Sentence Builders {Printables!} Sept. Oct. Nov. --Plus a Freebie!

Happy, Happy Sunday friends!  Why two happies?? {<< new word!}  Because my birthday is tomorrow, of course!!! :)  I started celebrating last night and I'm ready to celebrate all through next weekend!  Stay tuned for a birthday surprise for my favorite Cupcakes, too!

Today I want to share with you my newest project... Sentence Builders!

My kiddos love working on these, so I thought yours might, too!  So far, I put together Sentence Builders for the months of September, October, and November... and there are more in the works!  For each month I included three themes, and each theme includes five fun printables!  Take a little peek:

September:  School * Apples * Five Senses

October:  Pumpkins * Halloween * Fire Safety

November:  Election Day * Family * Thanksgiving

Not only will your little ones build sentences, but they will read, write, check, and draw too!  Here is a close-up of what a Sentence Builders printable looks like:

{Guess what?  This one isn't included in the pack... it's a freebie for you!  Grab it HERE!}

If you want to check out the whole pack-- sentence builders {printables!} september, october, november --head on over to my TpT shop!  Here is another look at everything included:

I hope you love it!!  As always, let me know what you think :)

I'd love to give away a copy!  Just leave me a comment with your email address, and I'll choose a winner at 8pm EST!
Congrats to #26, Jessica!!


Teacheroffirst said...

We do sentences like this everyday but I love your form so much better than the one we have. Would love to have a copy and would purchase others.

Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

These little sentences, might help me get my kiddos motivated to work and write. Thanks for the chance to win a set.

:o) V.
Special Teacher for Special Kids

Roxanne Sterling said...

Your sentence packet is awesome. I love the layout and format!!!

I would definitely love a copy of your packet!!!!


Kiah said...

Love the set up of these worksheets!


beebeetwins said...

Love these ! beebeetwins27@yahoo.com

L. Ott said...

I would love to win a set. I unexpectedly had to change from teaching grade one to teaching a one/two split. My grade ones could do this independently while I worked with the grade twos. lott@telus.net

Heather Shelton said...

This set is awesome. Would be great for my kids. higgystyx@yahoo.com

Shana Grooms said...

I sure hope my class wins!!! We can use these during writing time!!! teachreason@gmail.com

susan degolier said...

This is exactly what some of my kiddos need right now. Thanks :)

Christine said...

I would love to use this with my first grade class!

Tania said...

Love them! Happy early birthday :)

Cassie said...

These look amazing and the kids will love them!


Ms.Hamm said...

Love that this allows the students to not only read, build and write the sentence but also self-evaluate. Such a great idea!

Ms. Hamm's First Grade Funland

Susan Fritz Lee said...

Read it, Build it, Write it... I love this! My first graders sure could use this!! Thanks for the chance of winning!


Courtney Bartlett said...

Awesome idea! I think this will be perfect for my lower readers in 2nd grade. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! We are almost birthday buddies. My birthday was on Thursday and I celebrated all week too. Actually, I'll probably celebrate all month.

Swimming into Second

Suzy Q said...

Hee, hee...love your tiny font size. Good thing I have my glasses on! Would love a chance to win this!

Fingers crossed...

tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

Michael P said...

I love these! alex_lindsey@hotmail.com

MrsValerieH328 said...

This would be great for a word work activity! We are working very hard on becoming sentence experts!
You're the best. Where do you find the time??!!!

MrsS said...

I'd love to win these for my kiddos! Thanks for the chance!

Beth said...

These are great! I'd love to win a pack to use with my littles.

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

These are fantastic. They would help my students who still struggle with sentence formation. I especially like the "Check It" because even though the sentence has been correctly modeled, sure as eggs is eggs, there will be some who leave out those important details. :) The checklist provides a safety net for those students who need the additional support.


Rosy Patel said...

I absolutely love your sentence packets. The kids will love working with these and they will be learning so much at the same time. I hope my class wins. Thanks for creating these and sharing them with us.

Rosy rosyashish@yahoo.com

Allison said...

These would be perfect for my first graders!

Christa Fry said...

These are GREAT! Would love to win!! Christafry@gmail.com

Mrs. Lofgren said...

These look amazing! :) I would love to win a set!!!


Jessica Fredrickson said...

Thanks for the freebie! I would love to win this, I've been needing some "Work on Writing" activities for our D5 block. :) Looks great!

Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

Bevvy said...

You do such booooootiful work!
I hope I have a ghost of a chance to win this! :)
Thanks for sharing your talent!

Liz Podolski said...

This would be perfect for my 1st graders.

Cara Bjorklund said...

Love this! This would be great practice for my 1st and 2nd grade special ed. students!


Tonya Shore said...

Your packet looks amazing. The format is wonderful. My students would love these.

Kristin and Matthew said...

The sentence builders are great! We are constantly working on what makes a good sentence. Even if you think a student has grasped the concept, it never hurts to practice.

Miss Cannon said...

I love these! They would be perfect to use when I pull students for testing! nl_scannon@seovec.org

Mrs. Williams said...

I'd love, love, LOVE this for the first few months of school. Such a great way to get students writing complete sentences! Your stuff is fabulous; big fan! Thanks for the chance to win :) lizziew@provo.edu

LINDSAY said...

I absolutely love those!!!

Jennifer Haberkorn said...

Thank you bunches for the freebie. It is exactly what my little friends need this year! :)

Unknown said...

These look amazing ! Mteresaerodrigues@gmail.com

christine said...

This looks great!

Monstermama3 @ att.net

Mendy said...

These are terrific! Thank you for offering!

Deb Haffner said...

love love love! Thanks for sharing!

Liz M. said...

My students would love these! Thanks for the chance to win and also for all your hard work.

BusyTxMama said...

I would love to use this with my sweet Kinders as we are learning to write sentences! caroline.young AT cypresschristian.org


katieneu said...

Would love it! Katie.neustadter@gmail.com

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

These are perfect for my 1st grade ELL's! I can even use some of them with my 2nd grade ELL's...love how engaging they are!

Everyone deServes to Learn

Teacher Syl said...

Oooooo, I want a copy Teri!! What a perfect packet for my babies! I love it, I love it, I love it!! Your #1 stalker fan, Sylvia Sraigosa505@aol.com

melissa said...

I would love to win a copy. My firsties will love it!

Angela Urso said...

Like the sentence builders activities

Jessica Walker said...

I would love to win!!!


Robyn Beele said...

Thanks for the Freebie! I love this!!

RichLady said...

This is my first year in 1st after eight years in second. This packet would be such a help to my class.
Thanks, Jane Rich

Christine Tignanelli said...

This looks great! I would love to win.

Michele Lanning said...

My class this year would REALLY benefit from this!

Kim Chaiken said...

Would love to have these!!!

Lori L said...

These are wonderful -- would be a huge help in my classroom.


Christine said...

Wishing you a happy birthday! I just celebrated mine. On Friday. I would love to have a set!

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you Teri!

It doesn't matter how many times we practice or how many tricks we use, they still Do.Not.Put.Capitals. (or periods for that matter). Love these and the repetition for making it automatic.
~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Bilingual Scrapbook said...

Happy birthday!
May God continue blessing you :)

Miss DeCarbo said...

Happy Birthday Teri!! :) Hope you have a fabulous day. :) Thanks for the freebie - adorable as always! :)

Sugar and Spice

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