Clip It! Chart Awards {freebie}

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I'm relatively new to the clip chart.  I used to flip cards for behavior, but decided I needed a change that focused on the positive.  So, my clip it! behavior chart was born:
I love it!  The kids love it!  Whenever kiddos clip up the chart, I can just see their little faces light up with pride.  I decided to further my focus on the positive my creating some clip chart awards to give out to students who clip up:
My plan is to copy them on colored paper that coordinates with the colors on the chart... so Super Student certificates will be pink, Great Job will be purple, and Good Choices will be blue!  I got the idea to color-code the awards from Teach-A-Roo, who also has a great award storage idea on her blog.

I put the awards together in a little freebie for you!  Please note that this pack is meant to coordinate with my free clip it! behavior chart on TpT and is non-editable.  You can find it on my Facebook page in the "Fan Freebies" tab...
...just make sure you like my page {or you won't be able to access the freebie}!

Happy Wednesday!!


Linda Adams said...

Hi there, I'm not a teacher but just popped in to say your style is adorable and you're so sweet to share these darling freebies :)

Tara said...

Have your wonderful clip chart in my classroom this year! Love it! These look like a fun addition:) Thanks for all your fabulousness:)

4th Grade Frolics

Vicky Hunt said...

These are a great addition to your clip it chart that I am using! Thanks so much...:)

Keep Calm and Imagine

Where the Wild Things Learn said...

Thank you for such a great idea! :) I am definitely going to work something like this into my room now. Thank you :)


Lizzie Teaching said...

Hi, i can't download it, and it's lovely!! Please, any idea what's happening??

Random Thoughts said...

Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous chart!

Miss Cosby said...

Loving your clip chart. I <3 the chevron. How many clips fit on it? I had to make a new one so all of my kiddo clips could fit on the beginning spot. (For me it's Ready to Learn and is green)

You Might Be a First Grader….

Unknown said...

I love the little awards! I was thinking of making something for my clip chart as well this year. My students are always excited, but I'd like a way for them to share this with their parents as well.

Super Sparkly in Second

Life As I Know It... said...

I just wanted to let you know that on my Five for Friday link up I talked about the classroom number printables on your TPT store! Love them! I linked it to your blog and your store! Love them both! :-)
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Rachel said...

I love the awards!! I use your Clip chart as well and of course these are perfect! Thanks for sharing!!A Tall Drink of Water

Unknown said...

I have your clip it behavior chart! My lils are so excited about it!!! I'm excited about it too because you can reward the really good students where the regular traffic light chart didn't do that so well. Thank you for making it! You can see it in my classroom tour post on my brand spankin new blog... :)

Samantha Kearns
Tales of a #teachernerd

Stephanie Livers said...

Thank you for the facebook fan freebie!! I am going to send you pics of my classroom that displays several items from your TPT store!! Enjoy the rest of your time off before going back to school!

Unknown said...

Love this darling idea! Thank you. The little award tickets (I was a Super Student today) aren't part of the download. Would it be possible to get those from you?

; )
Desirée Schmidt
2nd Grade
Wenatchee, WA

Unknown said...

I love this idea and am planning on implementing a system like this. Could I get the award file from you still? I can't find it downloadable anywhere! I can't even find it in tPt store either.


Ash93 said...

Awesome idea! I'm sure my darlings will love these!:)

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