Elf Antics!

I'm joining my girls Michelle and Mel D. for an Elf in the Classroom Linky Party!  How fun!  Our little elf friend made his debut on Tuesday {because Santa forgot to send him on Monday}, bearing a festively packaged gift:

All you need is some red fadeless paper, a little glitter, and a tag {Cara and Maria have great ones!} to wrap up the Elf on the Shelf book, and your kiddos will be WOWED!

Here's where we found our elf-- JINGLE -- throughout the week… on our lantern:

Jingle had a little accident when he was on the lantern.  I opened up the closet door and hit the sky wire, knocking down ALL the lanterns, AND Jingle!  Luckily, I did it when the students were out of the room :)

He covered himself in stickers:

And he sent the kids a silent reminder to behave…:

At the end of the week, we did a little elf crafting, in Jingle's honor!

My little ones pretended that they were elves, and wrote about what they would do:

"I would live in the North Pole.  I will sleep in a sleigh."

"I would go to school to see if kids are naughty or nice."

"I would sleep with Santa.  I would play with Mrs. Claus.  I would make some toys."

"I would sneak around for money.  I would fly around."

"I will drink milk with Mrs. Claus.  I will also build toys for kids."

My firsties had a BLAST making their own elves and imagining what they would do!  If you want to elf yourself and your kiddos, check out my Elf Magic craftivity pack!

Who knows what elf antics Jingle {and my kiddos!} will be up to this week!

To get more fun elf ideas, be sure to check out the Elf in the Classroom Linky Party!


Michelle Griffo said...

Thank you for linking up girl!!! I can't wait to do your elf craft with my big kids! ;)

Learning in Wonderland said...

I made these elves again this year and my kids adored them! They are proudly displayed in our classroom :) I get tons of compliments about them!

Erin said...

I'm dying because I have the same lantern and your wonderful behavior chart in my room and literally did found our elf, Frost, in both of those places! Too funny! As always, your projects are super adorable!

Short and Sassy Teacher

SHYAM said...

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