Sentence Builders {Printables!} March, April, May --Plus a Freebie!

Hi there, Cupcakes!  I hope you had a great Monday!

Sometime last week, I uploaded the latest edition of Sentence Builders to my TpT shop.  I haven't gotten around to blogging about it… until now!

Like the two previous sets, this set includes three months of sentence building practice: March, April, and May!  Each month includes three themes, and each theme includes five printables!  And like the last pack, this one includes statements, questions, and exclamations.

Here's a little peek at this edition:

March:  St. Patrick's Day * Spring * Weather

April:  Rainy Days * Bunnies * Earth Day

May:  Flowers * Kites * Memorial Day

Your kiddos will LOVE to read, build, write, check, and draw their way through these printables!  Here is a close-up of what a Sentence Builders printable looks like:

This butterfly builder isn't included in the pack-- but you can grab it free {HERE}!

If you want to check out the whole set-- sentence builders {printables!} march, april, may --head on over to my little TpT shop!  Here is a look at everything that's included:

I hope you love the third set!

For a chance to win a copy, leave a comment with your email below!  I'll pick a winner later this evening! :)
{{ Congrats to #1, Julie! }}

But that's not all!!  If you're NEW to Sentence Builders, and you think you might want to try 'em out, I bundled all three sets!  You can grab the BUNDLED builders for September through May in one stop, for less than the cost if you bought all three separately.  Plus, I'll be adding more for the remaining months!

Have a great night! :)


julia said...

Looks like a fabulous resource

Amber Prince said...

I love the little rubric to check it, right on the paper. What a great idea!


Adrienne said...

My kids love these.

Lauren Lingen said...

These look wonderful! Would love them for my Kinder kiddos!

Brooke Torson said...

I love these! You have done a great job! I would love to win! Brooke.torson@gmail.com

Johnna Sherylyn Richards said...

My sweet firsties would have so much fun with these!!!

Rebekah Wall said...

Awesome! I'm taking over a maternity leave and could totally use these!


Kristin said...

I love these, and so do my kiddos!


Karen F. said...

We love these and use them every day!! Such an awesome resource and I have been waiting for the new set sooo YES please!!

Debora Weaver said...

I am working on this right now and could REALLY use the help! It looks like just what I need. My kids love cut and paste and I love the sentence structure so it's perfect for all of us! teachweaver@sbcglobal.net

Kristi Smith said...

Wow...these packets are absolutely AMAZING!!! The sentence writing practice they provide is ideal, as it includes a number of variations!! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be the lucky recipient of this gem of a bundle <3. <3 <3. Thank you for considering me =). leafsgirl@rogers.com.

Kari said...

My kids love your sentence builders! I would love to win your new pack. Thanks for the chance to win it!
Kari :)

Lisa said...

Awesome! These are a unique way to practice sentences! lisa_sardinha@hotmail.com

Ashley C said...

Would love to win this!

K-3 Connection

Yukari said...

I would love a copy to put in centres! Looks great!


Jennifer Rockers said...

I would love a copy of these for my for classroom! This would be very useful!


Heather said...

I've been waiting for these to come out! My students loved the last set and it made them very confident. I would love to win this set!


Ordinary Everyday said...

How can I win this??!! :) LOVE the checklist. Perfect for getting kids INDEPENDENT at checking for this in their writing. Brilliant!

Amy said...

This packet looks great! It would be perfect for morning work. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Kim said...

Fun activities! My first graders would love these! kim.menning@k12.sd.us

Amy Mello said...

Would love it! mellosmemos@gmail.com

Ali Ellis said...

I have a few struggling babes who could really benefit from your unit! Pretty please with sugar on top! Aliellis@cox.net

Lisa Io said...

I love that it not only covers standards for the kids, it also covers CITE standards for me as a teacher. I am seriously crossing my fingers!!!!

Keeping My Cents said...

For some reason I couldn't get to your email and couldn't find your freebie I found at teachingblogaddict.com (St. Patrick's Day Charm topper). Hope you don't mind I shared it on my blog and changed it up a little bit for a water bottle label. The teacher absolutely loved them. Thanks for the freebie.


Here they are if you are interested.


Jeannine said...

You have so many fun themes included in this bundle! What a great resource for little ones!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Jean Bean said...

What a cute blog you have! I found you on the TPT thread for bloggers. I'm following. Collaboration is good. :) Come visit me at:
http://teachingtidbitsandtreats.blogspot.com/ or my newest adventure... http://www.teacherslikefreebies.blogspot.com/

Ali AliM said...

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