Like many of you, my class and I celebrated Apple Week last week.  On Friday, one of my littles said, "I think I'm going to dream about apples!"  That pretty much sums it up!  Let's get right into some of the activities we worked on!

We began our apple unit by talking about Johnny Appleseed.  We read about him and even watched a video.  The next day, the students worked on a Chit Chat activity:

And of course, they made cute Johnny crafts, complete with little fact booklets, from my Johnny Appleseed unit.

My little ones learned all about the parts of an apple, and completed a labeling activity.

And they used their very best words to describe apples!  I love crunchy, delicious, and healthy :)

I wrote the words on a giant apple, and my kiddos picked their favorites and completed an apple adjective sheet.

We made silly apples to decorate the halls.  How ADORABLE are they?!  I used pieces from Cara's Apple Antics pack to make these cuties.

And what Apple Week would be complete without a tasting party?!  We brainstormed different apple goodies in the morning's Chit Chat.

And later in the day {to build the suspense!} we got to munch on all the treats!

Of course, I would forget to bring the APPLES to the party... luckily, my wonderful aide called her husband, who happened to be at Walmart, and he was nice enough to bring us some apples.  We made it work with four Red Delicious.  They went a long way!

After eating the various apple treats, we completed a survey from Sarah's Apple Tasting Party pack.

It certainly was a great week!  I didn't even capture it all in pictures: there were applicious centers, and stories, and writing activities, too!  :)  Next week we'll dive into the 5 Senses, so I'm sure apples will be making another appearance... can't complain about that ;)

Wishing you great Sunday... and may you all dream about apples tonight!!
Uh-oh...  Guess what day it is!?
Guess. What. Day. It. Is.
Aww come on, I know you can hear me!!

Hehe, that commercial gets me every time!

In other news!  I'm stoppin' in today to share my Columbus Day craftivity with you!  If you saw it last year then this is a little refresher for ya. :)

This little unit includes a cute boat craftivity for your kiddos to make:
I just love the water!  My firsties have a great time arranging the blue squares!

There are also six useful printables included:
*Christopher Columbus bubble map
*All About Christopher Columbus writing {primary/secondary}
*Discover More About Columbus KWL
*New World Word Search
*Set Sail with ABC Order
*Discovering New Words

This is the perfect mini unit to supplement your Columbus lessons!  If you want to grab a copy of christopher columbus {craftivity & printables}, head on over to my TpT shop!  I hope you love it!! :)

Talk to you soon, Cupcakes!! 
Hi friends!  Happy Sunday!  I can't believe it's been seven days since I last posted... yikes!  I have been busy, busy at school and home this week.  I thought I'd share a few pictures with you until my next post rolls around!

We have been spending some time reviewing our letters.  Each day we take on a new letter, create an anchor chart, and do a little practice.  We've also been using pages from my fun with letters A-Z {printables} pack.  My little ones ROCK with identifying letters and sounds!

We began discussing apples this week... one of my favorite units!  We completed this labeling craft, inspired by activities from Growing Kinders and What the Teacher Wants.

Slowly, but surely, I've been organizing my closet.  I recently saw a blog post from The Short and Sassy Teacher about read aloud organization.  Erin uses multi-purpose bins from The Container Store... and I happen to love those bins!  I went to the store and grabbed a bunch more so I could organize my books.  Love!

Okay!  I promised only a FEW pictures, and there you have it! :)  I will be back soon with a new unit on families, and some fun classroom ideas!!  Now it's time for a Sunday nap!
I know what you're thinking-- already??  YES, I can't help it!  Once September hits, I get the fall bug.  My coworkers and I already started discussing group Halloween costumes on the first day... I was inspired!

So without further ado, I bring you bewitching halloween {math & literacy centers}:

There are five literacy centers...

...and four math centers included:

Keep on readin' on to get a better look at this spooooky bundle {and for a special trick-or-TREAT}!!

Haunted Homphones: Match simple homophones and complete a cut & paste activity {or, simply write the words in!}

Candy Consonants: Identify the final consonant

Spider Scramble: Make new words using the letters in "Spider Webs"

Batty About Blends: Sort L-blends and complete a cut & paste activity

Spooky Sorting: Sort words by the long or short "A" sound

Trick-or-Treat Ten Frames: Match ten frames to the correct numbers 1-12

Witching Hour: Time to the hour

Pumpkin Puzzles: Put puzzles back together as you skip count by 2, 5, 10

Monster Mash Measuring: Measure objects with a nonstandard form of measurement {monster rulers!}

I hope you're as excited about these centers as I am!!  I just love Halloween, and I can't wait to introduce these learning activities to my kiddos!  If you want to grab this bundle for your little ones, just head to my TpT shop!

