everyone!  Today I'm joining in on some Throwback Thursday fun!

But first, a little mention... I am absolutely beaming today!  Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary!  I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend in the world!
Yay!! :)

Aaand, coming back to TbT... here is a post from last summer with a fun little back to school idea!  It was originally a guest post I made on Thank God It's First Grade!

- - - - - - - - -
Originally posted on August 16, 2012

I have a fun first day freebie to share with you!
Have you heard of Magic Playdoh??
I first discovered Magic Playdoh before school started last year.  I thought it was the cutest idea, so I made a batch for my little ones.  Let me tell you.  They. LOVED. It.  I will definitely be doing it again this year with my firsties!!

If you haven't heard of it, the idea behind Magic Playdoh is that it starts off white, and if it *just so happens to change color* when you squeeze it, then you're going to have a great year!  Genius, right?!

Toward the end of the first day of school, I hand out Ziploc baggies of Magic Playdoh.
I display a little poster and read a poem with my class:
{I didn't write the poem-- I found it at Fun in First Grade-- but no one knows where it originated!!}

Then I have my kiddos squish up the playdoh... INSIDE the Ziplocs first, to prevent the food coloring from staining their little fingers!  It's so fun to listen to them as they realize that their playdoh is changing colors!!  Once it's all smooshed up, the playdoh can be taken out and played with, without fear of blue or red hands.  

I made these cute matching labels to put on the playdoh baggies:
 {Download them for free HERE}

To make Magic Playdoh, you'll need:
*1 cup flour
*1 cup water
*1/4 cup salt
*2 tsp. cream of tartar
*1 Tbls. vegetable oil
*food coloring

Then, just follow these steps:
1. Put all of your ingredients {EXCEPT the food coloring} into a pot and turn the stove on medium heat.
2. Stir, stir, stir!  It's going to take a few minutes to form.
3. Once your mixture forms a ball, remove from heat {I put it on a paper plate}.
4. Give it a second to cool, then separate the playdoh and form balls.
5. Poke a hole in each ball and put 3-4 drops of food coloring in them.  Carefully close the ball without squeezing it, so the food coloring stays in the middle.

When you're all done, put one "doh" ball in each baggie and seal the bag.
You're all ready to take it to school!  Your class will love it!!

*Note: I cut the recipe in half for this tutorial.
The full recipe will make about 8 decent size pieces!*

I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you can use it in your classroom!
A while back I asked my Facebook followers about their classroom job routines.  Some only had one or two helpers, while others had jobs for everyone.  Some changed jobs daily, and others bi-weekly.  I landed right in the middle, with jobs for half my group that rotated weekly.  I was inspired by our conversation, and decided to change it up!

First off, I created a new set of jobs for my kiddos... and yours, if you want them!!
These jobs match my classroom set-up starter kit! {chevon theme bundle}, but they can be used in any bright and colorful classroom!  I included 31 different jobs in two different sizes {4.5" and 3.5"}.

Take a look at the job options:
The set includes:
light technician, calendar captain, door holder, paper passer, caboose {or line ender}, attendance taker {or roll reminder}, recess helper/s, lunch helper/s, gardener, computer keeper, line leader, messenger, weather forecaster, backpack patrol, station inspector, homework checker, classroom greeter, morning leader, mail carrier, pet caretaker, board eraser, substitute, teacher's assistant, nurse, pencil patrol, supply manager, snack helper, clean-up crew, librarian, closet monitor, table captain {six colors}

Here's a close-up of what two job cards look like:

My plan is for each student to have a job next year, and I think I'm going to rotate every two weeks.  Once I print and laminate, I'm going to magnetize my new cards.  I plan on displaying them on my chalkboard {I usually use 2/3 of it for display and 1/3 for writing}.  I'm going to use mini magnet circles with student names or numbers to designate who has what job!  Another idea would be to create a clip-chart-like-chart {make sense? haha} and use clothespins! :)

If you're interested, you can pick up my jobs in the classroom {chevron theme} set in my TpT shop!!  I'd love to know what you think!!!  Leave me some love below :)

Hi, everyone!  Isn't it the happiest of Tuesdays? :)  If it's even Tuesday... Summer will do that to ya!

I'm stoppin' in today to talk a little more about my editable behavior calendars!  I realized when I blogged about them, that I just showed you what the unit included, and didn't go into detail about how you can use them!  Silly me!
On the first school day of every month, I send home a fresh and {so clean} clean calendar in my kiddos' take-home folders.  At the end of each day, it is each student's job to color in his/her calendar based on the day's behavior.  This is what a blank, editable calendar looks like before you add in any details:
With the editable calendars, you can put text boxes over the days to mark field trips, days off, etc.  You can also type anything you want into the rectangle at the bottom, like behavior codes, your color coding system, or monthly reminders!

