Hi all!!  I'm stopping by this evening to share a little flashback post with you-- just in time to prepare for Mother's Day!  And don't forget about the dads out there!  :)
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Mother's Day is drawing near, so I wanted to repost the sweet craft I created last year!

Do you remember this?
It's a Mother's Day ice cream cone!  These delicious cones are sprinkled with adjectives to describe mom {or grandma, or aunt}!  In the pack there are 17 sheets of different sprinkle adjectives that you can print off onto colored paper.  I also included a blank sheet, in case you'd prefer for your littles to write their own adjectives!  Not only is this a unique and special gift for mommas... it's a review of adjectives, as well! ;)
Of course, the pack also includes the triangle "I love you with a cherry on top!" card!  If you want to give this a closer look, check it out in my TpT shop! :)

I wanted to celebrate the daddies out there too, so I made a coordinating Father's Day craft:
It's a donut for Dad!  It's the same concept as my mom craft, using sprinkles to describe dad {or grandpa, or uncle}!  There are 15 *different* sprinkle sheets {plus three of the same from the Mother's Day packet} as well as a blank set.  Also included is the "donut" card!
Check out this sweet treat in my TpT shop!!

What do you do for Mother's Day & Father's Day with your cuties?
A new month means new decorations in my classroom, so of course we had to make these adorable bunnies {adorabunnies?!} this week!  My kiddos did a great job… and I wasn't even in the room to supervise! {I had a meeting.}  Look at how cute they are!!

Here's a close-up of the middle one… meadow was a spelling word last week, so many of them used it in their writing! :)

This purple bunny is very concerned about dental health and hygiene… I guess our dental unit stuck with {at least} one of them!

There's always mischievous bunnies in the mix:

And this bunny's expression cracks me right up!

I would love to show you ALL of them, but some of my firsties put their names right smack in the middle of their projects.  I prefer names on the back of craftivities, but what can ya do?! :)

If you'd like to make some hippity-hoppin' bunnies with your students, check out my little pack, bunny hop {a craftivity}.  It's available in my TpT shop!!

Have a great night! :)
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