My Classroom! My Classroom!

Sweet summer vacation is drawing to a close, and back to school is two short days away!  I go in on Tuesday/Wednesday for teacher meetings and professional development, and then I get to meet my new babies on Thursday!  I'm so excited!!  I've been preparing like crazy, and I finally have classroom pics to share!  Let's begin the tour, shall we? :)

This is a view of {most of} my room.  Along the front wall is my chalkboard {I cover about 2/3 of it and use 1/3 for writing}.  Beneath the board are cubbies which hold student book bins,, math manipulatives, and center baskets.  All the way to the left is my teacher nook.  I'm standing in the reading corner to take this picture, and you can't see my student closets... I'll show you all that later!

Here is a close-up of the right side of my chalkboard wall.  I have my hand signals and voice levels next to a pocket chart which will house spelling words.  I actually think I'm going to move the hand signals and voice levels and put focus wall items there instead.  You can see my student mailboxes underneath the little bulletin board.  My kiddos put all of their completed work in there to take home, and at the end of the day the work goes in their BEE Books.

This is a better view of the mini bulletin board.  I plan on changing this each month, so in October I'll do something cute for Halloween, etc.  The board is too small for student work but it's just the right size for a little decoration!

This is the left side of my chalkboard.  This year I used it to display my calendar, weather, and counting the days materials.  Next to that are my class rules and morning routines posters, and then my clip it! behavior chart.  On top of the cubbies are colorful paper trays where I keep all my copies for math, science, etc.  I have four more that still need to be put out.  Inside the cubbies you can see center baskets {left} and student book bins {right}.

Another view of the board wall...

This is the bulletin board space in my teacher nook.  I cut my desk out of this pic but you can see my computer with my label on it :)  Up top I used Boho Birds to create a First Grade is "Tweet" bulletin board.

The pink bulletin board space will be used for anchor charts and such... I couldn't fit the "S" but I'm trying to let that go, haha.  The pretty letters are from my friend Caitlin of Kindergarten Smiles!  Find them in her TpT shop!

The blue "Let's Celebrate!" bulletin board is for birthdays and missing teeth :)  You might have seen this one if you follow me on Instagram!

Below the BBs/behind my desk is this little pink table from Ikea.  I used to have a chunky computer desk, but I opted to get rid of it and put my computer right on my desk this year.  I plan on putting extra supplies here... basically, whatever doesn't fit on my desk, like markers and stuff. 

If you follow the teacher nook wall toward the back of the room, you will see my bathroom and sink area.  I have hygiene and manners posters up to decorate this space.  Having a bathroom in my classroom is a BIG plus!  In the top right of this pic you can see one of two "sky wires" that I use to display student crafts/work.

Here is a little bit closer look at the sink area.  The colorful bins are used to store hand soap and sanitizer.  The cabinets have Ziploc bags, paper towels, paper plates, snacks, etc.  I usually store tissue boxes on those two empty shelves.  The black bulletin board doesn't have a purpose yet, but I think I might use it to display student of the month or "classroom happening" pictures.

Now we are looking along the back wall of my room {windows are along the top half of this wall}.  Are you confused yet?  Because I might be, lol.  I don't know how good of a job I'm doing explaining where everything is, but oh well!  The little book shelf houses games and puzzles, and it's up against my teacher aide's desk {you can see bins on her desk}.  The trapezoid table will house my writing center supplies.

Next to the trapezoid table is my reading corner!  The chevron rug and mini disc chairs are from Big Lots last summer, and the little stools are from Ikea.  The magnetic book shelves and book cart are both from Lakeshore.

You can see the book cart better here.  I put my polka-dot READ letters on the wall above the books.  The pocket chart is on one of my closet doors, and it's used for my center rotations.  To the left behind the lanterns is my student closet.

You can see the lanterns and student closets here.  Inside the closets are cubbies and hooks for lunches, coats, and backpacks.  It's not too organized right now so I will not show you the inside just yet :)

Beneath the lanterns is a round small group table that you can't really see.  Next to that is my filing cabinet...

I used the side of the filing cabinet to display my classroom jobs.  I stuck mini magnets on the back and plan on using little numbers from my classroom set-up starter kit to assign kiddos to jobs {I just put up #1 & 2 for now}.

I used blue chevron contact paper to cover up the rusty top of the filing cabinet.  I got the contact paper from Amazon.  Not sure what's going in those two bins just yet!

Now we've {somehow} made our way back to the front of the room.  I decided to display the posters from my reading center starter kit on my closet door {yes I have two teacher closets, and it's fabulous!!}.  Next to that in the corner are privacy shields and some inspirational posters.  I tuck the garbage and recycling cans under that desk.