And now it's time for your trick-or-TREAT!  No tricks here, just a little treat... bewitching halloween {math & literacy centers} will be 25% off for today and tomorrow only!  So grab your pumpkin bucket, boo bag, or pillowcase {that's how I used to roll!} and snag your copy while it's on sale :)  These centers will go back to regular price at midnight on Monday.

I'd love to hear what you think!!  Leave me some hoots and howls below! ;)
It's no secret that I love to create, especially when it comes to making items that enhance learning in my classroom.  New ideas are constantly popping into my head, and you will often find evidence of a recent "craft time" in my house... ribbon scraps on the floor, anyone?!  So when Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts contacted me about co-hosting a creating to learn contest with Hadar and April, I jumped at the opportunity!

I knew right away what I wanted to make for my kiddos!  Take a look!
Aren't these pointers the CUTEST?!  I just *know* that my firsties will love to complete Write the Room activities with these little guys!  I can't wait to introduce them to my group!  :)

To make this learning tool, I headed to Jo-Ann to grab a few things.  If you've ever been to Jo-Ann Stores, you know they have a great selection of craft and teaching supplies... AND they offer teachers a 15% off discount... anytime!  You can sign up for their teacher rewards online or in store!
I picked up a package of six dowel rods, six painted wood shapes, and three spools of ribbon {in my classroom colors of course}.  I also bought Duct Tape with intentions of wrapping the dowels, but soon after starting my project, I remembered that Duct Tape and I don't get along very well, so I ditched it... I think the ribbon looks 10x prettier anyways!!  You will also need hot glue to complete your project.

To wrap the dowels with ribbon, I started by putting a few dots of hot glue at the top of the dowel to secure down the ribbon.  Then I spiraled the ribbon tightly around the dowel, gluing down a spot every inch or so.  At the bottom I used a few more dots of hot glue to make sure the ribbon wouldn't go anywhere.

I just LOVE how ruched the ribbon looks!  Next, I cut strips of each ribbon color and tied it around the top of the dowel.  I put a nice amount of hot glue over the knot so that it would stay put.  I had JUST enough ribbon to wrap six dowels and add the "flair," so you might want to pick up extra ribbon if you don't want to gamble ;)

Then, I flipped over the dowel and hot glued a wooden shape over the flat side of the ribbon.


The completed project {again, hehe}!

Now for the really exciting part... you can join in on the crafting fun!!!  Create a classroom project and link up with me, Hadar, and April!  Be sure to include our linky button in your post, and link back to our blogs!

But that's not all!  Jo-Ann LOVES to encourage teachers, so the members of Jo-Ann's Inspiration Team will judge linky party posts and award one $50 gift card to THREE bloggers.  Yep, that's THREE winners!!  The team is looking for teachers that share the most innovative, creative, or impactful projects that engage students in the learning process or enhance the classroom as a learning environment.

The link-up will be open until September 23rd {to give you a chance to get your craft on!} and the winners will be announced shortly after!

Good luck!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!
I *finally* got to meet my new bunch of firsties on Thursday... and let me tell you, it didn't take long for me to fall in love!  They sure are a sweet group!  We had lots of fun the first two days, so let's take a look!

We completed our very first Chit Chat!  I've never done this before, but so far, I'm really liking it and the kids are too!  This first day Chit Chat was entirely inspired by The Inspired Apple... I copied it word-for-word {but I did use my own name} ha!

After reading First Day Jitters, we had some Jitter Juice {just .green Hawaiian Punch} to get rid of those butterflies!  

I'd say it was a hit!  The three who said "no" still drank every last drop?!  This worksheet is from Abby's Fun with Firsties unit.

Our sky wire was in need of decorating, so we made these crayon boxes from my a bright year {a craftivity} pack.  The crayons come out to reveal a writing prompt!

I need help with weeding {reading}!  LOVE that!!!  So cute :)

Of course, we went over rules and procedures... we always make sure to color in our behavior calendar at the end of the day.  This little one clipped up both days!

This little pic has nothin' to do with the first days of school, but I wanted to show you my completed birthday balloons!  So fun, and my kiddos are super excited to grab one on their special day!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Have a great weekend!!
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