Here is a sample calendar that I edited for the month of July... which is obviously made up because I am happily enjoying summer vacay, and I ignored the 4th of July as a holiday, lol!
You can see that I added notes to the 9th, 19th, and 31st, so parents know of those special days.  I also separated the rectangle at the bottom into half monthly reminders, half behavior codes.  Like I said before, you can do whatever you want on your editable calendar!

This next sample is of a pretend student, so far for the month of July.  Please note that the colors are based off of my clip chart, which uses the following colors from top to bottom: pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.  Anything below green {yellow, orange, red} is a clip down, and will receive a behavior code.
So if we were reading this chart, my pretend child was good on the 1st and 2nd, made great choices on the 3rd, marked his/her absence on the 4th {probably because it's a holiday?!}, received a warning on the 5th for not doing work, crossed off the weekends, did a good job on the 8th, and during the field trip on the 9th this pretend kiddo was fine!  I'd keep going, but I think you get the idea!!

At the end of the month, you can collect all behavior sheets and keep them in folders to refer to during conferences, etc.  I also use them to reward good behavior by giving a little prize to those kiddos who stayed on green or above {blue, purple, pink} all month!

The beauty of these calendars is you can make them to suit YOUR needs!!
I have English and Spanish versions, and they are *both* marked on sale for today only!!  Grab them at 20% off from my TpT shop!

If you're looking for a place to keep your calendars, my girl Megan over at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade has a great solution!  She combines the regular take-home folder idea with a data binder as well... so all the info you and your students' parents need is all in one place!
Here's a little of what you'll find in her pack:

  • Reading level growth
  • AR scores
  • Spelling scores
  • Math chapter tests
  • Times tests
  • Writing portfolio & rubrics
  • Reading logs
  • Parent communication log

  • If you want to learn more, check out her post about them here!  And you know what?!  Megan's binder system is also on sale for today only!  Check it out!

    I'd love to hear about how you track behavior {and more!} in your classroom!  Leave me some love below!!
    Did you see, did you see, did you see?!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher and all the gals over at Freebielicious have teamed up with Educents to create this amazing deal for Back to School!

    Our Back to School bundle is 23 of our best selling products!  Your download will include craftivities, centers, small group games, printables, activities, organization items, posters, readers, and much more!  It's over 2000 pages of Back to School fun!  All this is available for $30 - that's over 80% off the retail price!  

    A Cupcake for the Teacher's contribution is my top-selling All About Me {a Writing Craftivity} pack!  It includes patterns to make a boy or a girl craft, plus different All About Me booklet options.  The craft would be the perfect way to get to know your new kiddos, create a unique display for Open House, or to celebrate students during an "I Am Special" unit!  The possibilities are endless! ;) 

    My BFF's over at Freebielicious have linked up their products so you can see what you are purchasing!  Click below to head on over and see all the other great products!

    I'm late to almost everything {my husband's bad influence} so this linky party is no different! ;)  I'm joining the adorable Cara of The First Grade Parade for her Favorite Pins Friday party because... hello!!?!... I love to pin!!!  Here we go!

    These two pins from Second Grade Paradise almost, *almost* make me want to get rid of my teacher desk!  I really don't think I could do it {I have too much stuff} but if I did, it would look like this!  I love how Ashley used her file cabinet as a special place to hang teacher stuff, as well as an easy-to-reach spot for her clip chart!  I'm definitely going to make better use of my cabinet this year!

    I have a small obsession with magnets, and who doesn't love glitter?!  ...So, I *have to* make these glitter magnets that I found on DeLoop {which appears to be FULL of fun DIYs from what I've seen}.  I use magnets all over my chalkboard, and these will be a fun addition!

    I don't drink coffee {I think everything about it is gross! haha!}, but I think I might need these mugs... I am clearly always right, and my babe is my Mr. Right {awww}.  The link leads to Etsy but this particular item isn't found... however, there are plenty of other options available!

    Makeup makes me happy :)  This pin from Sparkle & Mine offers a little Makeup Brush 101... I don't know about you, but all those brushes confuse me and I kinda just use whatever... so this is a handy little reference!

    I'm lovin' this party idea from Pizzazzerie.  I'm totally making these utensil pouches for a future get together!  This blog also looks like it has tons of ideas for entertaining, and I'm excited to take a better look around!

    Keeping with the pink & gray color scheme... I would LOVE to get this manicure!!  I am trying to expand my nail horizons {I always get a shade of pink or red} and this is a cute way to branch out!  I can't find the original source, so if these are your nails, lmk!

    Last, I spotted this quote on What the Teacher Wants when Natalie posted about rainbow decor.  I really love everything about it!  I'd like to print it out and put it somewhere as a fun reminder :)

    Click the button to link up, or see more pins!!
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