 Here's another quick look at the reading strategy display.  If we keep walking to the left we will walk right out the door... here's a pic of the inside of my door! :)  It says, "Here's the Scoop... First Grade is Sweet!" and I used ice cream cones to display the name of my 24 kiddos, plus me and my aide.  Obvs, I blurred everyone's name out {hence the pretty little boxes over the scoops}!

And last, but not least, is a random photo of my table caddies!  I didn't know where else to fit them in my tour so here they are!  Each table of four desks gets a supply caddy.  The slider pencil cases are for crayons, and the little cups each hold things like scissors, red pens, highlighters, and glue sticks.

And there you have it!!  My classroom tour!  I still have a few things to finish here and there, but is classroom set-up ever really done?!  I feel like I am moving and changing things all year long! :)  Anywho, I hope you enjoyed your stay!


Sylvia Raigosa said...

How cute your room is Teri! I have been waiting for your post. You out did yourself girl. You are my hero! Have a great week. Love ya, Sylvia

Emily said...

Your room is adorable! I love how it's bright and cheery! Great job. :)

Tania said...

I just want to love there. Could I fit a bed?
LOVE it girl!!!
My Second Sense

Kristen said...

Absolutely lovely, though no surprise there!!! I swear we are long lost bright-storage-container twins!! I love each and every detail...everything looks so happy and welcoming! Your students are going to be so excited when they walk in this week. Best of luck with your first day Teri--we start this week too, eek!!

Unknown said...

Girl- I KNEW IT!! Adorbs for sure ;) I couldn't imagine what classroom decorating was like before we had IKEA?!? The celebration board turned out great! I'll be thinking about you this week! Enjoy a restful weekend before the madness begins! ♥

The Learning Tree

Unknown said...

I love your color scheme, and your room looks adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us!

The Reinspired Teacher

Traci Clausen said...

I LOVE it all. A special place for your anchor chart at the moment is GENIUS! Totally stealing that!

Thanks for sharing your pics.
❤ Traci
Dragonflies in First

Becky said...

Love how colorful and organized your classroom is!

Compassionate Teacher

Unknown said...

this is such a great room. Love the colors.

Unknown said...

Your room is super cute Teri! I love the bright colors and how organized it is. I'm having a Show off your space linky party. If you have time, come link up.

Mary Kaye said...

Your room is wonderful!!
We all can see that lots of thought went into setting it up. Thanks for showing it to us.

Unknown said...

I love it! I love the chevron contact paper. I wish I was one of your students.

Ms Richards's Musings

Wolfelicious said...

Love your room!! It looks awesome!!


Sharon said...

I love your classroom! So bright and cheery!

Sara said...

Your classroom is gorgeous! :)


Primary Buzz

Miss Kindergarten said...

In love with it all!!!! And you did a great job explaining the tour!

Rhonda said...

Your room looks fantastic. I love the bright cheery colours. I have never seen such bright colours on the floor.

Classroom Fun

Paula’s Place said...

What an amazing space - you have spent lots of energy getting this right, I love the floor
Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

Unknown said...

You are an inspiration!

Unknown said...

You are an inspiration!

Mrs. Wyman said...

What a beautiful old building. Love all that hard wood! Your room looks like such a fun place to learn. Nice job!

Unknown said...

I love the lanterns and how bright and cheerful your room is!
First Grade Blue SKies

Kate said...

I love all the bright colors! So cute!
Fun in ECSE

Amy said...

Your classroom looks amazing! Those first graders are so lucky to have you!

Turtley Loving Teaching

chee said...

That´s absolutely awesome! Wish I´d have a class like this in Austria too!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Best wishes chee

Teaching Happy Hearts said...

Your room looks SO fun!!! You have worked hard. We love everything about it and we know your kiddos do too!☺

Hope your 2013-2014 year is a great one!!!

Victoria & Tricia♥

Krista Happ said...

Loving those colorful lanterns and your creative use of space! And fun is your floor!

The Second Grade Superkids

Unknown said...

Love, love, LOVE all of the colors! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful classroom!! I have the same caddies for the center of my table but can't find colorful small cups. Where did you find yours?


Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up!

Swimming into Second

Molly Maloy said...

Your room is absolutely adorable, Teri!! I love all the bright colors! Hope you have a wonderful year! :)

Caitlin said...

I LOVE your classroom!!!!

Kindergarten Smiles

Caitlin said...

I LOVE your classroom!!!!

Kindergarten Smiles

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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