Let's Talk Turkey!

Hello everyone!  I am stopping by today to share some turkey pictures :)

Last week we had a short week {2.5 days!} so instead of focusing on a reading story, I decided to do a little thankful unit with my kiddos.  I started off by reading the story Thanks for Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite November reads!

Then, as a class we brainstormed aaaall the things that we are thankful for.  After our class brainstorm, I gave my kiddos a bubble map and asked them to choose their top six:

I wish I took a pic of the completed printables, but I forgot :/  Anywho, after bubbling, my class wrote a few sentences about what they are thankful for, and why.  Then we framed our final copies with some silly turkeys!  {I spotted these turkeys on good ol' Google images years ago and I have no idea where they come from… sorry!}

Forget the rest, this little one is thankful for me! ::blush::

This sweetie is thankful for her home, among other things :)

And this firstie is thankful for lots… including his job!  Unless he's working late hours after school, my guess is he's talking about our classroom jobs!

The Give Thanks bubble map and writing paper are from my Just Print It!  November pack.  There are a bunch of fun printables included… if you want to learn more, it's up in my store!

So that was last week!  This week we did some more decorating, and made the turkeys from my Thankful Turkeys craftivity pack.

We didn't do any writing with these little guys {shh, don't tell anyone!}, but the unit does come with various writing papers, and other turkeylicious activities!  If you'd like to make these little guys, check out the pack in my TpT shop! :)

And that's that for today's turkey talk!  This girl is heading in for a nap.  xoxo!!


Unknown said...

I love the turkeys! They are adorable...thanks for the ideas! Don't you just love the holidays?


Pamamom said...

We are making turkeys today.... just for fun, no writing involved, just cutting and pasting! I want to decorate my room!

Visit me at Teaching By The Sea!

Ashley Reed said...

I love everything about this post! Your kiddos are lucky to be in your class! :)
Just Reed!

Miss Sara said...

Those turkeys are adorable!
Miss Elementary

Anonymous said...

Those turkeys are sooooo cute! My kiddos would love making them for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Those turkeys are sooooo cute! My kiddos would love making them for Thanksgiving!

Abbey said...

Hi Again!
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Abbey :)
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