A Delicious Recap! {Apple Week}

Like many of you, my class and I celebrated Apple Week last week.  On Friday, one of my littles said, "I think I'm going to dream about apples!"  That pretty much sums it up!  Let's get right into some of the activities we worked on!

We began our apple unit by talking about Johnny Appleseed.  We read about him and even watched a video.  The next day, the students worked on a Chit Chat activity:

And of course, they made cute Johnny crafts, complete with little fact booklets, from my Johnny Appleseed unit.

My little ones learned all about the parts of an apple, and completed a labeling activity.

And they used their very best words to describe apples!  I love crunchy, delicious, and healthy :)

I wrote the words on a giant apple, and my kiddos picked their favorites and completed an apple adjective sheet.

We made silly apples to decorate the halls.  How ADORABLE are they?!  I used pieces from Cara's Apple Antics pack to make these cuties.

And what Apple Week would be complete without a tasting party?!  We brainstormed different apple goodies in the morning's Chit Chat.

And later in the day {to build the suspense!} we got to munch on all the treats!

Of course, I would forget to bring the APPLES to the party... luckily, my wonderful aide called her husband, who happened to be at Walmart, and he was nice enough to bring us some apples.  We made it work with four Red Delicious.  They went a long way!

After eating the various apple treats, we completed a survey from Sarah's Apple Tasting Party pack.

It certainly was a great week!  I didn't even capture it all in pictures: there were applicious centers, and stories, and writing activities, too!  :)  Next week we'll dive into the 5 Senses, so I'm sure apples will be making another appearance... can't complain about that ;)

Wishing you great Sunday... and may you all dream about apples tonight!!


Learning in Wonderland said...

I love all your apple activities! I'm late to this one :) I'm doing apple stuff this week!! My lessons lined up a little differently this year, but better late than never:)

Miss Kindergarten said...

You are so cute!! what a fun week your firsties had!

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Love all of the apple activities! So cute!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Mary said...

I love to let my kids try Applebutter because it is brown and looks GROSS but it is SO GOOD!

Sharing Kindergarten

Sylvia Raigosa said...

You are so cute Teri! I just love reading your posts! My Kiddos made your Johnny Appleseed Craftivity and they came out so adorable. You are the best! Love ya, Sylvia.
P.S. I will always be your #1 Stalker and fan!

Unknown said...

If you teach in NJ how can you fit all these activities in with the CCSS or does your district not force you to really follow them?

Unknown said...

Love all the apple ideas. We are bringing our kiddos to an orchard in a couple of weeks. Two questions...where did you get the labeling activity? and when do you do fun activities like this? I swear my whole day is jammed packed!

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