January Jumble!

January is jam-packed full of fun in first grade!  We've already tackled snowmen and Eskimos, we are currently covering Martin Luther King… and of course, we can't forget about penguins and polar bears!  I thought I'd stop in and share pictures of the January jumble that we have goin' on, and hopefully give you some ideas in the meantime.

First up, snowmen!  Our cuties are inspired by a project from First Grade Blue Skies.  Jennifer's pack also includes complete snowmen… check it out!

Next, how about some Eskimos?  We learned all about the friendly bunch, and had fun practicing some Eskimo words! :)

And this week we are discussing Martin Luther King, Jr.!  I found this cool MLK, Jr. song on Pinterest, from Welcome to Room 36.  My kiddos love it!  I even caught two cuties singing it as we lined up for dismissal today :)  We will also be working on activities from my i have a dream {craftivity & printables for MLK, Jr.} unit.

Now, how's that for a jumble?!  I hope you were inspired by at least one pic from today's post!   And, I'd love to hear from you!  Happy Wednesday, Cupcakes! :)


Literacy Without Worksheets said...

I love the Eskimo writing!!!! They are doing awesome...I didn't know what a mukluk was!!!

Literacy Without Worksheets

Erin said...

I love those sweet Eskimos in their journals and your adorable little snowmen!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love that your littles like to draw like you :) So cute!

Thirty One Gifts said...

I just love that craftivity. What fun your class is having this month.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

How cute is that snowman face?! BTW are you a natural at drawing?! Your drawings and lettering are perfect and adorable!!

Laura said...

Love those snowmen!
I teach older elementary kiddos but they still love to be crafty!


Adventures in Multigrade

Unknown said...

LOOOOVE the Eskimos!! Too cute, I've never seen any activities using them before.Thanks for sharing!
Keep Calm and Love First Grade

Unknown said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I LOVE the colors you used on the snowmen...I thought it was cute when I did it in B&W, but the colors are just that much more adorable!! Love it! Thanks for the shout out, girlie!
First Grade Blue Skies

Unknown said...

I was just wondering what books you used to teach about Eskimos or life in the arctic. I am finding it so difficult to find books that do a good job teaching about "Eskimo Facts".

Unknown said...

Eskimos is actually not the correct terminology. It means raw meat eater and can be offensive. The correct word is Inuit people.

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