Today and yesterday I started decorating my classroom!  School begins next week, and I think I'm making good progress so far :)  I'm not ready for a reveal yet, but I thought I'd share some little details!

This is my filing cabinet.  The side that faces the room is in decent shape, so I didn't cover it with any paper before setting up my classroom jobs display.  The top, however, was a different story!  It was rusting and quite ugly to look at, so I decided to use contact paper to cover it!  My mom helped me adhere the paper to the cabinet... it wasn't easy {I'm not a pro like Ms. White!} but we managed to get it down with very few bubbles!  I also added pink chevron washi tape trim, because the contact paper was *justthismuchsmaller* than the cabinet.  I love the way it looks!!  SO much better than rust!!

I have three sky wires that run across my classroom: two for student work, and the one above.  This one is smaller than the others, and it's in front of my classroom closets.  Because the doors are so dark, I needed a little somethin' to brighten the space... hence these beeeeautiful paper lanterns from School Girl Style!  I could stare at them all day!

Layered border seems to be a popular choice this back-to-school season, so I thought I'd jump on the layering train!  I got this bright polka dot border from Teacher Created Resources {blue and pink} and the gray chevron from a local teacher store.  I put them together and capital L-O-V-E how they look!!  As you can see, I have the blue/gray combo framing bright pink paper, and the pink/gray combo framing bright blue paper.  Gotta color coordinate!!

Aaaand that's all for now! :)

What small details did you add to your classroom?

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm relatively new to the clip chart.  I used to flip cards for behavior, but decided I needed a change that focused on the positive.  So, my clip it! behavior chart was born:
I love it!  The kids love it!  Whenever kiddos clip up the chart, I can just see their little faces light up with pride.  I decided to further my focus on the positive my creating some clip chart awards to give out to students who clip up:
My plan is to copy them on colored paper that coordinates with the colors on the chart... so Super Student certificates will be pink, Great Job will be purple, and Good Choices will be blue!  I got the idea to color-code the awards from Teach-A-Roo, who also has a great award storage idea on her blog.

I put the awards together in a little freebie for you!  Please note that this pack is meant to coordinate with my free clip it! behavior chart on TpT and is non-editable.  You can find it on my Facebook page in the "Fan Freebies" tab...
...just make sure you like my page {or you won't be able to access the freebie}!

Happy Wednesday!!
Phew, how's that for a title?!  I worked my little tail off to get this craftivity out there and about there before the big sale!  And, I uploaded it just in the nick of time last night :)  Let's jump right in!

My new unit, little 100 year olds, is a versatile craftivity pack!  You can piece it together a number of different ways, and it can be used to celebrate Grandparent's Day and/or the 100th Day of School!

For Grandparent's day, you can make a craft with both Grandparents and a sweet poem:
I also made the poem so it can be used with Grandma or Grandpa alone, too!

Your kiddos can create themselves as 100 year olds from head to toe... or make their Grandma or Grandpa:

Or you can go halfsies:

Whichever project you decide to create, there is a writing prompt for you!  I have included prompts for Grandparents, Grandma, and Grandpa, as well as boy/girl 100 year olds!  Here's a peek at some of the many printables included:

I hope you LOVE it!!  I'd love to hear what you think :) :)

If you're interested in grabbing this pack, or if you want to learn more, head to my TpT shop!  little 100 year olds is 20% for today and tomorrow, along with the rest of my items, for the big B2S SALE!! :)

Speaking of the sale... I'm off to fill up my cart :)  Happy Sunday to you!!
The girls over at Freebielicious know how stressful the Back to School season can be... so we thought we'd band together to share some funnies with you!
Many of you have already returned to school, others are still decorating, and folks like me haven't been in their classrooms yet.  Wherever you fit in, take some time to sit back, hop along the funny trail, and share a giggle or two with us! :)

This is one of my favorites, because it's SO me:
How many of you can relate?!  I for one am *always* getting scolded by my husband for talking to him "like he's one of my students."  I can't help it!!  I'm with my kiddos 30 hours a week, so it's only natural that my teacher voice just slips out every now and then outside of the classroom.  And hey! ...Sometimes my hubby acts like a first grader! :)

Now that we laughed out loud together, I thought I should mention a little somethin':
{Click on the button to head to my shop!!}

TpT is throwing a huge Back to School SALE!  Woohoo!! It's time to clear off those wishlists and stock up on items for your classroom!  The sale will run from Sunday, August 18th through Monday, August 19th.  My little shop will be 20% off those two days, and if you use code BTS13 you'll receive another 10% off, for a total of 28%!!  You really can't beat that! ;)

Here are a few items you might be interested in for B2S:
fun with letters A-Z {printables}

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a bright year {a craftivity}

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compliment jar {classroom incentive & craftivity}

fire safety kids {craftivity & printables}

I can't wait to fill up my own cart!  Happy Shopping!!!  :)
For more giggles, hop on over to my friend Jeannie's blog:

Hi everyone!  Wow, I'm starting to get nervous!  I have been clicking through pictures of your finished classrooms, and I haven't even started on mine yet!!  I can go back into my room next week, and then it's decorate, decorate, decorate until school officially starts.  Right now I'm working on my B2S to-do list, which is a MILE long... so please excuse my spotty blog appearances!  I promise I have new ideas and products up my sleeve that I will blog about soon!!  For now, I have a fun giveaway to thank you for following me :)  Now go on, enter to win some goodies!!

* * * * *

Just in time for back-to-school classroom decorating, ArtSkills introduces the affordable NEW Learn, Motivate, Reward line of classroom decorations, teaching aids and seasonal items – each just $1.00 available exclusively at Dollar General stores nationwide!

I am lucky enough to have the chance to use their entire line of goodies... and also give away the full collection to one lucky follower!!  Keep reading to find out more! :)

Here are some snapshots of the products included in the Learn, Motivate, Reward line:
{birthday banner, bulletin board set, I Spy game, activity clock}
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{erasers and manipulatives}

The NEW Learn, Motivate, Reward Line includes classroom decorations such as:
*Bulletin board letters  *Decorative headers  *Bulletin borders  *Word strips  *Wall banners  *Dry erase posters  *Interactive, Personalized Posters  *Incentive stickers  *Certificates  *U.S. coins and bills  *Math learning charts  *And MUCH more!

For your chance to win all of the above goodies {plus a BUNCH not pictured!}, use the Rafflecopter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
I have been slowly, slowly putting things together for my classroom.  I'm procrastinating {I do that really well!} because I can't get into my room for another week and school doesn't start until September.  So, let's call this one small step in the right direction! :)

First up, I made a fun little reading poster to display in my classroom:
STAR Time {Sit Together And Read} will be just like DEAR Time {Drop Everything And Read}, but with an updated name!  Students can grab a book, head to a comfy spot, and read!  We will also have teacher/student STAR Time.  This is just another fun name for when I pull kiddos aside to complete running records, fluency assessments, etc.  I think the special name will make this testing time a little more "appealing" for my firsties! :)

I also made up these simple reading awards.  I thought they would be fun to give to my little  friends after working with them during teacher/student STAR Time.  I made them black & white and plan to copy them on colored paper {like shown} to save on ink!

And keeping with the theme...
I made a reading assessment file box!  I used a different acronym for STAR {STudent Achievement in Reading}, created/printed/laminated another poster, and attached it to the front of a large, clear file box.  I seriously have about 10 of these lifesavers... they come in a few different sizes, they fit in my desk drawers, and they don't take up much room in my closet!

Inside of the box are hanging file folders with sections for all the different reading assessments/score sheets that I need to keep {placement, DIBELS, running records for guided reading, etc.}   I also separated files like "Fluency Assessments" into fall, winter, & spring folders.
There's plenty of room in this file box for more folders, should I think of more!  This is going to help keep me mega-organized, because I never seem to put scores in the same spot twice... which makes it really difficult to find them when needed! ;)

I put all of the above into a little freebie for you, if you want to grab the posters or awards for your classroom!  You can find it in my TpT shop! :)

Have a great weekend!!!
I am linking up once again for Monday Made It!  Today, I have two projects to share: one for school and one for home.

Let's start with my school project!
I made this set of letter finds to use with my incoming firsties during the first couple weeks of school.  We always review all of the letters at the beginning of the year, so these printables will work as both a reinforcement tool, and also a way for me to see who might be struggling.  These fun letter finds would be great for Pre-K kiddos and Kinders, too! :)
If you're interested in completing these activities with your kiddos, you can grab a copy of fun with letters A-Z {printables} from my TpT shop!

My second project is for my home... it's a fabric magnet board!
Gathering my supplies was the hardest part of this project.  First, I went to Lowes and picked up a piece of 12x18" sheet metal for my magnetic surface.  My husband advised against cutting it {ya know, because of the sharp edges & all}, so I went on a hunt for a 12x18" picture frame... I could only find reasonable ones on Amazon.  My next venture was to get fabric.  I wanted light grey chevron and ended up ordering it off of Etsy {no Hobby Lobby near me, sniffle}.  This weekend, all my pieces arrived!

Here are the steps to put it all together!  I thought I'd "pretty up" the directions a bit :)

I'm off to check out what others made for this week's Monday Made It!
And you know me, I'd love to hear from you!! :)
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